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TSA Lines Now Three Hours Long — Airports Offer Clowns to Entertain Angry Travelers

Traveler Sean Hoffman thought you might like to see the insanely long line to get through TSA at Midway Airport last week. You know… for your safety.

by Melissa Dykes

Tens of thousands of Americans have been missing their flights due to exceedingly long lines at airports in recent months, some after waiting in line for several hours just to not ever even make it through TSA, let alone on the actual plane (which is the reason they paid money for a ticket and went there in the first place).

There are stories coming out of Chicago O’Hare, for example, of people who have had to sleep at the airport after missing a flight due to the TSA.

In fact, that average wait in line at major airports to get through security is now three hours.

THREE. And it isn’t even peak travel season yet.

We boast the world’s longest airport security lines. https://t.co/96tNv8yX0c #WereNumberOne

— U.S. Dept. of Fear (@FearDept) May 18, 2016

The problem with long lines at airports and people missing flights all due to the TSA has gotten so bad, airports are literally resorting to clowns to entertain passengers while they wait.

Because if there’s anything that will make you feel better about being screwed over by the TSA at the airport, it’s a guy dressed in an obnoxious costume juggling things and honking one of those big cartoonish horns in your face.

WATCH: Airports are offering clowns, mini therapy horses, snacks and more to calm anger over long TSA lines. https://t.co/dDiIdc2oKy

— Good Morning America (@GMA) May 17, 2016

Other airports are providing miniature therapy horses for angry people to pet, violinists to calm them down, and free snacks because hey, who doesn’t like snacks when they’re pissed off they paid several hundreds dollars to be groped before they travel somewhere and didn’t even get the privilege to make it through the mile-long line to get groped so they could travel somewhere?

From skimming through the comments on the first video above (which looks a lot like an SNL skit, the line is sooooooo long), aside from the ones about how we’re all living through George Orwell’s 1984, it has been brought up that this is possibly the TSA’s way of attempting to justify and attain a bigger budget… basically by holding the American people hostage at airports.

So just one question: who are the real terrorists again?