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Nuclear Scientist Has an Important Message About UFOs Coming from Nearby Solar Systems

The Canadian nuclear scientist Stanton T. Friedman is known of the investigation into the Roswell UFO incident.

by Lionsground

In 1978, he met with former Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved in 1947 in the recovery of the remains of what the Air Force called a weather balloon.

Marcel declared in 1978 versus Friedman that it was not a weather balloon, but an alien spacecraft. Friedman found in Roswell dozens of other witnesses, including a general who confirmed the reading of Marcel.

Friedman wrote a book about it, The Roswell Incident, after more witnesses came forward and there are dozens of published books. The nuclear scientist concluded that the cover-up “cosmic Watergate proportions” had occurred.

Project Blue Book

He is convinced that the US authorities had tried consciously to cover-up the incident to prevent unrest.

In a lecture at the MUFON Symposium 2015, the scientist goes deep in the results of major studies such as Project Blue Book, secret UFO documents and photographs of UFOs that are authentic, according to scientists.

White House

He also cites a number of reasons why aliens visiting Earth without landing in the garden of the White House and why governments withhold evidence.

In his book Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs, Friedman argues that UFOs are from relatively nearby galaxies.