Free Your Soul from the Matrix & Reclaim the Power of Love

If you are in your head… you are in “the matrix”

Reclaiming your Divine Feminine Energy will get you back into your loving heart and FREE you from “the matrix”!

There are many excellent and brilliantly researched articles and videos about ‘the matrix” by very informed individuals. We all owe SO MUCH to each of these beautiful and courageous Souls who are Spiritual Warriors.

One of the components I often (or always) find missing are the elements of feeling and healing how you have been wounded and traumatized by evil people, groups and organizations as well as “the matrix” reptilians, shape shifted hybrids and other evil beings.

Being told “Just Be Love” doesn’t work to get out of “the matrix”. 

My experiences in working with thousands of people for over thirty years as a Multi-Dimensional Emotional Energetic Healer and Shaman of the Soul, has taught me that what everyone needs are proven tools, techniques and steps to remember, face the wounds and traumas, work with their Inner Child at a Soul level, feel and release toxic emotions in healthy, balanced ways, healing from what happened, which then opens their heart to receiving and being Infinite Divine Love and Reconnection to their Soul and Divine Source (God, Goddess, Spirit).

Until you heal your repressed and unresolved wounds, traumas and programming from “the matrix”… you are STILL STUCK in “the matrix” and they are HOOKED INTO you!

The whole foundation and formula of the “the matrix” is to harm, hurt, dominate, mind control and steal the power of all Souls.

They begin this insidious violation of our sovereignty as our Souls are coming onto the Earth Plane, as children and throughout our life cycle – multi-dimensionally. The result is everyone has a lot of repressed and unresolved matrix wounds, traumas and programming. 

This keeps us enslaved by these parasitic evil factions of “the matrix” that operate in a vibrational frequency band that cannot be seen such as False Light, the Dark, Demons, Ghosts, Reptilians, Negative ET’s, Archons, Jinn, Mud Shadow Flyers, etc., as well as being dominated by the shape shifted human appearing hybrids.

These matrix “handlers/controllers” are hooked in, brain washing, torturing, abusing and feeding off the sacred life force of our Souls/Spirit. 

They genetically engineered the physical body that our Soul and Spirit occupy as a means to keep us limited to only the 5 senses instead of being the pure Infinite Divine Light of Love that we truly are.  

They use our sublimated Divine Feminine Power of creativity and receptivity because they are incapable of creating and need us to do it for them! 

We must remember, feel and heal our unresolved wounds, (reference “4 Steps to Break Free from the matrix by Healing Your Inner Child” article by Magi) break all matrix contracts and agreements made under duress/ torture/ programming and sever the energetic cords of connection to “the matrix”.

By doing this, we will reconnect to the Truth of our Oneness with our Soul & Divine Source (God, Goddess, Spirit) and BEING Infinite Divine Love, take our creative Divine Feminine power back and set ourselves FREE = ASCENSION!

The great Paradigm Shift that is occurring is demanding that we awaken and reclaim our missing Divine Feminine Energy… the sacred energy of the Great Cosmic Mother Goddess/Gaia. 

The Divine Feminine is the energy of love, living and being from your heart, listening, feeling and healing, compassion, empathy, creativity, receptivity, intuition, full activation of the right brain, magic and deep mystery. 

The Goddess is the primordial Mother of all Divine Souls, every sacred living being in nature and the infinite Cosmos of all that is… She is your Mother and my Mother and we desperately need her loving and healing embrace to obliterate “the matrix” in all its parasitic forms.

“The matrix” with its patriarchal, power over, heartless, left and reptilian brain – fear based consciousness is the complete opposite of the Divine Feminine. 

A great book that describes all of this is “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict between Word and Image” by Leonard Shlain.

The Divine Feminine has and is the power that will free us all from our matrix enslavement.

