5 Ways to Tell if Your Third Eye is Open

“How do I know if my third eye is open?”  This is a question I hear and see often. The simple answer to this question is you will know and not have to ask. 

However, with much conflicting information from various sources it can be very confusing to know if your third eye is activated and opening.

This article will outline some ways you can tell if your 3rd eye is open.

The third eye or first eye, also known as the brow or ajna chakra, is the 6th energy center in the 7 major chakra system.

The major lesson of the brow chakra is discerning truth from illusion. The illusion is everything is physical and tangible.

The truth is reality is more energy and open space than solid. This is why the 3rd eye is known for being a major player when it comes to spiritual and psychic experiences.

There are many levels to third eye activity ranging from simple intuition to traveling to other dimensions of reality.

Depending on past life work and current spiritual practices, the variance of levels will be different for each person. This article will provide some general things to look for to know if your third eye is open and working properly.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Third Eye is Open

1. Vivid dreams and good recall. The third eye is the reason why we see when our physical eyes are closed. This ties into daydreaming, also.

If you are seeing your nightly visions clearly and recalling your experiences more days out of the week than not, chances are your third eye is open to a certain level.

2. Noticing shadow beings or seeing spirits often. Shadow beings and spirits exist in a dimension that is right next to ours (3rd dimension). When you get a glimpse into that reality you are using the energy of the third eye.

Sometimes you may see “beings” appear in the corner of your eyes or even head on. This is another sign that your third eye is at work.

3. You see auras. An aura is the energetic field around people and things. Since everything is made of energy, the illusion of physicality prevents most people from seeing the energy that radiates from solid things.

Seeing auras is sometimes a natural “psychic” gift for many but it is also serves as a gauge to see if you are seeing beyond the veil.

4. Highly intuitive and/or seeing visions of things to come. Since the third eye is the chakra that corresponds to psychic activity, if you are highly intuitive or seeing things before they come, you are working with the brow chakra.

Intuition is different than gut feelings because intuition does not need any tips, clues, or external stimuli.

Gut feelings are usually triggered by seeing or hearing something. Intuitive thoughts can come out of nowhere or now here.

5. You are a truth-seeker. Do you love researching for truths and/or hidden spiritual knowledge? Do you feel like what you’ve been taught in school and religion has more to it?

Are you just unsatisfied with what you’ve been told about reality?  Chances are you are a truth-seeker. Remember, the major lesson of the third eye is discerning truth from illusion.

If you exhibit three or more of the above traits and characteristics, chances are your third eye is open.  Do not forget that there are many levels to third eye activity and this article was written for you to get a general gauge. Happy travels!

By S. Ali Myers