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Prince During 1998 Concert: ‘Osama bin Laden Get Ready to Bomb. America, You’d Better Watch Out! 2001, Hit Me!’

Prince, a Jehovah Witness, was outspoken against the corrupt political and corporate systems. Jehovah Witness believe that we live in a ‘system of things’ which is controlled by Satan.

by Mick Meaney

While Prince often criticized the corruption within the establishment he refrained from interfering with politics, as his spiritual belief would not allow it.

Also as heard in this video, recorded [during the December 1998 Concert in The Netherlands], Prince predicted that Osama bin Laden would attack the United States in 2001.

The truth about what happened on 9/11 is beyond the scope of this report but needless to say many researchers question the validity of the official narrative, pointing towards a government conspiracy.

In the video Prince sings:

“I’ve got to go back to America, I’ve got to get ready for the bomb, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, America you better watch out, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, 2001 hit me.”

It appears to me that he is almost mocking the involvement of Osama bin Laden, but you decide for yourself. This video is startling because it was filmed three years before the horrific events of 9/11:

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