“The matrix” is very, very afraid of the Divine Feminine and that is why women, shamans, healers, midwives, anyone with high level psychic abilities, empaths, female and male Spiritual Warriors of Divine Love & Truth, high priestesses and priests of the Goddess and sacred indigenous people worldwide have been systematically interfered with, tortured, raped, impoverished, enslaved and murdered since the beginning of time and still to this day… to do everything they can to take our power…and keep those who are un-awakened from remembering who they really are. 

Many Souls have never lost their connection to Great Mother/Gaia. They are very aware of what has been happening on Planet Earth and they know how to heal, balance, protect and obliterate these matrix evil forces. 

They also know the steps to achieve full and permanent ascension into BEING Infinite Divine Love!  This is why “the matrix” is so afraid of awakened Divine Feminine Souls!   

Archons are parasites and do not have the ability to create so they need to take our sacred sexual creative energy to survive. This is why there is so much sexual abuse by all the evil factions of “the matrix”. 

This is done through satanic ritual abuse, sacrifice and murder, black magic, evil occult practices and secret societies, trauma based mind control, MK Ultra & Monarch torture and programming, rape, pedophilia, prostitution/ sex slaves/ human trafficking, internet pornography, snuff films, alien abduction, astral abduction and possession, etc., because one of the most potent and powerful forms of creativity and receptivity is sexual energy… orgasm, kundalini energy

When these evil beings perpetrate the above atrocities, they hook into our Souls and feed off our essential life force.

These matrix evil forces are especially energetically hooked into most Souls if you are unprotected/ unshielded and have unresolved wounds and traumas.

“The matrix” can be hooked into the reptilian brain, all your chakras, your pineal gland (due to the calcification caused by fluoride) astral body – multi-dimensionally and all the openings in the physical body (i.e., eyes, nose, ears, mouth, navel, vagina, penis and anus).

If they are hooked into your Soul in any form, then they are possessing and controlling your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you are NOT your true Soul self! 

This is what David Icke talks about in his new book, “Phantom Self”.

Feel and receive what Great Cosmic Mother Goddess has to say to you to help break “the matrix” evil spell that imprisons your Soul:

“Hear ye the words of the Great Cosmic Mother Goddess;
She in the dust of whose feet are the hosts
Of heaven, and whose body encircles the universe.

I who am the beauty of the green earth,
The white moon among the stars, and the mystery
Of the waters call unto thy Soul;
Arise, and come unto me.

I am the Soul of nature who gives life to the universe.
From Me all things proceed, and unto Me all things must return.
Before My face, beloved of goddesses, gods and of women and men, let thine
Innermost divine self be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite.

Let My worship be within the heart that rejoices,
For behold, all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.
Therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion,
Honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

To thou who thinkest to seek Me, know that thy seeking and
Yearning shall avail thee not unless thou knowest the Mystery.
If that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee,
Thou wilt never find it without.

For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and
I am that which is attained at the end of desire.”

Charge of the Great Cosmic Mother Goddess – by Doreen Valiente

There are Divine Feminine tools that aid our healing, integration, transformation, disengagement from “the matrix” and reconnection to our Soul & Divine Source that all Souls have the power to utilize and wield. If you are reading this article, then you are one of these Souls.

You deserve to be reminded and remember the power that lies dormant within you to dramatically CHANGE and balance anything internally (within you) and externally (in your physical reality as well as your multi-dimensional realities, simultaneously).

The Divine Feminine energy is the foundation of all creation. Women can manifest the most sacred mystery of bringing forth a Soul into life.

“The matrix” in all its evil manifestations has cut us off from our Divine Feminine source of ‘The Great Cosmic Mother Goddess of Us All’ who can help each of us to heal, feel, love and be loved, nurtured, nourished, transformed and brought home to full and permanent Divine Oneness. 

The Divine Feminine is the color pink and is the energy of pure Infinite Divine Love.

The alchemy of the Great Mother is the creator, destroyer and preserver and can be used for our own personal Soul transformation of where we need to create death (cutting away the old – shedding negative/ dead layers that do not serve our highest good), birth and resurrection within ourselves. 

