4 Steps to Break Free From the Matrix by Healing Your Inner Child

No matter what your age, we all have buried within us a beautiful child. This child part of you yearns and hungers for you to remember and reclaim them. This child part of you holds all your secrets and your buried treasures.

The buried treasures of lost talents, abilities and powers that may have been suppressed due to how you were raised as a child and how you have been harmed and hurt in infinite ways by “The Matrix”.

This child is the “Gold of your Soul”. S/he is the lifeline of full reconnection to your Cosmic Source (Spirit, Goddess/God) that originally birthed you as a Soul and the full TRUTH of who you really are as that Soul, (s/he remembers, because it wasn’t that long ago that they were on the “other side” before physical incarnation).

Your inner child also holds all your unresolved wounds, traumas, Matrix programming, repressed memories and feelings related to any “original pain” from childhood buried in your unconscious (“your shadow”). Your shadow is the stuff you don’t want to look at, feel and remember.

However, until your unresolved issues are faced, felt, integrated, healed and released you are stuck in Matrix patterns of conscious or unconscious “acting out” that can be very harmful to your Soul, others and your life.

One of the biggest ways “The Matrix” has enslaved humanity is to make us very afraid to feel and heal our deepest Soul wounds.

At an unconscious level, we are all very programmed to believe that if we remember, face, feel and heal… the pain will be so overwhelming that we won’t be able to handle it! THIS IS A LIE! 

This is a lie that paralyzes all of us with FEAR keeping us emotionally energetically feeding and powering “The Matrix”!  If we wake up and take our power back, feel and heal, these parasitic evil forces will die…..for they need us to exist!  They really don’t want us to figure this out!

Do you truly want to heal?  

Then cultivate a permanent on-going relationship with your inner child!
Your inner child is the KEY that unlocks all your doors to Wholeness and Oneness.

If as a child you experienced trauma and heartbreak from being abused in any form (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, astrally, sexually and/or energetically) by your parents or “care givers” and “The Matrix”, large parts of your true Self/Soul can leave your body.

This is an instinctual form of Self/Soul preservation. As a survival mechanism, the child part of you may have disconnected from the pain by “splitting”.  

Splitting is when your child/Soul leaves your body so you don’t feel and remember what is being done to you.

In extreme situations, these pieces of your wounded child/Soul may have separated (and are no longer connected to you) and need to be Soul Retrieved. If this has occurred for you, then you have very deep heart break and a very wounded little girl or little boy inside of you!

A crucial part of your healing process with your inner child is to provide essential “selfparenting”. As a child, if you were abused, neglected, ignored, isolated, punished for being your true Soul Self then you probably weren’t parented in healthy, loving ways.

This leaves a VERY BIG HOLE in your Self/Soul development. Learning how to provide nurturing and supportive healthy re-parenting to yourself and your inner child is how you begin the journey to healing and wholeness.

It is also how you can begin the process of providing yourself with the “happy childhood” you didn’t receive growing up and giving it to yourself here and now!

John Bradshaw, the American author, educator, counselor and motivational speaker who died on May 8, 2016 was a groundbreaker for the importance of inner child healing. 

In his  PBS television show and book “Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child” (1990), he argued that millions of adults fail to achieve a healthy relationship with themselves and others because they never come to terms with the trauma, pain, hurt, self-destructive behavior, shame, self-blame and “toxic guilt” caused by parental abuse.

Also, many of you may have grown up in households and in “The Matrix” environments (religion, school, government, etc.) where you were not able to be loved and supported for who you truly are as a Soul.

You may have had to conform and suppress many things about your true Self/Soul to fit into an accepted model of what others wanted you to be. You may have been punished and rejected for speaking, thinking, feeling and behaving as your true Soul Self. 

As a child, you may have demonstrated special powers, talents and abilities (i.e., being psychic and reading your parents “private thoughts/secrets that no one else knows” and then telling them!) that frightened, intimidated and may have been seen as “evil” by your parents, family members and those in your immediate environment such as school or church.

This is how “The Matrix” from cradle to grave harms and hurts us… creating us to be as David Icke describes in his new book a “Phantom Self”… a False Self.

