Alien Abduction Phenomenon is Kept Secret Because It’s Part of a Secret Program

People who have been abducted by aliens may not remember what happened to them. Tells the American historian and retired professor from Temple University Dr. David Jacobs to Earth Mystery News.

Jacobs has beside his interest in American history and culture, a great fascination for alien abductions. He wrote several books on the phenomenon.

In 1973 he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He wrote his thesis on unidentified flying objects in America.

The work, entitled The UFO Controversy in America was published two years later by Indiana University Press and was quickly sold out, which is very unusual for a thesis.

Proof of Alien Abduction Phenomenon

Dr. Jacobs, who over 25 years taught a course on UFOs in American society, argues that people have contact with aliens for centuries and that those beings live unnoticed among us.

The historian has interviewed 150 people who have been kidnapped in his own words by aliens. The memories of the cosmic kidnappings come to the surface during relaxation sessions.

According to Jacobs, there is evidence of alien abductions. People make independently reported contact with human or insect-like creatures. Abductees are usually taken in groups, he says. Strangers recognize each other from their experiences in space.

Secret Program

People come back with strange characters, wounds or scars, including scar tissue that emerged from one day to another, Jacobs said.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

Dr. Jacobs suggests that alien abduction is not a pleasant upper-dimensional, spiritual experience as many people claim.

The investigation of Jacobs through hypnosis and regression according to show him that alien hybrids are involved in a secret program to infiltrate human society.

“Those hybrids train to live here,” Jacobs says. “And they are trained by the abductees.”

According to the retired professor they want to take over the planet by creating humanoid hybrids.

“The more you look at this, how rational it becomes,” he concludes.

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