Archons Sucking Energy

The Archonic Deception — NO, You Don’t Need to Suffer to Be Happy!

Trusting is the most difficult part in the process of creating reality, especially for rational and Western (or Westernized) minds.

This is because, since the day you were physically born in the Stage World, your brain has been told how reality should be, and how things should be.

The point is: reality is just a description. What your brain has been told during the time you were a neutral person many years ago was just a particular description of reality.

And what they have been trying to inculcate into your brain since the beginning of your linguistic prison are just and only descriptions of reality, too.

Archons sucking energy

Day upon day, they have been whispering their descriptions of reality into your ears, and in your nightly dreams.

Sometimes they are antagonistic descriptions of reality, or contradictory ones, but all these descriptions of reality that THEY present to your mind over and over have at least two points in common:



As said before, during the last 120 years or so, society values have never been “genuine”. The history of the twentieth century was totally manipulated.

These values have always been the result of the sum total of antagonistic foreign forces disputing spaces in the Stage World.

In other words, the result of several descriptions of reality colliding with one another: the stronger descriptions of reality prevail above the weaker ones.

In a certain way, you can apply this reasoning to the case of a linguistic prisoner. They try all the time to define and describe for your brain how the reality of your life should be.

So now it’s time for you to define reality for your brain. It’s time for you to take control of your life.

You’re the only owner of your destiny. And your beloved is the only owner of his or her destiny as well. He/She also adores you. He/She also wants you. He/She also “deserves” you.

So now it’s time for you and your beloved one to define the reality of your relationship in the Stage World, or elsewhere. Remember: he/she is not a prisoner of his/her character.

If he/she decides to approach you in the Stage World, and says it’s going to happen, then it is going to happen. Period.

Your brain doesn’t need to understand. Trusting is not in the field of understanding.

Trusting is in the field of Love. Your beloved one is a foreigner, and he/she does not operate under the values that have been inculcated over your brain time after time.

He/She makes his/her own descriptions of reality. And so do you.

So what are you going to do ? Are you going to follow everybody else like cattle ? Or are you going to create the reality of your life together with your beloved one ? Ask yourself.

Realize that one of their rules is cloning your beliefs : when you want, everybody wants too. And vice-versa: when you don’t want, everybody doesn’t want too.

Take a look now at some parts of the conversation between Neo and the Oracle, in “The Matrix

(Oracle) “Open your mouth, say ‘Aahh'”
(Neo) “Aahh”
(Oracle) “OK, I’m supposed to say : Hmm, that’s interesting, but… then you say…”
(Neo) “But what ?”
(Oracle) “But you already know what I’m going to tell you…”
(Neo) “I’m not the One”
(Oracle) “Sorry, kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you’re waiting for something”
(Neo) “What ?”
(Oracle) “Your next life, maybe. Who knows. That’s the way these things go”
(Neo laughs)
(Oracle) “What’s funny ?”
(Neo) “Morpheus. He almost had me convinced.”
(Oracle) “I know. Poor Morpheus, without him we’re lost.”
(Neo) “What you mean, ‘without him’ ?”

Realize that the Oracle didn’t tell Neo that he was not the One. That’s what HE first told her. She was just manipulating his mind.

And once he didn’t consider himself as ‘the One’, she just acted accordingly : what came then was a conformist description of reality.

“You’re waiting for your next life”, “That’s the way these things go”.

She fished his curiosity about what he allegedly was waiting for. And then she fished again the comment about Morpheus…

You’re obviously not “The One” who is going to “save the world”. Nobody is. There is really no idolatry, mithology or messiahnism in the Backstage. Besides, the world has already been “saved” during the passage of the hurricane some years ago…

However, if you want, you can be the One who is going to take charge of your destiny, who is going to govern your own life. And this decision is up to you.

Do you choose to be “the One”, or do you choose to follow everybody else like cattle ? Ask yourself.

Just to illustrate a little more, take a look at the conversation between Cypher and Trinity in “The Matrix”, and the subsequent intervention of Tank killing Cypher.