(Read more about Icke’s latest Book, Phantom Self, by following this link).

The heartbreak and toxic shame of feeling and believing, “that being who I truly am as a Soul is bad”, “I am unlovable for who I am and I must be someone else to be accepted and loved”, are deep unresolved wounds that need to be healed.

Your inner child not only holds unresolved wounds that need healing but also remembers how to play, love, laugh, trust, live in the moment, believe in the best happening – magic and miracles.

When the wounds of you both are healed and integrated, your true Soul essence can shine forth and life becomes “Heaven on Earth” instead of something to suffer and struggle through.
Would you like to both heal and come home? Then begin the magical journey of reclaiming & bonding yourself to your inner child.

The steps are as follows: 

Step One

Accept and admit that you believe you have an inner child!

Step Two

Find some pictures of yourself as a child and really look at them. Remember what it was like to be so little, vulnerable, dependent, needing and wanting to be loved.

Acknowledge how incredibly cute, beautiful, handsome, smart, special, adorable, funny you were!

Look at the expression on your face, your body language, how you are dressed, what you are doing in the photos, etc. Do you look happy, sad, angry, lonely, etc., and why?

Put a couple of your favorite photos into special, fancy picture frames that really honor that little girl or little boy.

Create an inner child altar with candles, crystals, stones, sea shells, statues/pictures of Goddess/God/Spirit to love and protect you and your inner child, your photos, toys, books, etc., anything that has significance to you as a child! Make it beautiful, magical, fun, healing and very sacred. 

Your inner child will so appreciate you for doing this for them. This aids in bringing your inner child to life for you as the adult, making them a real, breathing being that is truly part of you.

This also assists your child in sharing her/his thoughts & feelings with you, learning to trust you & for both of you to get to know each other. 

Step Three

Speak out loud to your little girl or boy in the picture(s) and tell them hello.

• Tell them you want to get to know them and tell them you are sorry that it has taken such a long time for you to remember them.

• Most of all tell them that you love them and you want to bring them home. Begin to feel a heart connection from you as the adult to your inner child.

• If you can, speak to your inner child every day and keep reinforcing to them that you will not abandon and betray them as others have.

That you now make a permanent commitment and promise to communicate, share and develop a loving, trusting relationship with them by communicating as often as possible! For example, you might begin by scheduling only 5 minutes a day to check in with them. 

As your relationship develops, be open to expanding the time you spend together to longer than 5 minutes a day.

As the adult, be patient and flexible with yourself at the beginning of this process and forgive yourself if you are unable to talk with your inner child daily. Tell them what’s going on in your adult life and let them know you are sorry if you miss a day.

Please know your inner child will be “testing” you to see if you will keep your promises. The more you as the adult come through for them (especially when others didn’t) your child will begin to trust and love you very deeply. 

This begins the powerful healing for both of you of the deep wounds of broken trust and broken hearts as you keep being there for your little girl or little boy. This is a magical alchemy between you and your inner child that generates astounding, positive life changing results.


• Ask them how they feel. Listen intuitively for answers from them. You will feel and sense some kind of a response. This process takes time and patience. 

Your inner child may be afraid and angry with you for neglecting them for so long. Talk to them about how they feel about you.

The more you honor their feelings and thoughts without judgment, criticism or punishment and only communicate and send them unconditional love, compassion and understanding they will open up, start speaking to you and begin to trust you.  

• Once some love and trust has been built, take your child toy shopping! Let them pick out any toy (within $ reason) that speaks to their heart. Many children tend to pick out a cuddly, soft stuffed toy that can be hugged.

The inner child tends to pick out this kind of toy, maybe because when you hold this snuggly toy, you are really hugging them!

Many inner children love it if you give the toy a special place of honor (on an altar, the bed or a special book shelf) and if you so chose, they especially appreciate it if you sleep with the toy and snuggle with them symbolically by hugging your stuffed toy. 

• You can also talk to the toy as if it is your inner child by telling them how special they are and how much you love them.

