Here’s Why You Should Unlearn Almost Everything You Know

Have you found yourselves awakened and confused as hell about what the truth is?

Part of the matrix plan is to provide various teachings of how to move your consciousness into a higher level of the astral realm where you will not realize that you are still in the hierarchical prison system.

Thankfully, even utter confusion can be a catalyst to finally realizing that most metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual based information readily available in major bookstores is misleading and unnecessary.

Following the flock

With so many things readily available on the bookshelves and on the internet, it is clear that the basic needs of the human minds lie in confirmation by following what most people are saying and doing. When more people say one thing over another, we tend to want to flock to that way of thinking.

A perfect example is Drunvalo Melchizedek’s merkaba teachings. Has anyone that you know of been able to ascend into the fifth dimension by practicing his techniques? Drunvalo says to spin your merkaba one way and other say to spin it the opposite direction.

How much more confusing can that get? His seminars and books are wildly popular because they have a lot of true esoteric teachings about the flower of life, geometry, and how all of it makes up light.

Keeping in mind that Lucifer was the “light bearer”, you still can get drawn in with the truth of how the matrix was created.

The part that ties everything together is the escape from the prison planet, by flying away into the universe in your personal ascension machine. Don’t feel bad, I fell for it too.

I always wondered how it was that the information we needed to ascend was readily available on the bookshelves of the bookstores, if the Illuminati pretty much directs the publishing companies as easily as they direct the media?

Although there is no doubt in my mind that Drunvalo means well, it is clear to me that the signs of group think and astral entity interference are causing people to get distracted from the real reason some of us are here.

It is time to awaken from the dream and to come to a realization of why we each are here.

There are a group of beings on the planet today that are ready to exit the reincarnation cycle and are going to break down the matrix that encompasses this planet.

These are the true warriors that will help to free those who wish to move out of someone else’s creation into their own organic way of having a physical incarnation.

It is very hard for some “lightworkers” who have built businesses around teachings that have been “channeled” through their minds to be able to leave everything behind and to move to a new level of awareness.

It has been hard for me to go back and read some of my early writings on ascension when I added in certain keywords that were a part of my programming like “light”, “merkaba”, and “New Earth”.

However if I did not go down that path and if I had not found out who I was and why I was here, I would not be writing this article to try to bring my realization to those that are still under the matrix programming.

Programming starts early

Our programming in this prison begins at birth. We are given a birth certificate which is the title to us that allows ownership of us and trading us on the stock market. We are then taught by our parents how to not love everything and everyone, as we begin judgment discernment.

What is right and what is wrong is innocently taught and then we move on language and school. The earth school has been hijacked into how to stay in the prison matrix- most ALL of it is a lie.

Then we are taught about money and how you can suffer by not being able to eat or wondering where you will live unless you get a job.

On top of that, if you pay for a piece of paper that puts you on a higher level of knowing the ins and out of the matrix programming, you can get a job that insured you will be able to eat and qualify for some more debt to have a bigger roof over your head than your parents did.

Then you awaken to the fact that you have spent all the years of your life chasing a dream that never seems to play out the way it should.

You end up with material possessions and debt that weigh you down and you begin to see all of the regulations and laws that are imposed each year in order to keep you constrained within the house that you live in on land that you do not own.

But do not fret, there is a whole new Earth programming coming for you that will allow you to be happy and will be able to go to work and pay your taxes, and the bonus is that there will be no more war because they will now have you exactly where they want you in order to be in control of your every move.

Sorry to sound so doom and gloom. It is the stark reality of our existence and some people do not want to hear this. In order for those of us who came here to change this, we have to know what has happened.

For those who wish to stay in love and light, well if you lose the light posing as creation part you are on the right track and we need those kind of people on the planet as well.

Unlearning everything you know

In order to see the false light matrix for what it is, it is necessary to state the unchanging truth.

Let’s start by defining the one true truth we can always count on:

  • Love is everything.
  • Love is all you need.
  • You are love.

With this being said, everything else is an illusion. EVERYTHING. This means everything you have been taught in school, everything that you see, hear, think, taste, and smell. The only real thing is the soul within you that is connected to creator.

Everything else is part of an advanced computer program created to keep you trapped within the illusion of separation form yourself, your creator, your fractal pieces of your oversoul, and your fellow human beings.

To further the facts, I have come to a realization that I want to share with others with the hopes that they will decide for themselves if it makes any sense:

There is a true frequency of love energy that exists in the Earth and the sun that comes from an infinite Source. Our soul and our human bodies are capable of connecting with this frequency. It is the highest form of energy we are able to experience in a physical existence.

Those who wish to enslave us have created a copy of this energy by using light separated it through a prism (prison). This prism contains geometric symbols, sigils, and mirrors (and smoke!) to convolute the organic creation of physical incarnation upon this planet as well as many others.

They then created a human body that can be implanted and mind controlled in order to have a vessel which they could force a soul into time and time again.

Then they hook into this vessel through the implants and energy centers in the vessel in order to gain energy from which to survive, because they are no longer able to pull this energy from the one Source or through the planet.

They will do anything to keep the souls within the vessels from knowing that they are siphoning them, because they know that the souls will cut the ties and neutralize the implants and they will no longer have an energy source with which to create light.

They will either have to return to Source to be reconstituted into another form of energy or will be lost to “space dust” until they are naturally swept up into another form of creation.

