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Is Time Travel Real? Is Time An Illusion? Hypnosis Weighs In…

If you could travel in time, would you?

You’re probably thinking I’m talking about time machines, which would be cool in theory but not really practical.

Considering we live on a tiny planet that is hurtling through space and being pulled by the force of the sun — which is blazing its own path — all while traveling within a galaxy among millions of other galaxies, to actually go back to that one particular time and space, which would now be perhaps millions of light years away, seems an unlikely proposition.

Even with the possibility of wormholes and parallel universes, which are again interesting, I think in our mortal terms, physical time travel may be implausible.

However, if you consider time travel in a less physical sense and are open to transporting your “Self” through the metaphysical realm of hypnotherapy, that’s a whole other REALITY.

And it is real, or as real as it can be when we are talking about consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t have “matter,” so it doesn’t matter.

Consciousness doesn’t follow physical precepts. It is all in your head, or more specifically your soul,

Your higher conscious or essential self — whatever you are comfortable calling your “Self —  is what is left when the physical you is gone.

That may be a quantum leap for some to make, but as a hypnotherapist who has regressed many hundreds of people into the past and progressed them into the future, all I know is that the effects of metaphysical time travel are real.

Future? Yes, quite so. If you accept the notion that you can go back in time, then the opposite also must be true and possible, which it is.

I wrote a book on my future progression work called Experiencing Life After Death – A Soul Journey. Most of my future progressions work by progressing a person to what I call the “interim time between lives” – the space in time just after the life that a person is living now and just prior to their next life.

This interim allows the self to become the soul that it is without a physical manifestation or body.

In the interim between lives, your soul can ask any question it has about your present life, a past life, or even a future life.

This is accomplished by inviting your spiritual entourage and your higher power to attend this “spiritual conference” so that you will be given the answers to your many questions — an amazing process which I refer to, tongue in cheek, as “cheating like hell in heaven.”

If I have only one chance to work with a person, this is the session we usually agree to do. It is also the last session I do when wrapping up a series of hypnotherapy sessions such as done at one of our Aloha Healing Women retreats.

Very rarely do I have anyone who wants to view a future life. We all have a historical timeframe to refer to when traveling into the past, which is not such a big thing if you are a prairie teacher, a devotee in a temple, or a Mayan queen.

We can all relate; we’ve read the books or at least seen the movie. But to travel beyond this here and now — now that holds some interesting scenarios.

One person was loading a huge spaceship with supplies. I had one person’s Self insist on going forward in time so that they could understand that in their future life, they were healthy and very happy.

It was a journey of hope for that Self. Not to give it away, but I always ask what the weather is like.

Regression work in hypnotherapy is a huge part of our KaLaNa hypnotherapy healing method, as we are able to transport people back into their consciousness so that they can go back and repair a life experience, present or past life.

There is the postulate that everything that we experience is put in our path to teach us something.

However, sometimes we don’t remember an event because our mind is trying to protect us from the harm it has caused us.

This is called disassociation, which is a protective mechanism of the mind that helps the younger self cope with having experienced trauma so horrible that it is best at that time to be repressed or forgotten.

In past years there was a lot of damage done to many people by unethical or untrained hypnotherapists who were manufacturing “recovered” memories.

This was a travesty for all concerned. It devastated families, the “victim,” and the so called “perpetrators,” and the good name of hypnotherapy was tarnished by the acts of a few unprofessional people.

One of the precepts of my KaLaNa hypnotherapy training is you NEVER, ever suggest an answer to a question you pose.

In regression work you are often reviewing a disturbing event that has caused an issue for the person.

For instance, I had a case where a person and the person’s mother were convinced that she had been abused by the mother’s partner.

All the signs of abuse were being exhibited — withdrawal, weight loss, nightmares, not wanting to be touched, and not wanting to go into the back bedroom where the couple slept. This was accepted to the point that it became part of their combined “truth.”

When we regressed her to the childhood home, however,  we discovered something quite different. What her childhood self was reacting to was a group of nasty spirits in the house who had taken up residence in the back bedrooms.

Therapy was then done to heal that experience so she could move on. We also had to heal the “myth” between her mother, herself, and the man thought to have abused her all these years ago.

There was a lot of repair work from a concept that was never true in the first place. Never assume anything is one of the great hypnotherapy rules, because you just never know until you go backward or forward what lies in the ocean of the Self.

So, in this sense, time travel is real. It is a great therapeutic tool for working on core issues when done with a trained professional.

For the curious, it offers an unparalleled look into your personal history and is truly an eye-opening experience to discover another place, a wrinkle in time, and another you.

By Keala Noel / If you are interested in our upcoming KaLaNa hypnotherapy training, please go to our website at www.kalanahypnotherapy.com. You can also email me about making an appointment for private phone and skype sessions at [email protected]. Aloha and happy trails to you!