Our Hollow Earth, Inner Earth Culture, A View From Above

For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.

Our Hollow Earth
excerpt from An Inconvenient Harvest

A number of compelling arguments have been put forth to support the Hollow Earth Theory. This includes science, mythology, history and photographic evidence.

Mythology speaks of lost civilizations, the Middle Earth, Shamballa and the Land of Agharta, with entrances across the globe and at both poles. The “Lost Horizon” Shangri-La was based on the stories of Shamballa.

Scientific observation of the structure of the universe from the extraordinarily large to the extraordinarily small reveals a truth regarding the structure of all of Creation. As the Earth is a product of that same Creation, it follows that it should contain that same structure.

Observe the apple, the neutron star and the atom. The most important force is not gravity but electromagnetism and the geometries of rotating plasma vortices. There are hundreds of thousands of seismographic records available that represent soundings (via earthquakes) done from all over the earth.

There have always been seismographic findings which lacked an adequately simple and elegant explanation if we are to assume the Earth is solid, but fit perfectly with the hollow earth model.

For example: peak earthquake intensity is found at the surface and at 800 miles down.

It decreases and increases in intensity between these two points in a “U-shaped” configuration. No quakes are found below 800 miles. Earthquakes are statistically more intense near a surface. This is therefore consistent with two surfaces.

Also, the “shadow zone” findings don’t have a good answer in the solid earth model, but fit perfectly with the hollow earth model. The “shadow zone” is an area on the surface located between 103º and 144º to an epicenter. There shouldn’t be any seismic waves detected at these positions, but there are.

Pictures take from space almost always show cloud cover obscuring the polar positions. If these entrances are actually there, they would likely be exchanging air of different temperatures resulting in a condensation of water vapor and the development of cloud cover. However, sometimes the cloud cover is not obscuring the entrances.

People working inside NASA have stated that they had been instructed to airbrush out those entrances on photographs. However, photographs are available that show anomalous findings in the polar regions consistent with such an entrance.

After the U.S. military attack on the entrances in 2000, they were closed by the Aghartans with force fields and holograms.

The Admiral Byrd Diary was posted on the internet a number of years ago which describes his flight into the North Pole in 1947 and his encounter with an inner earth civilization. He also explored the South Pole entrance in 1956 for a distance of several thousand miles. Witnesses to the document’s authenticity are still alive.

His family knows of his subsequent trip to Washington D.C. to communicate their message to President Harry Truman. The U.S. had just detonated two nuclear weapons on Japan the year before and they warned us that we will destroy ourselves if we do not dismantle those weapons.

The movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008),” was created to communicate that encounter.

Others such as Dr. Fritzjof Nansen, Admiral George Dufek, Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Olaf Jansen and Sheldon Nidle have also reported and described first-hand experiences in the inner Earth.

Our United States military is treating all this information with fear; that to release this information will cause discord and collapse of social structure.

They’re afraid that other countries will get this information. We’re not sure which countries they could be referring to, as it appears that nearly every nation on Earth has this information.

The process of fear is being generated by the private contractors and the “secret government” who work there; who seek to control us and advance their own personal agendas.

Important: Nazi Maps and Documents to Agartha Confirm the Hollow Earth Accounts

The Hollow Earth Model

The crust of the Earth involutes. The inside surface and the outside surface are similar, with oceans and rivers and lakes and forests. The Earth’s crust is about 800 miles thick. There is a zero gravity point 400 miles down.

There is a central sun located about 2900 miles from the inner surface which is composed of two counter-rotating fields of pulsating electromagnetic fields that radiate a bluish-white light with heat.

It is about 600 miles in diameter and it appears substantially bigger than our sun from the point of view of an observer on the surface. It also never sets.

The central sun is held in position by electro-gravitic repulsion. The plasma field that is generated is often seen as a colorful stream of light emanating from the poles called the aurora borealis.

There is one ocean and a continent with lush vegetation which grows much larger than that found here. The total land area is greater than the outside.

There is one culture and seven races of beings that live there in perfect harmony with themselves and nature. There are no wars or disease.

Humans are taller and live much longer than us. We were originally created to live 1000 years but our lives were cut short when we moved to the surface. This was the original Garden of Eden.

The opening to the north entrance is found at coordinates 84.4º N 141º E, which places it 560 miles north-west of the New Siberian Islands. There is a depression in the Earth’s crust leading up to the opening which is approximately 890 miles in diameter.

There is a mammoth Great Ice Barrier surrounding the opening and inside the curve of the polar opening is another ring of ice called the Great Massive Fresh Water Ice Pack. The actual entrance is 90 miles wide at its narrowest point. The Arctic Ocean is continuous with the inner ocean.

The south opening is near the continent of Antarctica and is completely surrounded by United States military and civilian bases. It is much smaller than the north entrance. All large celestial bodies have the same structure.

The Inner Earth Culture

Language – Solara Maru or the solar language. Similar to Sanskrit or ancient Hebrew.

