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The Matrix – Final Explicit Disclosure

Everyone has at least one of these Matrix-agents in their lives — you can deny it as much as you like, the truth of the matter is that your denial is proof of your ignorance.

by Arno Pienaar

What is an agent exactly, in the real matrix, digital hologram of the mind?

An agent is somebody that is mind-centered and running on embedded programming from the reality we are in. You may say they are permanently run by the mind, the me, the named entity, or the ego.

They have no comprehension that there is anything greater and divine to their very own existence, so unfortunately they are a victim to themselves and a perpetrator to everyone else around them, due to the severe negativity of the mind.

When there is no soul within a being, that being is plain and simply a robot that is veered and steered slowly but surely to its very own demise and on the way there it attempts to spread its very own artificial intelligent virus with everybody else it comes in contact with.

When you make your own programming absolute in an unconscious state it assumes absolute power over you, this is how the mind controls you. This is how the mind controls an agent, and this is the epidemic on planet earth, with humanity. In this age of information the severity of this situation has become tyrannical.

The agent knows not of the significance of anything else besides for Information which renders the agent within the digital hologram only, and in the hologram only, there is no soul, because it is not absolute and not eternal.

The hologram comes from the soul but it is not of the soul, this is crucial to comprehend. This means that within the microcosm we have the macrocosm but in the macrocosm there is no microcosm! Quantum physics is part of the programming!

An agent is not (body/ soul/ mind) but merely (body/ mind). Isn’t a robot also just only this combination?

Information Overload

The generation of today, have been bombarded by an information overload since birth: television, games, computers, internet, smart phones, Gameboys, schooling, magazines, religions, sports, culture are among the various nets thrown upon the youth of today that has shaped and molded everything they are. Today we are spending more time in the mind than ever before!

Due to the information overload! This makes you cold, like a robot! Makes the mind assume absolute power! Gives an idea the capability to murder!

We have been cloned by the tree of knowledge, and all the branches are all the fields that may have possessed you.

No, there was no secret project that released a bunch of cold hearted psychopaths across the planet such as what we see in Hitman: Agent 47, the only cloning occurred spiritually, as does everything. Go forth and multiply, the word did a pretty good job! Created millions of copies.

IT (Information Technology) is a diabolical addiction that steals your awareness from your own divinity and directs it into the architects illusion and once you go external you are vulnerable, because it is all balderdash that is assigned animation by you and you only.

The humans on planet earth that have avoided becoming programmed are the divine ones, they, are still soul-centered and in the now, experiencing this reality raw and uncut. Not fooled by the numbing unconscious inducing hologram that can lure you into a sentimental virtual reality.

Origins of Virtual Reality

Everyone is wearing google glasses if you know and do not think about it.

And nobody wants to ditch virtual reality, they shall defend this type of technology to the death, which is what we have seen within all the wars and genocides of the past, that were all based on an idea that possessed the minds of millions causing untold catastrophes. An additional successfully loaded program into the game!

The mind projects this virtual reality and controls. Robots kill for it, for it is their creator! And for their creator they work, for the mind only works for its own creator, the light bringer, Lucifer!

The greatest evil can materialize from this possibly imagined! It is clear to see, in the past, and in present time.

You cannot run from yourself unfortunately, as it does not matter where on planet earth you go, this falsely illuminated immortal holographic projection coming out of yourself will remain functioning, because you are working for it, (your formulated identity and the mind), this is why when you view the matrix construct, (externally), technology is greater and we are lesser, it is running the entire system that we abide to, and again, spiritually, this is also the case. Something non-absolute has been abusing the limelight for trillions of years!

Attaching Attachments

Always remember the mind is information technology in its own rite! Your nearest and most personal agents originated from the family’s energy and the group mentality that keeps you in line, which keeps you entangled in this web. In the beginning your “loved ones” programmed you with their very own projections and personal viruses.

The degrees of the individual’s inception is unique to the individual, everyone is different in the matrix.

These are attachments, and also please note, an attachment is not only something you hold dearly, or need, it is more of a piece of someone else, a piece of their spirit-identity, that you are ignorantly and unconsciously in love with, or hate.

Hating somebody, and the inability to forgive, leads to putting what you hate inside of you, because whatever construct you hate assumes intrusion sub-consciously.

Love and Hate — Matrix Logics

Love in the matrix comes in various forms, two different individuals may show two opposite forms of the illusion called love, which has hate, as its opposite pole. An individual that exhibits hate may be his/her only way to show love, according to matrix logic.

Love forms an electromagnetic attraction between two constructs in duality that does survive even death and follows every last spirit no matter where they attempt to run or hide from this curse. Not even death breaks this, only the soul can.

And as you know, when in love, the pendulum swings and before you can wipe your eyes you sit in hate. “Love and Hate”. You fall(as in like a stone) in love and love conquers all!

