Clinton Crime Mafia Back in Full Force

In your face and rubbing your nose in it is for all to see. That’s the pattern of the Clinton clan that perfects their criminal culture of corruption and law-breaking.

The unmistakable premeditated meeting between William Jefferson Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a violation of every ethical legal canon. It should be grounds for expulsion from the practice of the law. Well, in Clinton’s case he is no stranger to disbarment.

For Lynch, who was appointed to United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York by President Bill Clinton in 1999, she should know better.

Yet, if you are the successor to Eric Holder, there seems to be no need to conduct your affairs ethically as AG.

If anyone ever tells you the United State is a country that operates under the standards of law, just laugh and shout balderdash. If you want to do an autopsy on this “so called” chance get together, go at it.

However, only the most deranged Clintonistas can see no evil, hear no evil or report no evil.

The expected spin comes out of the lying Clinton News Network.

“On CNN’s New Day Friday morning, Former South Carolina State Rep. and current pro-Hillary CNN analyst Bakari Sellers probably echoed the feelings of many Clinton supporters who are wondering what the pair were thinking, telling host Alisyn Camerota that the meeting was “bad optics,” but also pointing out that it was not illegal:  

Sellers: I think you have to take both of them for what they said. You had a conversation about golf and a conversation about grandkids. But even more importantly, let’s talk about Loretta Lynch and her character and her ethics. Loretta Lynch got confirmed in a Republican-led United States Senate. Her record as a prosecutor and attorney general cannot be impeached when it comes to ethics.”

Stop this continuous insult to our national consciousness. Stop hiding behind a false narrative of ideological differences. And by all means, develop the moral fortitude to directly face the systemic corruption that poses as YOUR government.

This is not the way to celebrate July 4th. But who really cares any longer? The majority of the zombies that intend on voting for the Hildabeast, would not care if in some other universe, she would be indicted for her crimes.

Such a career crook wears polytetrafluoroethylene. The chemical composition of the globalist establishment shields all their operatives with the Teflon of legal immunity.

As this saga of judicial protection racket plays out in front of a dazed and ignorant public, the reality that a FBI criminal indictment will be accepted by the careerist DOJ “professionals” is about as likely as getting the Democratic Party Superdelegates to switch to Bernie Sanders.

Any honest observer must conclude that the system and especially the political selection process are totally rigged. So what can we expect when the nauseous love feast of gender identity female Hillary supporters just dismiss any factual evidence about her lifelong subversion of lawful conduct?

The answer is NOTHING. Such raving lunatics are mentally defective madwomen. They are eager to vote for this embodiment of Lucrezia Borgia’s worst and ruthless family values. The Clintons are more Machiavellian than any Prince that populated Italy.

No, their form of mafia extortion uses the Clinton Foundation for laundering money and distributing favors. Using poison and plots against their enemies is a consistent script for this illegitimate daughter of democratic utopia.

The fools that continue to rally to her campaign are so naïve or stupid that they forfeit any credibility in objective discourse.

Are they so stoned that their recollection of the 1990’s cannot recall all the scandals and crimes under the Bill Clinton administration?

To the credit of millennials for Bernie Sanders, they have not been sheep dipped into the adulterate venom of her pathetic newspeak talking heads. They understand HRC is no victim.

HilLAIRy is not an advocate for women, yet the concussion afflicted soccer moms and the boneheaded feminists induce a self-generated organism to assimilate into the delusion that a lesbian president will make women equal.

Well, if you want a peer specialist in the tradition of Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia of Murder, Inc.; vote for Clinton.

If the NeoCons want a Clinton victory in November, you know that Wall Street and the transnational establishment, along with the interventionist warmongers are going to pull all the strings to keep Hillary out of the slammer.

In order to understand what actually went on during the clandestine airline rendezvous, you better listen closely to the account in the video, CLINTON INSIDER REVEALS BILL’S SECRET DEAL WITH LYNCH.

Larry Nichols explains the way the Clinton machine operates.

Nichols was the quintessential wet work operative and insider for this CIA affiliated crime family. Now that he is fighting the final stage of his terminal cancer, the public needs to listen to his first hand experiences.

In 2015 BREAKING ALL THE RULES concludes in the essay, The Test for Justice – Indict Hillary.

“The failure of the Democratic Party is that cultural Marxist like NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders make Hillary Clinton look main stream. In actuality their “so called” social justice rhetoric is no positive alternative to the systemic corruption that has captured both major political parties.

“Hillary is not just a symbol of the past, she is every bit a Saul Alinsky authoritarian radical as the rest of the crew from communist comrades. As for justice, when was the last time a political Marxist was sent to jail for their crimes?”

Evidently in the last year the Liberal establishment, party bosses might pay lip service to Sanders supporters.

However, the difficulty for inclusion of some Progressive initiatives in the 2016 Democratic platform, demonstrates that corporatist dominance still rules.

While Hillary is entirely comfortable with the most collectivist oppression objectives, her method of gaining the Presidency mirrors the same deceit used in 1930’s totalitarian Germany.

The old line industrialists are now called the new age digital technologists. Liberal ideology is just as dead as neoconservative duplicity.

Attaining political power and keeping social control has never been replaced from the ranks of acceptable and approved politicians. The corridors of elite domination and manipulation always ignore the will of popular sentiment.

Redress and revisal might be in the vocabulary of an honest Liberal, but where can one be found? The challenge is to identify just one elected sincere Democrat who can be trusted. Frankly, such a task is impossible.

Only an unelectable spokesperson for the Liberal cause, like Ralph Nader could retain their dignity and credibility.

A Democratic Party that could nominate Hillary Clinton as their Presidential nominee has abdicated any legitimacy. Dismiss all the ideological false choices.

The Clinton crew of their systemic crime syndicate is back and the first family of the “Marie Antoinette Party” is gathering steam.

Finally, it is her turn, or so goes the narrative. Her family foundation pays for her Versailles life style. Her claim on the Executive Mansion for her version of Hameau de la Reine looks to transform the White House into the Queen’s Hamlet.

Can we dare ask, will she be bringing back any of the furniture the Clinton’s took with their last exit from the President’s Palace? 

How will this be accomplished? The compliant media operates within a culture of dishonesty and distortion is emphatically in the camp of the project runway celebrity.

While no fashion plate, exhilaration for this escapee from the Marquis de Sade tour of a madhouse has the bleeding-heart loyalists in ecstasy. However, no Bastille cell is fated for this protected patrician purloiner.

Simple put the true nature of the Clinton dynasty may appear to be based upon excess, but is actually founded on the model of Sex, Bribery, Murder: The Real Story Behind ‘The Borgias’.

In speaking about Rodrigo Borgia – who in 1492 bribed his way to the Papacy as Alexander VI, it is said:

“What he lacked was the slightest glimmering of religious feeling. He made no secret of the fact that he was in the Church for what he could get out of it – and he got a very great deal.”

This emphatically applies to Hillary as a Democrat. It is one thing to be an opportunist, but it takes on an entirely different and despicable persona, when operating under the same rules that applies to the rest of us are ignored and snubbed.

In Hillary’s case her actions exemplify that the Hillary Clinton Murders and Mayhem list practices what is known as, Arkancide and is her concrete practice of carnage.

The Bill Clinton tainting of Loretta Lynch is a ploy to name a special prosecutor and delay the final resolution until after the election.

It is unimaginable that decent citizens could support a second Clinton administration. But this supposition implies that honorable liberals truly want social justice.

The Clinton Mafioso will be back in force if you elect this mobster.

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