While this may seem to be an extreme explanation of this reality, it is the only thing that has made sense to me. It is also the best place I have been able to take myself to be able to deal with the reality of living within the matrix while trying to find a way out.

Although the human body may be the exit out of the matrix, it is ironically the prison itself. Then the realization comes that this is not the way that Earth intended for us to experience it, and she is doing something about it to heal herself of this cancer.

Think about all of the things that you have learned since your awakening. Most all of it was created as a part of this illusory prison in order to keep you trapped within it, especially after you finally awakened to the fact that something is really, really wrong.

It is time to let go of all that you have learned in order to come to a zero point of healing and clearing all that does not serve you. You may need to spend a little time alone and hopefully you can sit in nature and let the planet take some of this programming away from you.

Just for a while, try something that will bring you back to grounding and centering with the planet and your source energy, and see how it feels:

Remove your energy from the New Age teachings, the starseed and UFO longings for home, and the various techniques out there in meditation and energy healing.

Send yourself complete and unconditional love and forgiveness for all the things you have done, the way you have treated your body, and the way you have been lead down so many different rabbit holes.

Then continue to hold that vibration of love. You do not have to try to be love, just be with yourself. Learn how to truly be love by doing nothing other than being in the now moment.

Only then will you truly be able to give love to another, and as you practice this you find that you are able to find this place within easily. You have found what it means to be in the now moment, outside of time, outside of the matrix.

Taking a look at where you are placing your energy

As we begin to be ourselves and learn how to stay in that frequency, we then need to take a look at things that try to move us out of that now moment.

As you reflect on your life and the people in it, sometimes you have to make choices as to who helps you to be yourself and who inhibits your ability to be you.

We begin to learn what situations repeat themselves which identifies those situations as programming, and we can delete them just by identifying it and immediately moving to the now moment of love.

Who have you been giving your energy to? On a grander scale, the answer will be “The Matrix”. When you start to thing about what has manifested in your life to take your energy away, you can see how most people and things in your life were drawn to you as a distraction from being yourself and being in the power of love.

The idea of this article came to me as I was looking through my Facebook groups. I have had a realization that I am beginning to be less and less aligned with some of the names of the groups.

I still want to post there and read what people are in to because I want to share my truth with those who may be lost in the matrix trap.

With the understanding I now have of the matrix it is less likely that I would align with the teachings in these groups, but at the same time I am curious to see what level of understanding people are at.

Here are some examples of key words in groups that I have noticed that I no longer align with:

Merkaba — which is the vehicle to astral ascension.

Lightworkers — All in the name of the light which is separation. The astral matrix is made of light.

Angels — ang “el” — of the family of the Elohim, part of the family of astral beings that are stealing our energy, such as Archangels: Michael, Metatron, Raphael, to name a few — and their sub armies of angels and droids.

New World and New Earth – The New Earth is the programming associated with a copy of the earth’s organic template in the fifth dimension which is in the astral realms.

The government minions have been instructed to carry out a plan of a “New World Order” which is a trick of a better way of living for humans while still under a hierarchical pyramid scheme.

Kundalini – The energy force that lies in the base of the spine (the serpent) that can be raised and siphoned from you.

Extraterrestrials – Sadly most extraterrestrial contact is all a part of the matrix. It is usually Draconians posing as Pleiadians, greys, inner earth beings, etc.. Although there are benevolent extraterrestrials out there, they work covertly as to not be shot at by our military or by the draconians.

True benevolent contact would be through ideas that help to lead you out of the maze of the matrix, allowing you to figure things out on your own — empowering yourself rather than through speaking to you within your head.

We truly are powerful enough to where we don’t need help in getting out of the matrix, but most people are lost in the maze.

Oneness – It is also unfortunate that oneness has usually been twisted into a one world order- one religion (New Age spirituality), one government (we don’t need to be governed), and one currency (we don’t need money).

True oneness means that we are all a fractal of source at the very essence of our being, and we are all equal in that respect. The difference between us is a gift- we have individuality and different experiences which we can share with others.

Just because some of my groups have these names doesn’t mean that good people aren’t running them or posting great things.

However there is still a LOT of disinformation out there and some people don’t realize what they are doing.

On the other hand, here are the keywords that I am gravitating toward in my Facebook groups:

Once you have removed everything you have learned and have brought yourself back to zero point you can see things a little differently. You can be in the Facebook groups in order to share your love with them.

You can acknowledge the teachings for what they are for those who do wish to ascend to a New Earth because they may not be ready to exit this experience. When you become the love that you are, you do not carry judgment on anyone or anything in the matrix.

However, deep inside you know that we do not want to lose any souls to be reinserted into another part of the matrix when they have an opportunity to break out of jail.

Sometimes it takes coming full circle in order to realize who we are and why we are here. Simply being love and loving others will break down the matrix program on this planet.

It will take only a few people to do this for everyone else in the planet who chooses to break free. Even those who you think will never be able to break free from the spell will be given a chance to choose based on facts.

We do not need any tools in order to do this. There is deep subliminal programming that needs to be broken in order to realize how to truly be yourself and how to really love another unconditionally.

It sounds too simple to be true but I am here telling you this because I have tried it. I invite you to practice this in order to feel the difference in true love for there are no words that give it enough credence.

By Michelle Walling, CHLC