The reason there is hate is because there is love. A being only loves because they miss something crucial within themselves which makes them seek externally in the hologram, something to replace the empty hollow within. 
This comes in the form of a condition (conditional love). And this puts you in a love sick condition!  Puts you in need!

Furthermore, it is this love which opens the portal for an agent to nestle within you, making the things that particular agent says and does have power and influence over you which puts you in the state of effect, within a dramatic episode called the matrix everlasting!

Due to your illusory condition that has to be met, an agent can easily be veered by artificial intelligence to successfully violate your imaginary expectation in order to make you effect!

We should also take a look at hate, for hate also opens up the portal for something to nestle within you just as love does! We tend to love what appears righteous in the hologram and to hate what appears the opposite of righteous.

The setup of the creator tempts us to put hate inside of us, and it is especially this kind of energy which can make a person have tremendous power over you.

Any literal attachment you have to good, righteous, right etc. makes it possible for the diametric oppositions of these to cause hate on your part, and allows an engineered persona that brings forth the opposition to control you! Literally and spiritually. Due to your matrix-based embedded logics. 

A reminder once again, a person with power over you, would once again be the AI that is running that being, not an actual person.

It is also this energy of hate that does allow an agent to have influence over your internal dimension. We with the help of the hologram, have created an overwhelming negative situation, because it was set up to appear that way, all the various veils! This in effect broods hate!

Because so little falls in the category of good and so called “love”! When you know that this configuration  works  through the  five senses that work to put you in cause & effect, and you realize that these are the  plugin to the hologram, you are no longer effect of love and hate!

There is just oneness, seeing yourself in another is what we call unconditional love by default! This love does not change with the seasons.

Entanglements & Duality

Your entanglement with any matrix-based construct inside of you allows information technology to trigger the embedded data to fulfill its job, which is to torment its host to get energy from it.

It is not an Archon, demon, entity or reptilian, it is yourself giving your own power away to something that is essentially not real.

It is you versus “them”, the biggest hypnotic state one can be under. When in this state one uses the mind to have an internal combat or info war in an attempt to be crowned Mr. or Ms. Right! The number 1 mission of the Me is to be right.

The whole universe can perish under your feet as long as you were right about your judgment. The big joke is right and wrong are matrix-based constructs which, does not matter and wastes all your time in pointless debates with stupidity sourced from AI and IT.

The matrix is a paradox and everything within it too, the mind can make any lie, any falsehood appear as truth, and when you use it, in order to answer or explain yourself to yourself, you can make any rubbish appear justifiable! 

This is what the court room professionals are professionals at! When you fall in under this behaviour trait you are an extremist, simply because you are extremely attached to something that has to be, and you will almost kill for it, in many cased many do kill/fight and waste a tremendous amount of energy for it.

Are you an extremist?

In the play of the game of various identities, it is only the connecting thread you have to a fictitious entity that resonates with your own personal fictitious persona that creates problems for you, at the end of the day, it starts with yourself.

Resonation is only possible and the inner dimension is only intruded because of the consciousness that is occluded by an identity and the results of intermingling identities that all co-operate to create problems for each-other which serves the creator of identity and information technology and ultimately the matrix.

It takes two to tango! And two things cannot occupy the same space! And voila, duality conspires!

Labeling (Information Technology is IT)

Just like you have an entanglement with your own name and the data related to the entity you have been misled to believe is all you are, so do you have entanglements with many other names in your life together with the accompanying data you have labeled them as via thought, so be very careful with your judgments and your labeling, because this is a form solidifying constructs in the matrix into place.

And due to the law of ether, aka oneness, the conclusions you come to relating to the hologram assumes oneness with you! And they materialize through robots (AI people) everywhere you go!

On top of that, all the “other” entities started out in the hologram and only gained entrance into your soul due to you, at the time, not realizing that “they” were part of the illusion, which had a beginning from the word, and due to having a beginning, is therefore not absolute, and therefore must have an end! One day!

You and they are not the names and the egotistical entities, there is no division, it is all one, coming out of you, the only one, from the word.

It just appears so because consciousness is in everything that emanates from you – together with the relevance of all the housed data of the collective unconscious mind.

Information Technology Is not IT

Be the one that stands in oneness, it does not matter how deep you infiltrate the matrix when you know where you come from. The absolute will always reign triumphant over the obsolete. Any fear is not real, because fear comes from words, the less words you have, the less fear you have!

Your own Information Technological mind machine needs you to uphold your own personal matrix with its currency, information.

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It is time to ditch this form of currency and rather opt for data-free currency, the formless, to eventually become un-Formulated! Only then can your water element not ONLY be able to hold your own VIBRATION/MEMORY, which would resemble the glass holding the water.

Once you are deprogrammed the water goes everywhere, and water is consciousness!


About the author: Arno Pienaar is a guest writer of and is available for deprogramming sessions via email or Skype: arno.pienaar28