SHE is the Great integrator, harmonizer and balancer of all things back into wholeness and she can help us to integrate, harmonize and balance ourselves and Mother Earth Gaia back into Oneness NOW!

All Souls and our world hunger, need and yearn for the return of the loving Divine Feminine Mother into our hearts! 

She is the key and the pathway to helping each of us feel, heal and obliterate “the matrix” out of our Souls and out of Mother Earth Gaia… so that we can truly ASCEND. 

Our Souls are made of the energy of Divine Love so, utilizing Her Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame is a great catalyst to Soul and Source retrieval activating your Divine Humanity!  

THE DIVINE FEMININE SWORD OF PINK FLAME is a potent and powerful tool to disengage and separate yourself from anything or anyone that is negative including “the matrix” and its many evil faces such as False Light, the Dark, Demons, Ghosts, Reptilians, Negative ET’s, Archons, Jinn, Mud Shadow Flyers, etc., and its shape shifting human appearing hybrids that operate in a vibrational frequency band that cannot be seen and are a violation to the sovereignty of your Soul!

This Sword of Pink Flame can also disconnect you from a person, place or situation that has been completed for you like a relationship that has ended or something that is negative and destructive.

The Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame is a non-linear and accelerated process of transmutation that is part of THE DIVINE PARADIGM SHIFT that is now occurring multi-dimensionally.

The healing effects of the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame are infinite, holistic and simultaneous.

The lie of “the matrix” of a linear approach to space and time and healing one lifetime or situation at a time is an illusion that keeps us trapped and doesn’t work.

We are now capable of transforming and liberating the totality of our Soul!

This means you can heal multi-dimensionally all aspects of your Soul consciousness simultaneously.

You can literally heal and paradigm shift yourself into full Infinite Divine Love & Oneness!

Unresolved wounds, traumas, problems, mistakes, difficult relationships and other imbalanced issues result in you being in separation to your Soul and Divine Source. 

Prior to THE DIVINE PARADIGM SHIFT these may have taken years to heal but can now be done in months, weeks, even days and in some cases, instantaneously.

Please know the “time-frame” for healing and reconnection occurs depending upon the individual and the severity of trauma/situation.

If you compare yourself to others, guess what? You are stuck in “the matrix”.

•  Do you want to disconnect from your negative matrix beliefs, emotions, thought patterns and behaviors that keep you in a downward spiral of separation, self-hate, self-sabotage and self-destruction?

•  Are you finding it difficult to disengage from your obsessive matrix thinking and feeling, fixating or being addicted to: specific individuals (especially someone you were romantically and sexually involved with and/or a sexual obsession fantasy), any person/ entity/ evil being or situation where you were wounded/traumatized and abused, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, internet, TV, movies, videos, sports, money, cleaning, etc.?

•  Would you like to harmonize and balance the negative effects from the unresolved wounds in your life?

The negative effects were created (whether you were the victim or the perpetrator) from situations, people, places and events where you were harmed or you harmed others therefore creating imbalances.

The Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame is a tool that severs the energetic cords of connection multi-dimensionally, mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and astrally all done simultaneously.

•  Do you want to sever all energetic cords of connection and free your Soul multi-dimensionally, simultaneously from all matrix interferences such as; possession, enslavement, mind control, brain washing, programs and contracts that you made consciously or contracts you made unconsciously that you don’t remember and want to remember?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame can help you succeed at all of this!


While the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame is not an actual physical sword, it has the energetic appearance of a sword that can be seen and felt with your third eye chakra and operates multi-dimensionally, simultaneously.

The sword contains and emanates the highest pink vibrational frequencies of Infinite Divine Love.

Because of its infinite divine power, it can completely cut, sever and disengage you from “the matrix” or anything and anybody!

This sword is the spiritual flame and energy of truth, justice, love, integrity, balance and Oneness at the highest Divine level

The brilliant pink colored electromagnetic energy that shapes itself as a sword is literally the hand of The Great Cosmic Mother Goddess. The color pink has always been associated with Infinite Divine Love and Oneness.


