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Hard Evidence of Alien Abduction Collected by Former Military Officer

Expert shows evidence of alien implants that of victims of alien abductions

Former military officer and CIA operative, Derrel Sims, claims to have collecting alien implants left behind at victims of alien abductions, tells the American channel History.

Derrel Sims has over 38 years of field research on alien abduction. The world’s leading expert on alien abduction have collect in nearly 4 decades alien implants and alien fluorescence.

The expert believes the alien organization functions similarly to an intelligence agency.

During the investigations he find burn marks and sometimes radiation traces where UFOs have landed.

“Sometimes people come back with marks like a dermalogica scoop mark or sometimes we find a type of implant,” says Sims.

During an interview with Giorgio Tsoukalos the alien abduction investigator showed some claimed implants that Sims has collected through the years.

Than Sims said something very remarkable:

“One of the things we’ve found on these abductees is aliens leave like a fingerprint. When you touch them they leave a subdermal mark on you like a fingerprint.”

Subdermal fingerprint Mark

Alien Implants

The former agent shows further the alleged alien implants that have been analyzed by different laboratories.

From laboratory research showed that the material the implants have meteorite origin.

“What we’re looking at, are objects installed inside these people. Someone is doing this. We are looking at real evidence of these cases.”

Many thousands of people from all over the world claims to have been abducted by aliens. Among them is even a world leader: in 2007, announced the then president of the Russian autonomous republic of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on TV that he had been aboard an alien ship.

For thousands of years are going stories around about people being abducted by aliens. Often times the abductees back to earth with new knowledge or instructions for humanity.

Alien abduction implants evidence

“We went to a spaceship and I was short of breath. They gave me a spacesuit. One of the aliens pointed in the direction of his chest and said that I could regulate the oxygen supply itself with a knob. The ship was huge.

One of the rooms was as big as a football field. We landed on one of the planets to pick up equipment. I asked if she wanted to bring me back to earth and they did then too. A few days later I walked down the street and I thought:

“Why they took me,” I was sorry that I had asked no further questions. But I think it is not yet time for us to meet with these extraterrestrial civilizations,” Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said.

Conclusion Alien Abduction

Alien abduction researchers have been personally got into contact with by thousands of people who may have had encounters that abductees have had before they realized they were a part of the phenomenon.

Polls have pointed out that there could be hundreds of thousands a lot more.

By all calculates, the phenomenon appears to be widespread throughout the society. Merely a couple of these people are investigated by experts.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. It is not if abduction is really happening, but who or what is responsible abducting people?

By Lionsground