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UFO Hunter Tells Us of Ancient Giants and UFOs in Romania

There’s a place in Romania where unusual sightings occur on a regular basis. From animated UFO sightings to spooky events that seem to defy all logic, this place appears to be craved by every UFOholic.

by The Explorer

Located on a remote pasture in the Arges county, the mystical place dubbed “The Sanctuary” offers a panoramic view of the neighboring mountain chain of Bucegi, renowned for the numerous out-of-place artefacts discovered there, but also for their richness in gold.

Not far from here lies “The Sphinx,” an ancient monument considered to be a natural formation that strongly resembles the face of a human being. Legend has it that Zamolxis – the god of the ancient Romanian people (the Dacians), made his home and sanctuary beneath these mountains.

Different accounts speak of how Zalmoxis vanished deep within the labyrinth of caves to consult with his oracles about the faith of the vast region governed by him.

In 2009, the book Transylvanian Sunrise was published, causing an unprecedented debate among conspiracy theorists.

The co-author of the book, Peter Moon, claimed to have worked in tandem with a secret intelligence officer of the Romanian government who revealed to him classified information about an unusual discovery dug-up by the Pentagon.

The book reads the following:

“In 2003, the Pentagon discovered through the use of satellite technology, an anomaly beneath this ancient sphinx. Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service which is known as Department Zero.”

The find consisted in massive underground tunnels that led the U.S and Romanian governments to ancient and advanced technology.

Some claimed they have found a Vimana, while others speak of a stargate, or a holographic hall of records buried underneath the Sphinx. Although the book is considered pure fiction by many, the possibility of such a discovery is extremely likely, and here is why:

First of all, there are countless local legends speaking of this mythical place. There are hundreds of unexplored caves alongside the mountain range of Bucegi, not counting the ones already discovered.

Secondly, there’s a written account dating from the First World War telling how the peasants from Dobrogea were using underground tunnels that stretched thousands of kilometers beneath the Black Sea.

Through these underground passages they lead their herds of sheep into Turkey and Asia Minor, where they would sell them for a considerable profit.

There are two known entrances in the region of Dobrogea, but are now sealed due to national security reasons.

The underground passage could be linked to the ancient tunnels that have recently been discovered in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, making this story less likely to be just a myth or coincidence.

In the 80s, a group of men working on the canal that unites the river Danube to the Black Sea, stumbled across another entrance that carried them from Romania to Bulgaria underneath the vast mass of water. All these tremendous discoveries are being suppressed by the Romanian and foreign governments.

However, there are many historians who acknowledge the long heritage of the Romanian people and the mysterious ways their ancestors ruled over the land thousands of years ago. According to Marja Gimbutas, professor at U.C.L.A, their bloodline stretches a considerable span of time.

“Romania is the hearth of what I name Old Europe, a cultural entity of 6.500 – 3.500 B.C., based on a matriarchal society, theocratic, peaceful, loving and creators of art, that preceded the patriarchal Indo-European societies of warriors from the bronze and iron age.

“It became evident that this ancient European civilization precedes the Sumerian by millennia. It was a period of harmony, in full agreement with the creator energies of nature.”

Of course, there are also the clay tablets discovered at Tartaria which bear an old writing similar to that of the Sumerians, but since they were dated to about 6,000 B.C., it directly contradicts the general accepted theory according to which the first writings belonged to the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians.

Marco Merlini, an Italian archaeologists who studied the artifacts in detail, expressed his point of view:

“The bones, as well as the tablets are very old. It is a certainty. It is our turn to think that writing began in Europe, 2.000 years before the Sumerian writing. In Romania we have a great treasure, but it does not belong only to Romania, but to the whole of Europe.”


The twisted road led me to this hidden valley surrounded by cliffs and dense forests. I can barely settle because of the dazzling view, but maybe all this enthusiasm is because the place I’m about to visit promises to offer an even more impressive panorama.