STEP 1.   Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the ground and feel your connection to Mother Earth Gaia. Close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths to calm and center yourself. This exercise is best done alone and in a quiet space where you will be undisturbed. 

Ask Great Mother to lovingly embrace you, open and fill your heart with her pink energy of Infinite Divine Love and help you to wield your sword to heal, disconnect and balance whatever you need to. 

Feel her loving arms around you filling the physical body, your heart, chakras, aura and the totality of your Soul – multi-dimensionally with the Divine Feminine Pink Healing Energy of Infinite Divine Love.

STEP 2.   With your eyes closed, visualize yourself standing straight and tall with a large sword in both hands that emits a multi-dimensional energetic vibrant pink flame. Feel the weight and texture of your sword.  How does holding the sword feel to you?

Now feel the energy of your Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame sent into your hands, the entire physical body, your heart, chakras and auric field, the power and Oneness you have to your Soul and Divine Source with a great reclaiming and activation of your Divine Feminine energy. 

Feel this beautiful Pink Energy filling every cell of the physical body, your heart, chakras, aura and Soul multi-dimensionally, holistically & simultaneously. 


STEP 3.   Breathe all your Pink Power and Oneness in, how does this feel? You can now easily and effortlessly wield this power to sever the connections to anything or anyone you want to disengage from.

STEP 4.   Breathe deeply and center all your power, love and devotion into your heart and Soul and into your sword. 

STEP 5.   Visualize one issue at a time floating in front of you; “the matrix” thoughts, feelings, objects, programs, contracts, person, evil beings, addictions or situations that you want to cut the energetic cords on. See the cords that emanate from the physical body, chakras and auric field of your Soul to “it” and back to you.

Say out loud: 

“I use my Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame to cut my energetic cords of connection to (you fill in the blank).  I cut these cords multi-dimensionally, simultaneously and instantaneously. The totality of my Soul is free from (you fill in the blank).”

STEP 6.   Insert another Pink Sword (you can create an infinite numbers of swords) into whatever or whomever you have disengaged from and leave it in them.

See, feel and/or sense that the Pink Flaming Sword burns up and obliterates “it” so you can no longer sense “its” presence… it is gone!

You have cleared it out of the totality of your Soul – multi-dimensionally, simultaneously.

STEP 7.   The last step is to insert another Pink Sword into your own heart (it will bless you) and leave it there. This will cleanse and purify any left-over negative residue of “the matrix” and/or anything else out of the totality of your Soul.

The sword will also reconnect you to your Soul & Divine Source acting as a magnet to bring back to you and into your heart all your lost power.

You can bring back ALL the Pink Soul/Source pieces retrieving your personal power in the form of love, wisdom, creativity, receptivity, joy, prosperity and abundance, magic, talents and abilities that had originally split off due to the negative situation. 

Feel that beautiful pink energy of millions of pieces of Infinite Divine Love flooding into your heart, every cell of the physical body, astral body, chakras and auric field… healing and blessing the totality of your Soul multi-dimensionally, simultaneously.

Besides your heart, I highly recommend that you insert and leave a Pink Sword in all your chakras, hands, knees, feet, base of your skull and up into the reptilian brain to obliterate it and into all the openings of your body – eyes, nose, ears, mouth, navel, vagina, penis and anus/kundalini.

This will seal yourself up, create very powerful shielding and protection and deep cleansing and purification of these evil energies out of your Soul multi-dimensionally, reconnecting you to your Soul/Source. 

STEP 8.   You may need to sever the cords of connection to each item many times before you are completely disengaged. Do not give up. This situation may have been a problem for you for a very long time and it will take some effort on your part to permanently disconnect.

STEP 9.   The bottom line with this technique is that the more you do this process, the more powerful your results will be.

Even a few minutes will achieve degrees of disengagement, but your persistence is required to penetrate deep, ingrained matrix programming, habits, thoughts, feelings, wounds, traumas, addictions, and relationship connections that you want to permanently sever the energetic cords of connection to.

