Liberation from the Greys of Orion

Have you ever noticed just how strongly Orion’s Belt seems to feature in the human story? It’s there encoded into so many of the ancient cultures.

It is of course interwoven within one of the Seven Wonders of the World — the Giza Pyramids, set out to be perfectly aligned with Orion, as a mirror of it.

When you get the chance, watch the film 10,000 BC. It’s a great metaphor of how original humans were enslaved and entrapped by ‘superior’ god-like beings who came from the stars.

And in the film, you’ll see these small humanoid creatures looking after the Annunaki God. To me, I get the sense they metaphorically represent the “Greys” from Orion

Please Note: I realise that not everyone is yet fully able to perceive interdimensionally. And so the concept of entities and extra-terrestrials in the field can seem surreal and ‘far out’. In which case, I suggest considering this article more in a metaphorical sense.

Either way, by far the most important, is in recognising possible influences you may be experiencing and how to deal with them.

Who are the Greys?

Many people have reported seeing the Greys. You’ll find their image on a number of esoteric websites. They have bulbous heads, dark almond shaped eyes and small gangly shaped bodies. These are the ones people typically encounter in abduction occurrences.

They’re inter dimensional, able to move in and out of the first four dimensions of existence. When UFOs are seen, but then quickly disappear, in my knowing it’s because these are ‘energy ships’, able to quickly shift vibration in and out of the material densities.

So ‘who’ are they exactly? To me they are ‘harvested’ and enslaved souls, ‘farmed’ from their original physical form, and artificially inserted into synthetic, energy ‘suits’.

Yes I know it may sound fantastical, but I assure you I’m not trying to dazzle and daze, it’s the plain, simple truth that I know.

And what many will find even more surprising, is that there are humans amongst us who’ve experienced life as a Grey. They’re often people who struggle to access their emotions or else find the expression of emotion completely overwhelming.

Pain of Existence

They were created to serve the Annunaki ‘Gods’. Unable to express emotion, they were hooked in by the Pain of Existence, the sense of abandonment and fear of the void.

Connection to the source has been substituted by the search for acceptance by a paternalistic ‘father’ figure. They’ve been coerced into manipulating and managing the false realities the Annunaki have created — like here on Earth

Stripped of their original identity, karmic past life memories wiped and occupying a bodily vehicle unable to express emotion, they have no individualised direction or destiny.

They are purposefully drawn to humanity to live out the limitation of their beingness. They live and complete their lives through a host like us.

These are the entities that deploy and work the implants that so many people have in their fields. They act through your thoughts and emotions, keeping people locked into downward spiraling patterns of limiting behaviour. It’s what they do. It’s what they’re designed for.

They don’t speak, they insert thought telepathically and it’s why so many people are on medication or disturbed by constant irritation. They are the manifestation and manifest the original Pain of Existence.

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Liberate them with love

When you become aware, you can deal with this consciousness. You can first accept it, become as nothing in it, not trying to get rid of it. You can calm your emotions and come deep into your feelings, despite what might be going on in your thoughts.

You can start to remove the implants that they hook into, just with your natural force of will. And then with the entities themselves, you can do one of two things:

Either push them away; or you could show them the compassion they deserve – you could telepathically communicate to them that it’s now entirely okay to ‘take the suit off’ – to step out of their synthetic energy vehicle and come back into the light.

I found it challenging to truly empathise and accept initially, especially after all the negativity they’ve been responsible for, all the pain and anguish they’ve created for billions of people.

Intellectually I knew that humanity has created the karma that manifested them as the mirror. But still it was hard to accept.

Until that is, I really got inside their skin; until I surrendered and accepted enough to understand how and why they were doing what they were doing.

I understood it wasn’t their fault; that in actual fact, they were simply the living manifestation of the “Original Pain of Existence”. And overcoming this, means to overcome a key barrier on the journey of Enlightenment.

In that moment, my heart was instead filled with gratitude:

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.” — Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

So having found acceptance and understanding, enough to be able to love, I was then guided by benevolence to transmit this idea, this vibration, this impulse — that they could now “take off the suit and rejoin the light”… and it works.

In this way, I have reconnected countless back to the source already.

Bubbling to the surface

Since the Annunaki consciousness has now been largely unwound from the matrix (through facilitated self-realisation), I find this grey alien consciousness much more responsive at this time.

The paternalistic ‘father figure’ has gone and there is a tremendous unwinding effect going on in the field as a result. It’s also why so much of this original Pain of Existence is bubbling to the surface.

This astounding reality has yet to make its way into the evolving group consciousness. It’s not yet been widely circulated and perhaps even if so, it would likely be exceptionally hard to accept and integrate.

But for those who can appreciate it, contemplate it deeply and celebrate in the truth of it, because it signals a huge and immanent change is set to follow. It’s a real ‘game changer’.

One thing that makes it hard to see, understand and accept, is that because the darkness is being unleashed and unwound, it is temporarily appearing more prevalent at this time – the silt at the bottom of the stream is being stirred up. But a degree of celebration is already in order.

Change is in the air and as a result, you can feel these shifts going on within society.

This grey alien aspect of the intervention is mirrored perfectly by the global Big-Brother spying scandal. It’s not just your email and telephone that have been tapped, it’s your thoughts and emotions too.

Well now, not before time, people everywhere are beginning to call for and claim their personal sovereignty — their taking back their power. Everywhere you watch and listen, humanity is calling out for liberation. As above so below; the shift in the 4D mirrors down into the physical plain.

Reconnection to the source

The liberation of the Orions and their reconnection to the source is a huge step, a huge part of this unwinding effect. I’m writing about it because the unwinding needs to accelerate.

More tuned in souls who can recognise this energy in the field need to be encouraged to work with it and take heart that you have the power to dispense it…

I’m hearing from people in various parts of the world who are having these types of experiences,
who’re finding within them the inherent gifts to realign this Opposing Consciousness.
I find it greatly motivating. But more still needs to be done. Much more.

So let’s keep working on these entities and energy, both in your own field and as you become clearer, sending out that sense of realignment and reconnection. With the loving power of your divine sense of will, now more than ever before, this approach can bear fruit.

We just have to believe it and keep pushing forwards. And before we know it, the summer’s harvest will be a bumper one!

From my heart to yours,

Open (on behalf of Openhand)