Many of you may not have been cuddled, touched with integrity and spoken to lovingly and gently (especially at night) so sleeping with your toy could be a BIG DEAL AND A VERY SPECIAL FORM OF HEALING for your little girl or little boy. ASK THEM!

Step Four

Once you have established a loving and trusting connection with your inner child, you can now begin to go deeper with them by asking specific questions related to unresolved wounds, traumas, repressed memories and feelings.

The goal is to bring to the surface “the secrets” regarding painful things that happened to you as a child that still need to be healed.

By asking your inner child specific, targeted questions that illicit insightful responses the two of you can start putting the pieces together. A great technique to access your unconscious through your inner child is to do RIGHT AND LEFT HAND WRITING.

Start by creating a list of questions you want to ask your inner child. Some suggestions would be:

  1. Did anything “bad” happen to you growing up? If so, what happened?
  2. Did someone or something (monsters) hurt you? If so, who was it?
  3. What did they do to you and how did it make you feel?
  4. Did you feel safe in your home? Why?
  5. What good things happened growing up?
  6. As I am the adult re-parenting you, what can I provide for you to help you to heal, make you happy, feel safe with me and feel my love for you?
  7. What fun things would you like to do with me (adult) that would be special for you (inner child)?
  8. What was your relationship like with Mom/Dad/Caregiver?
  9. What was missing in your relationship with Mom/Dad/Caregiver?
  10. What was wonderful about your relationship with Mom/Dad/Caregiver?
  11. Do you want to create a partnership with me (adult) to heal our wounds together and will you work with me to do this?

Once you have your questions figured out, then gently and lovingly talk to your inner child and tell them you want to ask them some questions.

Get their support and their willingness to answer your questions. Help them to feel safe about this process. Tell them they won’t be judged, criticized or punished for what they tell you. 

Some of you as children may have been severely threatened or abused in various ways to never reveal the “family secrets” of how you were harmed.

So, you will need to help your inner child feel safe to share his/her “secrets” with you. Give them permission as the adult to do this.

Tell them that it is a very courageous thing for them to do and how proud you are of them! By bringing up “the secret hurts and wounds” perpetrated by anybody you both can heal together.

This can also include how your inner child was harmed and hurt by “The Matrix” and its many evil faces that operate in a vibrational frequency band that cannot be seen (False Light, the Dark, Demons, Reptilians, Negative ET’s, Archons, Jinn, Mud Shadow Flyers, etc.) that have been mind controlling, enslaving, possessing and interfering with the mass human population since the beginning of time.

The RIGHT AND LEFT HAND technique is done by:

  1. Writing the question out with your dominant hand,
  2. Asking the question out loud to your inner child and 
  3. Then putting the pencil in your opposite hand, intuitively listen for answers and write out or draw pictures of the response from your inner child. When you switch hands you automatically access your unconscious which in essence is your inner child/Soul.

This is an amazing process that produces astounding insights. I did this technique with my “little girl” and wrote out the question with my dominant right hand asking her, “What does love mean to you”?

Her answer blew me away, when I switched hands and intuitively heard her response in my heart and wrote down, “Love is being in prison”! I had absolutely no idea that this child part of myself was so wounded and in despair about love.  

Once you get answers from your inner child, it may bring up many emotions for you both to release.
To go deeper in your healing process, you both can express those feelings by crying, hitting a pillow to release your rage, yelling, drawing pictures of your feelings, etc.

Giving this wounded child part of yourself a voice (for what maybe the first time in your life) is huge!

Giving this wounded child part of yourself a voice opens so many doors of honestly feeling, healing, integrating and releasing what happened.

I highly recommend hitting a pillow with your inner child to release childhood wounds and repressed emotions that have been deeply buried. 


• You are in a physical body that needs  physical primal release!

• Your body needs to release the cellular memories of past trauma, hurts and any form of repressed toxic emotions!

• You need to get out of your head and into your body/heart! This also helps to activate your right brain = compassion, empathy, intuition!  

• You need to FEEL & RELEASE and that will OPEN YOUR HEART and you will take your POWER back!
• It powerfully helps to break negative “Matrix Programming” that has been controlling your thoughts, feelings and actions. This helps break you FREE of “The Matrix” more and more!    