You can also add this technique to whatever prayers and meditations you currently practice.


1.    Sever the energetic cords of connection between your Soul and another person/Soul.

When you have sex with someone a deep emotional energetic bond is created (whether positive or negative), energetic cords emanate from the physical body, astral body, chakras, (especially the heart and sexual chakra) and auric field of your Soul to the physical body, astral body, chakras and auric field of the Soul of the other individual.

You are literally “energetically hooked into each other, feeding off and taking on each other’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors – this is a form of possession. You want to disconnect and only be who you are as a Soul and no one else”.

You are hooked into them and they have energetic cords hooked into you. If the relationship has ended or is “bad” (i.e., abusive or harmful to you in any way) you want to take your Soul life force back by severing the energetic connections with the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame.

This is a powerful tool to be used to disconnect yourself from anyone or anything who has abused you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, astrally and sexually whether as a child, teenager or adult.

You do not want the abuser to stay hooked into you and you don’t want to be hooked into them! This creates a perpetual pattern of re-living the trauma!

You also don’t want the abuser to be feeding off your Soul life force, energetically attacking you and “acting out” a continual pattern of abusing you “at a distance” and you taking on their disturbing beliefs, emotions, thoughts and behavior patterns – Yuck!

This is a form of Soul possession!

Unresolved wounds at any age create separation to your Soul and Divine Source (God, Goddess, Spirit). This separation creates neediness, helplessness and powerlessness.

When you are disconnected from the power and essential life force (that feeds the physical body, chakras and auric field) of your Soul and Divine Source, you basically need to feed off the life force of others (i.e., family members, friends, lovers, co-workers, enemies, etc.).

These energetic cords need to be severed so you can authentically be the truth of who you are as a Soul and no one else! This will also help you to reconnect to your Soul and Divine Source.

Real deep healing can only begin to take place once you disengage.

When you have accomplished this, you will be able to authentically feel your own true feelings of pain, fear, anger, sorrow and shame and not someone else’s feelings.

It will be so much easier and faster to heal and balance your own personal issues instead of everybody else’s!

2.    Sever the energetic cords of connection from yourself to any negative matrix thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns and addictions that are harmful.

Make a list of all your negative and distorted beliefs, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and addictions that you want to cut the cords on.

Take them one at a time and see, feel and experience yourself cutting the energetic cords between “it” and the physical body, astral body, chakras and auric field of your Soul.

You will need to repeat this process as many times as you need to for you to be completely disengaged from each dysfunctional state of consciousness and way of being. Don’t give up, keep doing it. Persistence truly does pay off.

Remember, these maybe habitual states of consciousness that you have probably had all your life so; it will take some time to completely eliminate them.

The Mirror Technique

From your original list write out the corresponding positive state of consciousness for each negative/distorted one.

Reprogram this positive new way of being into your consciousness to replace the old negative form that you cut the energetic cords on by saying it out loud.

Saying positive affirmations out loud while looking into your own eyes in front of a mirror is an extremely powerful and effective way to do this technique.

Only say the positive affirmations out loud in front of the mirror, not the negative statements.

When you are ready to cut the energetic cords on your negative beliefs do not do this in front of your mirror. Your mirror is only to be used to lovingly look into your eyes and say out loud all your new self-love and self-empowerment positive affirmations.

Example: Negative/distorted = “I am stupid and don’t know what I am doing”.

Positive = “I am smart, I can trust myself and I know what I am doing”.

Example: Negative/distorted = “The matrix has all the power and I have none and I cannot free myself.”

Positive = “In my Oneness with my Soul and Divine Source as Infinite Divine Love, I am more powerful than the totality of the matrix… I AM FREE NOW!!!”

This is a technique to reprogram your inner self-talk into healthy, functional, loving and empowered ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Another great technique to reinforce self-empowerment and self-love (healthy self-talk) is at the end of each day, write down all the wonderful positive things you accomplished.

You are focusing on all “the right or good” that you achieved instead of “the wrong or bad”.

