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Are You Seeking the Truth? Here’s a One Stop Shop for All Things Conspiracy

Waking up to the delusion of the mainstream perspective leads us on an epic adventure. We begin a serious journey down the rabbit hole and its multiple tunnels of truth and untruth, leaving us sometimes more confused then when we first began.

by Phillip J. Watt

So how are we to put into perspective the eclectic variety of claims for how our reality works in both the spiritual and material realms?

The short answer is that we need to accept that we’ll never know everything. After all, life is a journey, not a destination.

When we lock this down, we have the advantage of being less likely to fall into a dogmatic position that inhibits us from continuing the expansion of our understanding, and therefore our consciousness.

When we think about the fact that we are a finite attempt at conceptualizing infinity, that we are a snapshot of consciousness and not consciousness itself, it’s an easy segue to understand that we can never fundamentally know anything, as paradoxical as that is.

This is where the quote alleged to be said by Socrates comes in:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

However, obviously we can know truths on a contextual level, such as that we’re having an experience where we eat, sleep, play, learn, heal and grow, among many other things.

We might even be able to consciously resonate with our ecological, quantum and esoteric interconnection with reality.

Yet these and all other beliefs about what is true and what is not still exists within our construct, so do they apply beyond that? What is over and above the actual reality we co-created ourselves in?

We can’t know, of course. It’s simply all speculation. So with that established, what can we definitively know about this particular experience?

As indicated at the beginning of the article, we can agree – at least if we have any inkling of idea about what’s going on – that the orthodox views of our world are either outright inaccurate, or just simply incomplete.

Regardless if we’re talking about the philosophical dogma of materialism which has hijacked the interpretation of scientific endeavor, or who are the real players in the power pyramid that truly rules over our world, there’s no doubt that what we’ve been led to believe – particularly through the monopolized media of mind control and an indoctrination system called schooling – is so shamefully disconnected from the truth that it’s one of the most embarrassing manifestations in humanity’s history.

As a side note, for all the mainstream journalists and social commentators out there, you need to know that the true leaders of our world, the ones who are at the edge of the paradigm shift and are building alternative systems based in truth and honor, have explicitly illustrated how much you’ve failed to provide accurate narratives to the world at large.

It’s time you accepted it; it’s time you joined the right team.

In fact, that goes for all good-hearted politicians, celebrities, scientists, academics and any other person who has influence over the perception of the public.

But back to the story. We contextually know that a huge proportion of the people continue to dive down into the depths of darkness and delusion.

In contrast, we also know that many people are stirring from their slumber and are looking for answers to what is really going on.

A basic metaphor for the spiritual experience is to think of each individual life form as a unique instrument in the orchestra of reality.

We’ve all got our own energetic frequency, our own electromagnetic vibration, that influences and attracts energy within the greater grid of consciousness.

As an entry level to the systemic realities, the global banking cartel and their multinational minions have taken control of the money supply and media, as well as the education and political systems.

There are various families, with various ideologies, who make up the 0.01% at the top of the matrix of control, at least on a material level.

All that has been well established, but for the more mind-bending subjects, I offer you an interview with Greg Carlwood from the The Higherside Chats (THC).

Simply, his podcasts go deep, deep down through the wormholes of investigation in an unbiased and transparent way.

Topics include free energy, advanced technology, ancient civilizations, the corporatocracy, psy-ops, false flag terrorism, consciousness expansion, computer simulation theory, 911, extra-dimensional and trans-terrestrial intelligence, magic, MK Ultra, UFOs, undisclosed space travel, crop circles, the paranormal, super soldiers, spherical earth vs flat earth vs hollow earth vs torsion earth vs larger earth, chemtrails, medicinal mayhem – you name it.

And if Greg hasn’t yet had it on his podcast, he no doubt soon will.

The highly respectable aspect of his show is that he’s not trying to brainwash anybody into thinking anything; he respectfully critiques his guests views, as well as gives them a fair opportunity to put forward their theories and evidence without expecting any particular beliefs out of his audience.

Simply, he respects our freedom to choose what we believe, and what we don’t.

His podcast really is one of the leading examples of an informational platform that is designed to get not just the alternative, but the extra-alternative theories out there for open and transparent investigation by the public.

So if you’re conspiratorial minded, or even if you’re just over the sedation of the mainstream mind-washing and are curious of the views put forward in the world of truth-seeking, then this is definitely a podcast worth listening to.

Beware though, you need to have your mind well opened to even simply consider the depths of how strange our reality might be.

In the following interview with Greg, we summarize as many of the conspiracies we can with the time we had. It’s designed as a one stop shop for accessing the many doors in the truth-seeking journey.