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Is Saturn’s Moon Iapetus an Artificial Alien Structure?

In addition to Earth’s moon which is considered one of the most mysterious moons in the solar system, Saturn’s moon, Iapetus, has a series of unusual features which have given rise to numerous theories about the true origin of the mysterious satellite, some have even suggested that its various unusual features point towards an artificially designed satellite.

by Ancient Code

According to UFO Hunters, there is enough evidence to suggest Saturns moon Iapetus is, in fact, another massive alien construction within our Solar System.

One of the most enigmatic moons in our solar system, Iapetus, has been the center of debate ver since the first high-resolution images of the moon were made available.

Among the most mysterious features of Iapetus is its hexagon-shaped form which many suggest is an indication that this celestial body is not natural but artificial.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that scientists today are not exactly sure as to how Saturn Moon formed in the past, but its enigmatic features and shape have given rise to a number of theories that indicate this might not be just another moon.

UFO hunters believe that the enigmatic image taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in 2004, shows a huge line stretching around Iapetus’ equator, and there is a massive crater on top that some believe could be another important indication that Iapetus is, in fact, an artificial construction.

Speaking of the enigmatic moon, YouTuber and alien hunter Tyler from Secure Team said:

“There’ some very prominent researchers out there who have theorized that Iapetus is a constructed object, it is artificial.

“We go back to Hollywood drip feeding us bits of truth. We did not even have close up images of Iapetus, supposedly, when the Star Wars films came out in the 70s.

“Yet decades later we finally have some great close-up image and it is identical to this fictional artificial weapon that is disguised as a planet in the Star War films.”

Lapetus has been referred to as the ‘Ying-Yang’ moon due to its light and dark face that creates a contrast on the surface. It is one of the 62 moons accompanying Saturn in its orbit around the sun. Giovanni Domenico Cassini discovered it in 1671.

However, while many believe Iapetus is just another oddly shaped moon in our solar system, ufologists point to a number of enigmatic features on Iapetus that according to them, indicate an artificial nature.

One of the biggest mysteries is a massive right 16,000 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide that stretches around the equator of the moon. Ufologists indicate that this anomalous ridge might whats holding the moon together.

Is Iapetus made from two separate pieces that were welded together?

According to Tyler from SecureTeam:

“It looks as if there were two separate pieces and it is almost as if they were welded together,“ he explains.

“There is a large welding mark wrapping around the crater as if they were two separate pieces that were cut down the middle and connected together.”

At an impressive height of 20 kilometers, the ridge present on Iapetus is approximately twice the height of Mount Everest, and some even believe its is possible the tallest ‘mountain range’ in the whole solar system.

According to writings at Inqusitr, Iapetus could have been the product of a ‘deliberate modification of an existing natural object’ or an artificial structure built by an alien civilization.

However, these aren’t the only distinguished features on Iapetus. Different images of Saturn’s moon indicate it is not a spherical celestial object like other moons, but it is a hexagonally-shaped object with enigmatic lines across its surface and sharp angles that could indicate an artificial origin to the moon.