Do these exercises daily as it will dramatically improve your inner self-talk. Cut the energetic cords on any “wrong” or “negative” thoughts and feelings that come up.

3.    Sever the energetic cords of connection from yourself to “the matrix” in any form that operate in a vibrational frequency band that cannot be seen such as matrix programs and contracts that you consciously and unconsciously made, False Light, the Dark, Demons, Ghosts, Reptilians, Negative ET’s, Archons, Jinn, Mud Shadow Flyers, etc. that have been mind controlling, enslaving, harming, possessing and interfering with you.

“The matrix” and its many evil faces abuses, assaults and hooks into you multi-dimensionally unless you are heavily shielded and protected and dumps destructive electromagnetic energy into the physical body, astral body, chakras and auric field of your Soul 24/7.

“The matrix is hooked into many people in a variety of ways and is feeding off their essential Soul life force leaving them in separation to their Soul and Divine Source, possessed, drained, mind controlled, with health problems, addictions, fears and phobias to name a few.

“The matrix” is completely parasitic and taking the life force of mass humanity and using all that energy and power to create what they want. Essentially they are feeding off humanity and making themselves more powerful. We ALL need to end this!

This is done by matrix negative electromagnetic energy whether in physical form or unseen energetic manifestations hooking into your unshielded physical body, astral body, chakras and auric field of your Soul.

“The matrix” mind controls and possesses “the general population”, especially those people that are less integrated and in a great deal of separation, unaware of a “bigger picture”, very wounded, unshielded and don’t believe “the matrix” exists, through such interferences as subliminals and distorted visual and sound frequencies on Smartphones, with Pokemon as the most invasive example of artificial intelligence manipulating people, the internet, TV, video, movies, radio, CD’s, MP3’s, etc.

Lies are propagated through the internet, TV, printed material, newspapers and magazines. This is all done to manipulate and brainwash the public with “the matrix’s” view of “the truth”. 

These matrix evil forces also act out their violent “power over” and domination of Souls through satanic ritual abuse, sacrifice and murder, black magic, evil occult practices and secret societies, trauma based mind control, MKUltra & Monarch torture and programming, rape, pedophilia, prostitution/ sex slaves/ human trafficking, internet pornography, snuff films, alien abduction, astral abduction and high level multi-dimensional possession, etc. 

“the matrix” manipulates individuals into thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that suit its agenda of maintaining power over the masses and causing tremendous interference with each Soul’s sovereignty.

This creates within your Soul consciousness and at an unconscious level great feelings of submission, hopelessness, powerlessness, “the worst happening”, fear, self-hate, self-sabotage, self-destruction, addictions, poverty consciousness and general despair and depression.

Look how addicted the mass population is to TV, movies and video programs, sports teams, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, the internet, pornography, spending money, gambling, etc.

If people are focused on the above, they are in their heads and NOT in their Hearts.


These matrix interferences create breaks, deep wounds and separation to your Soul and Divine Source.

The hidden agenda is to possess the consciousness of humanity with lies and manipulations, frequently referred to as the dumbing down process, to keep people in separation to the TRUTH of their Soul and Divine Source of all that is. Think about it.

Why doesn’t “the matrix” want you to wake up and take your power back? What would happen if you permanently reconnected to your Soul and Divine Source?

You would have infinitely more power than “the matrix” and would be able to completely disengage and FREE your Soul and Ascend.

“The matrix” would die for they need our energy to survive!

Unresolved wounds of childhood abuse, trauma and violence that are perpetrated by “the matrix” in many different forms at any age attracts these evil energies and keeps them hooked into you energetically, mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally, astrally and spiritually until you heal yourself and sever the energetic connections.

These parasitic evil beings of “the matrix” create abusive and traumatic situations to feed off the energy of great fear, pain, suffering, despair, rage, hate and destruction.

It also mind controls, possesses and manipulates Souls to feel these emotions constantly, so it has a never ending energetic food supply! 

“The matrix” reptilians also eat humans for they need the blood and flesh to maintain their shape shifted human appearance. 

