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Watch What Happens When Cannabis is Injected Into Cancer Cells

The first scientific study that has proven that cannabis possesses strong anti-tumor properties was conducted 42 years ago. These fantastic results were shared in an article in Washington Post.

The study has confirmed that the special component of cannabis known as THC can slow down the expansion of lung cancer, leukemia and breast cancer in lab mice. The lives of these mice were extended for 36^ on average.

One year after that, an article published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute claimed that the growth of Lewis lung adenocarcinoma was slowed down by taking THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabinol) orally.

Lab mice that received CBD and THC for twenty days in a row have all witnessed reduction in the size of the tumors they had.

Eighteen years ago, a team of scientists from the Complutense University Madrid, Spain, guided by Dr. Manuel Guzman found out that THC can trigger programmed cell death at least when it comes to brain tumor cells.

The best part was that healthy cells were not affected by its activity. In 2002, they have used the Nature Medicine magazine to reveal that they were able to eliminate brain cancer tumors that were allegedly incurable in lab mice by using injections packed with THC.

Ten years ago, researchers from Harvard University have discovered that certain compounds in cannabis have the ability to block lung cancer growth.

In addition, the SETH Group has confirmed that cannabis compounds have the ability to block GBM (glioblastoma multiforma (brain cancer cell growth.

Finally, four years ago a group of researchers at California Pacific medical Center situated in San Francisco has shown that THC completely blocks growth in different types of relatively aggressive cancers.

Check this video to see how THC eliminates cancer cells:

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