Government – Council of Twelve, six men and six women solve problems and act as guides. Appointments of variable periods are considered an honor. The High Priest, an Ascended Master, called the Brahytma is “The King of the World”, and two sages Mahynga and Mahytma create a triple spiritual authority.

Computers – Quantum amino-acid based, link all homes and cities with a highly spiritualized information network.

Libraries and Universities
– more vast than anything ever seen on the surface covering knowledge accumulated over 55,000 years.

Money – Non-existent. All basic needs are provided. Sophisticated barter system for non-basic needs.

Population – One billion.

Transportation – Electromagnetic sleds and subway system. Mag-Lev monorail exceeds 3000 mph. Moving sidewalks and elevators intercity. Space travel to other star systems, inter-dimensional and time travel using anti-grav vehicles.

Entertainment – Theatre, concerts and the arts. Holodecks for interactive adventure. Program your favorite movie and become a part of it. Pursuing one’s joy is not only allowed, it’s required.

Health – Disease does not exit. Healing is accelerated.

Childbirth – Three months, not nine. Painless, water birthing, beautiful music, thought and imagery.

Height – Any, but mostly tall from 6’ to 12’. Physical size can be modified.

Age – Unlimited. Death does not exist. Maintain the appearance of middle age while being many thousands of years old. Disincarnate at will into the spiritual realm.

The Anunnaki at the start of the Kali Yuga sealed off this Kingdom from the surface around 3200 B.C., with Babylon, Nimrod, and the ‘reign of terror’.

Their culture is far more advanced than anything on the surface of Earth. It was the decision of the inner-earth people to block our use of weapons of mass destruction. We will unite with them soon.

The View From Above

Earth is known as the accursed planet. Our evolution has been through pain, sorrow, suffering and the illusion of physical death. It has not always been thus.

Once mankind inhabited a beautiful and radiant planet. On that world they knew none of these things, but in time they grew proud and arrogant. They made war among themselves and ultimately destroyed it. What exists today of that planet is a barren ring of asteroids and debris.

In order that those entities might gain understanding, compassion and brotherly love they were reborn into the animalistic, material world of a lesser planet called Earth.

Suffering, sorrow, frustration and death became their teachers. Their symbol became the Man-Beast.

In the illusion of Time and through repeated births and deaths, each entity is slowly and painfully evolving spiritually toward his former state.

All human races on Earth came from elsewhere and the evidence of their arrival and the remains of their ships may be found beneath the deserts and oceans.

There are five major and at least thirteen minor races found here on Earth in various stages of evolution. Our five major human ancestors are the Lyrans, Sirians, Pleiadians, Centaurians and Andromedans.

The ETs deliberately avoid being photographed so they will not be hunted while on Earth. They often look just like us with minor distinguishing features.

ASKET is one such individual who allowed herself to be photographed by Billy Meier, the Pleiadian contact on Earth, because she was leaving and would not return for a very long time.

She is from the DAL Universe, a parallel universe to ours. She is reportedly 360 years old. She came here to help the Earth people get through a very critical time in their history. What happens here affects her world.

“In the past man has been unable to determine the truth or has been frightened when confronted with it; this serves no purpose. The fear should never be present as all men hold the truth within themselves waiting to be awakened. When a race is in a higher state of evolution we explain to them that they are not the only thinking beings in the universe.” – Semjase

Semjase (Sëm-yah-zay) was the Pleiadian instructor to Billy Meier during the period 1975-83. She was badly injured while on Earth and was taken to the DAL Universe to be healed. The pictures are of ships that she piloted.

Our bodies are merely containers for the self. We are soul beings. Our bodies are tools for learning. When the body dies, we continue intact and fully conscious. We are a part of the Creator.

All souls are the same throughout all species and all universes. Only while we are incarnate on Earth are we blinded to our real selves. We are all immortal beings having a physical experience. We are coalesced Light and Love.

We all share the same Creator of all things. It is the Love and Light of this and all worlds. It is the intelligence of all universes; the All That Is. It flows from the Great Central Sun, the Great Singularity, the highest vibratory substance in all universes.

It is everywhere and nowhere; everything and nothing. It is all that was or will be. It is the Forever. All knowledge and life comes from it. We are all projections from it. To know ourselves is to know it.

All religions were man-made and instilled into our collective memory through the teachings of the ancient Pleiadian rebels. However, spiritual evolution is impeded through the false teachings.

It is time for us to change; to free ourselves of our religious, political and dogmatic scientific institutions. It is time to grow up.

Earth is a living being. It is a uniquely beautiful planet. They are appalled at how badly we treat her. Humans are at a crossroads.

We have been led down the wrong path by the controllers. Either we work hard to get out of this mess or we will be destroyed. A shift in consciousness is imminent and we must choose our path.

They generally like us. They especially like our imaginations, creativity and dreams. When we meditate, pray or dream, they can here us. Our subconscious and their awareness are linked through the quantum field.

A great change is to come. It is unknown when, but they are certain that it will happen soon. We are being conditioned for that day. This conditioning occurs during normal restful sleep and meditation.