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Revolution VS Coup in the Matrix Control System

Revolution. The word itself is deeply tied to the very foundation on which this nation was built. It is the safeguard of any citizenry within a true democratic republic; and point of fact, is an American constitutional right.

Now let’s be clear, the idea of a revolution by force, is asinine.

Even if such a foolish endeavor was possible, the idea of solving the problems of a violent and war-enveloped country on the cusp of dictatorship, with more violence and war-time, is not only counter productive, but by not learning from the mistakes of our predecessors, we are dooming ourselves to repeat them.

Following the end of WWII, you will see a consistent pattern followed by the United States government of infiltrating dissenting countries by sending in well-funded non-governmental organizations, activist groups, agitators and agent provocateurs, with the specific agenda of creating political and social upheaval by creating circumstances of massive civil unrest, all with the sole purpose of systematically destabilizing and bringing down a democratic government and replacing it with a US-backed dictatorship.

Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Dominican republic, south Vietnam, Chile, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine.

Each shown in western media to be an unruly country in chaos, yet in the majority of cases, that chaos was due in large part to the invasion itself and foreign influential financing. 

We do not need more violence, be it revolution or a coup d’etat. What this nation needs is a revolution of the mind. To shift the way we see and interact with the world around us.

And the first step is to begin severing your connections to a repressive and controlling system, to break away and begin your journey of self-sustainability and self-control.

Your one true power in today’s America, is your consumer power; it’s the only asset we possess, as average American citizens, that the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be respect.

Whether that be beginning with simply shifting to peer-to-peer economies whenever possible, or creating a completely off the grid homestead reliant on no one but yourself, the true goal is to create the one thing that all of humanity has a right to, and the very thing being slowly removed in this increasingly oppressive society, and that is personal freedom.

The topic of self-sustainability is one I find to be extremely important. One that will continue to reveal itself as not only significant, but necessary in the years to come.

A Gallop poll taken in 2013 across 65 countries with 66,000 respondents, found that the overwhelming majority of the planet considers the United States of America the greatest threat to world peace.

As I have noted in the last few shows, our perception of ourselves as a country, is wildly skewed, and it’s becoming increasingly important for Americans to begin finding ways to be less reliant on the system, or break away entirely.

Join us as we discuss “How to Break Free From the System” with our special guest Eric McCool, the founder of, and the author of the new book entitled Portlyn, a great story about a high school kid dealing with love, the transition of life, and the discovery of different ways of thinking. But before we get into solutions, let’s dissect the problem.

Let’s begin with how the government is actively trying to stop dissenting minds and off the grid living…

By Ryan Cristian