They are also very addicted to the adrenaline saturated blood of human victims who are tortured and sacrificed to death.

4. Severing the cords of connection and healing your unresolved wounds/traumas

The first step is to truly take responsibility for your unresolved wounds and any misuses of power, whether as a victim or perpetrator, by taking the right actions to feel, heal and balance the harm inflicted upon you by others and how you harmed someone else.

How you “take responsibility” is for you to authentically feel your pain, sorrow, anger and hurt, etc., as the victim.

You also authentically feel your guilt, shame and pain for harming others as the perpetrator.

You can then use your sword to sever connections to anything imbalanced within yourself and to others.

The crucial key here is to heal your wounds, learn from your mistakes and to no longer allow yourself to be victimized by “the matrix” or harming others in any form.

It is about making a commitment where you are truly able to permanently CHANGE your unhealthy ways of being into integrated, loving, empowering and reconnected Oneness to your Soul and Divine Source.

The second step is to go deeper into your healing process by authentically recognizing, facing, feeling, integrating, releasing and healing your distorted beliefs, emotions, thought patterns and behaviors as a victim or perpetrator into consistent healthy ways of being (energetically – mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally, astrally and spiritually).

By creating a permanent and consistent healthy relationship with yourself and a healthy relationship with others you are moving into permanently being Infinite Divine Love = Ascension. It is important to remember that:

No one can do deep, in-depth transformational work on unresolved wounds/ traumas completely by themselves!

We all need the “keen eye, mind, heart and Soul” of a talented healing professional to help us to “see our shadow” and be our trail guide to understand, learn and practice the true steps to authentic healing, feeling, transformation and reconnection to our Soul and Divine Source.

The opportunity to express out loud to another our deepest pain, sorrow, anger, shame, fear and be truly heard and responded to with love and compassion is life changing!

Again, this is the Divine Feminine Energy of Divine Love in action and is the TRUTH of Healing & Feeling Magic.


Your scars of old hurts, painful memories, distorted beliefs, emotions, thoughts and behavior patterns can be severed with your consistent wielding of the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame (along with your personal healing program) in these problem areas.

As your consciousness (energetically – mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally, astrally and spiritually – multi-dimensionally) simultaneously absorbs the energies of the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame (and by taking right action) you begin to integrate this Soul-transforming fire that permanently raises your vibration and consciousness out of “the matrix” and into the higher frequency of Infinite Divine Love and a greater permanent reconnection to your Soul and Divine Source.

The end result is an increased:

•  Right relationship with yourself/Soul
•  Right relationship with others
•  Right relationship with the world/Mother Earth – Gaia
•  Right relationship with Spirit – Goddess – God
•  Reconnection to your Soul and Divine Source = ASCENSION

Utilizing the Divine Feminine Sword of Pink Flame daily (along with your personal healing program) can help to build powerful shields of protection, transmute and clear evil matrix energies in the physical body, astral body, chakras and auric field – multi-dimensionally and heal negative beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, addictions and behaviors.

I so encourage you to use these techniques as I have with all my clients for decades because… THEY WORK! 

If you use these tools and follow these steps, you can heal, reconnect to your Soul & Divine Source and break free of “the matrix”.   


By Magi – Mari Angelique Raphael, HumansAreFree.com

About the author: Magi writes for Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing. She lives and works in Cambria, California USA on the Central Coast of California. She is open to collaborating with others who do this kind of work.

Magi provides Multi-Dimensional Healing to break FREE of “the matrix” at a Soul level. Magi works with clients worldwide via Skype. For more information contact her at reconnectedsoul.com or 800-397-9084.

Magi has over 30 years’ experience as a Multi-dimensional healer, teacher, writer, speaker/workshop leader, interpersonal communicator and Cosmic Shaman of the Soul working with women, men and children all over the world.

Magi is the Founder of Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing and the creator of Emotional Energetic Healing© and Cosmic Shamanism©. For more information go to reconnectedsoul.com