Only a few miles down the road and I see the first cave, suspended on a steep crag. Its broad entrance makes my sporadic curiosity go beyond the present, thinking of how easily an ancient civilization could had used that place to outlive a global catastrophe.

Although I have expected the cave to be a tourist attraction by now, the close-up view revealed through the binocular lenses disclosed that it was in fact a remote cave that couldn’t be accessed without special mountaineering equipment.

At this point, the legendary feeling of the place was slowly becoming a reality.

The Keeper awaited me at the base of the hill. From there, we followed the path until we reached the high pastures. The world I knew vanished entirely after reaching the Sanctuary.

The tranquility of the place couple up with the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape gave me a feeling of immortality, but not for me, this for this hidden wonder that passed the test of time, remaining unaltered after countless wars and an industrial revolution.

Now I see why sky-watchers and conspirators alike gather here to exchange knowledge and investigate the UFO phenomenon.

Our host, Welcica, had once been a man of faith. Like every other Romanian, he had deep Christian roots transmitted from one generation to the other, but after the answers provided by religion were not enough to satisfy his thirst for universal knowledge, he was guided to this place where he would undergo a substantial transformation.

A few years spent up here had shown him at least a dozen unexplained aerial phenomenon, and I’m not talking about the usual chem spraying riffraff we all know about.

Q: What was the most consistent UFO experience you’ve had up here?

A: I don’t have to think much about that, as I’ll never forget what I’ve witnessed back in 2014. The encounter was overwhelming. I am glad that I’m still here to tell the tale.

Q: You’re insinuating that your life was put in peril by a UFO encounter? Would you mind going into more details?

A: It was about… When I was sitting relaxed on the porch together with two conspirators. We were discussing about the giant bones unearthed not far from here when one of us saw a strange light up in the horizon.

At first, we didn’t pay much attention to it and carried on with our conversation, but as soon as every dog on the valley started barking, we pointed our eyes towards the sky. Now, I told you this place is strategically put, like the center of cauldron with rocky walls.

You can only access it through where you came from, where the valleys are opening up. There we saw this bright, circular light that was slowly hovering over the lowlands. It was heading towards us, and as it did, the barking of the dogs became even louder.

Q: Could you break down the UFO a bit?

A: Before doing this, I would like to mention that it did not give me an overall feeling of safety. It looked light a sphere of light, but as it was moving, pieces from it seemed to be missing.

It was not a complete sphere, but more like a liquid object swimming through the air. It continued to hover over the valley until it reached a point about 200-300 meters from where we were standing. Now I could see it better.

Whenever it moved, its shape was vibrating and changing at the same time. I could see waves fluctuating out of its energy shield, almost like it was alive.

Q: So what distressed you about this encounter?

A: When it was close enough, I could see the faint, conic shape of another light emitted by the UFO. It strongly resembled a flashlight scouting in the dark. Then I realized it was looking for something, or maybe scanning the area.

The tip of the iceberg was when the luminous sphere directed its light towards us. It stopped at about 150 meters on the right side of the cabin and scanned the face of my friend. My buddies and I were frozen in place at this point, unable to think of a reaction.

The moment only lasted for approximately 5 seconds. Afterwards, the sphere took flight over the hill, slowly descending for the nearby village. It continued to move up and down without following a specific pattern.

Q: That’s a fascinating story. Do you have any viable explanation for it in mind?

A: At first I thought of it being some sort of military device, considering that they own technology far ahead of our time and also have several secret bases located in the mountains nearby.

But after debating this with the other two witnesses, we’ve reached the conclusion of it being a living organism. It was very peculiar: the way it moved, morphed and reacted to the environment.

Q: Are there other notable experiences you would like to share?

A: I see strange things on a regular basis here. UFOs are something common, and I can now distinguish between what’s what, but this incident that I’ve mentioned beats the others by far. However, I sometimes see this red dot that’s locking on certain airplanes.