• You release repressed toxic emotions/thoughts so that you won’t be projecting them out at an unconscious level.

What you energetically put out comes back to you (i.e., if you unconsciously feel that you aren’t good enough… then you will attract people and situations that match that).  You are creating your physical reality, so create what you  prefer instead of what you don’t!  

• You deeply Reconnect to your Soul, Divine Source & Divine Love!


Your conversations with your inner child may bring up painful memories and feelings of being harmed and hurt by parents and/or caregivers and “The Matrix”. 

It will be very important (for both of you) to release these intense, repressed feelings of rage, fear, frustration, grief, shame and being numbed out or paralyzed in healthy balanced ways. 

I have found that several of the most effective ways to do healthy emotional release work are by hitting a pillow, crying and screaming in your car (done safely by keeping both hands on the steering wheel).

IMPORTANT – If serious traumas and abuse come to the surface, please seek out professional help ♥

This powerful physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, astral, sexual, energetic releasing by hitting a pillow, crying and screaming in your car insures that you begin breaking the pattern of turning all your unresolved toxic emotions onto yourself.

Stuffing emotions is extremely destructive causing physical illness, disease, depression, self-hate, low self-esteem, fears and phobias, unhealthy behavior patterns and much, much more.

Hitting a pillow begins to unfreeze your feelings, so you and your child in a very safe way can get mad, yell, cry, feel your fear, shame, pain, grief and hurt.

I have found that when people can express their anger, they can then get to the more difficult feelings of fear, grief, pain and heartbreak.

When you and your inner child can get mad together you are saying to the abuser(s), “What you did to me is not OK and I didn’t deserve to be treated that way”!

You are standing up for yourselves, taking your power and your Soul back! You are also reinforcing to your inner child that you believe them in terms of the memories and feelings they have had the courage to share with you.

Give your inner child a big hug and kiss for being able to do this, it is HUGE!

I recommend taking your inner child shopping to pick out a big pillow and a plastic bat to use for your rage (and other emotions – especially FEAR!) release work. Your child will love being a part of this and enjoy picking out a “special” pillow and bat.

This pillow is never used for anything but release work (don’t sleep with it, etc.), when not in use put it and the bat in the closet. 

Also, the bat is only used for hitting your pillow. Do not hit yourself, anyone or anything else with it! These are sacred healing tools. Respect and honor them, yourself and all others.  

This article is a guide to improve inner communication with your inner child to assist in authentically feeling, raising your self-esteem and your vibration and creating real reunion and wholeness with this sacred part of yourself.

Use these techniques regularly and you will be amazed at the positive results. They work!

When a Soul authentically remembers wounds/traumas/Matrix programming by working with their inner child and has the courage to… remember, face, feel, heal and release their wounds… they begin the process of Reconnecting to their Soul & Divine Source (MultiDimensional Soul/Source Retrieval) and to BEING Infinite Divine LOVE… that is when the personal power of your Soul manifests more and more.  


As you reconnect more and more you are reborn into a greater expression of your Oneness with your Soul/Divine Source and BEING pure Infinite Divine LOVE… and from that you thrive.

The idea of “Heaven on Earth” is not something outside ourselves… It is created by healing our repressed Matrix wounds/ traumas/ programming within our own heart and Soul and that internal change… changes our outer physical reality into an Infinite expression of “Heaven on Earth”. 

The catalyst for this… is creating a feeling and healing process with your Sacred Inner Child.

By Magi – Mari Angelique Raphael,

About the author: Magi writes for Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing. She lives and works in Cambria, California USA on the Central Coast of California. She is open to collaborating with others who do this kind of work.

 Magi provides Multi-Dimensional Healing to break FREE of “The Matrix” at a Soul level. Magi works with clients worldwide via Skype. For more information contact her at or 800-397-9084.

Magi has over 30 years’ experience as a Multi-dimensional healer, teacher, writer, speaker/workshop leader, interpersonal communicator and Cosmic Shaman of the Soul working with women, men and children all over the world.

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