It follows them and it doesn’t leave any visible trail behind. I suspect this to be a military device though.

The Hyperborean Gallery and  Traces of Ancient Technology

Discussing certain ideas with The Keeper has lead me to the conclusion that he is more than a common online-reading conspirator.

In fact, some of his stories are based on real experiences and thorough research that he’s done throughout the years.

To cut this short, I’ll tell you about how he contributed to defending an area piled up with artifacts of extreme importance to cultural and world heritage.

Rosia Montana is a small town in Transylvania with an ongoing mining operation. The prospected materials (at least on the surface) are gold, silver, and precious stones that can be found in abundance in the Apuseni Mountains.

Because mining involves a lot of digging, certain out-of-place items were discovered there, among the most interesting being the skeletal remains of a 10 meter (32.8 feet) tall giant unearthed back in 1976.

(Check out the man standing next to the colossal skeleton to understand the huge proportions).

One of the very few pictures of an actual giant skeleton that survived. It has been unearthed in a gold mine at Rosia Montana, Romania — December 13, 1976. It measures 32.8 Feet in height (10 meters).

Approximately 5,500 years ago, the Agathyrsi – the ancient people of this area, constructed a complex gallery of underground tunnels. Various sources claim these tunnels led to a dome-like structure located deep within the Bucegi mountain range.

This ancient place, dubbed “The Hyperborean Gallery” or “Gallery 13”, was found underneath the Cornea village, the same place where Ceausescu – the Romanian communist dictator, discovered several giant bones and weapons in 1976.

The remains were sent to Moscow because the Romanian state lacked the means to analyze them, but the Russian observations were never to arrive. There are only a few photos left that remind of the extraordinary find.

Fast forward to February 2012, when another remarkable discovery was dug up by a group of geologists operating not far from the location of Gallery 13. While following a certain gold vein, they stumbled upon an unusual gravestone made from different materials.

A sample was sent for further investigations, and the results revealed that the composition of the tombstone included 55% gold dust, 15% granite dust and 30% wolfram, but the icing on the cake was the technique used in the carving process – declared unknown to this day.

The relic unearthed in 2012 shared a similar fate to the artifacts discovered in 1976 and no one knows its exact whereabouts. Measurements revealed its staggering proportions – six meters (19.7) wide, twelve meters (39.4 feet) long and three meters (9.8 feet) tall.

It weighed close to 1,700 tons, containing about 900 tons of solid gold. To make another comparison, it would have taken the ancients more than twenty years to mine such a considerable amount of gold. The gravestone ended up in 80 small pieces because otherwise, it couldn’t had been transported.

Probably the most intriguing find occurred upon lifting of the gravestone, where archaeologists discovered an ample entrance on the bottom of the grave.

A four meter (13.1 feet) diameter pit with a coiled stairway descending into another room illuminated by a mysterious milky-violet light was then revealed to the archaeological team.

At first sight, the stairs appeared as carved into the wall using an extremely smooth and advanced method of laser precision. Although the overall discovery made the archaeological team really anxious, a daring volunteer decided to venture into the opening, but he was never to return from down there.

Accounts speak of how the army closed the entire Gallery 13 a few days later, sealing the underground pit under a dense layer of cement. Witnesses and those who participated in the expedition were obliged to sign confidentiality agreements and were never to speak of this unusual discovery ever again.

Although an official report has never been made available to the public, there are numerous rumors that succeeded in keeping the story alive.

There is not much information available about what lies beyond the spiral staircase, but the swift intervention of the military indicates the radiant mechanism from within holds great power, possibly from the ancient dwellers of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Sanctuary is sure to hold lots of answers regarding humanity’s forbidden history, and The Keeper is always willing to share his knowledge and offer guidance to every UFO enthusiast that passes his doorstep.

Peter Moon’s book, Transylvanian Sunrise is available on Amazon. You can also read more on the subject here.