(Cypher) “If Neo is the One, then it have [sic] to be some kind of a miracle to stop me. Right ? I mean, how can he be the One if he’s dead?

You never did answer me before, if you bored into the Morpheus bullshit. Come on, all I want is a little ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Look into his eyes, those big, pretty eyes, and tell me : ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ ?”

(Trinity) “Yes.”

(Cypher) “No, I don’t believe it.”

(Tank, shooting Cypher) “Believe it or not, your piece of shit, you’re still going [to] burn”.

When you really believe in something, there’s nothing they can do to change your mind. Under will, Love is the Law. Notice that LOVE CREATES REALITY. You just have to believe hard enough.

“The world can be what you make it”. — doctor to John, in the movie “Dark City

Believing hard enough is something that they themselves do all the time in the Backstage reality. Observe that many of them are now in the process of developing their so-called “paranormal powers”.

The principles are the same. Theoretically speaking, if you believe hard enough, you can move an object (also known as telekinesis), even without having your crystal activated.

On the other hand, trusting in the voice of your beloved one inside your heart, is not that difficult.

It’s just a question of syntony. You just have to break the rational structures of your brain.

“Do you think that it’s air that you’re breathing ?” — Morpheus to Neo, in “The Matrix

Now you’re going to have to use the right hemisphere of your brain, that one responsible for your intuition, for your creativity, for your sixth sense. If you’re a PAN, use also your PAN side.

Now you’re going to have to Orientalize your mind, and impregnate it with the traditional oriental way of thinking.

If you were educated in the Stage World in a Western country, then your brain may be presently addicted to the Western culture rationalism, along with its dictatorship of the brain.

So now you have to Orientalize your mind, Easternize your brain. Let your PAN side blossom inside your heart, let your intuitions blossom as well.

Notice that your beloved one is not Western, and not Eastern. He/She is a foreigner ! YOU KNOW his/her eyes never lie.

There is an exercise that has been ventilated in the field of neurolinguistics which is very simple and may be an additional option to help you in the process of breaking the rational structures of the brain : you can practice writing with the other hand that you usually do not use to write.

That is, if you’re right-handed, practice writing with your left hand, and vice-versa. You can do the same with a variety of activities, such as washing manually your china for instance (if you hold the dishes with the left hand and the sponge with the right, for example, now you change hands).

You’re saying subliminally to your brain that reality is not necessarily what used to be : it is what you decide it to be.

So if your beloved one decides to take the initiative and approach you in the Stage World, remember that this approach doesn’t obey terrestrial logic and is not bound by Stage World concepts, but by foreign logic.

And foreign logic says that you’re the only owner and master of your own destiny (Dragvarda, remember ?), as well as that your beloved one is also the only owner and master of his/her destiny. Doesn’t he/she also want you?

The rule of the Backstage is Love. Use your pan side, use your sixth sense. Follow your heart, not your brain.

No matter what he/she says to you inside your heart – if he/she decides to approach you or if you are the one who must take the initiative to approach him/her – no matter what your beloved one says, it is the truth and it’s going to happen.

Your beloved one is not a horse or a mare. He/She never judges you. He/She also adores you. Never doubt this fact.

He/She is with you, on your side. He/She is NOT one of your speculators. Believe in his or her open aura, his or her passionate eyes. These eyes never lie.

Take a look at the conversation between A.T. (the man) and Joseph (the boy) in the movie “Crossworlds” :

(Joseph) “I can’t do this alone” (on destroying Ferris, “the bad guy”, the realities-maker mastermind)

(A.T.) “Why not ? You’re the weapon. Find the will.”

Trusting is not in the field of thinking. Don’t trust your brain. Instead, trust yourself, trust your heart, trust your beloved one, blindly if necessary.

Throw your brain in the garbage, if it is needed. And don’t believe their characters : they always lie.

And if the initiative to approach you is his/her responsibility, and if his/her character is apparently not doing something “rational” or “terrestrial” in order to approach you, never mind. You don’t have to understand.

Your part here is just trusting, while his/her part is helping your brain to break its rationalism and then approach you.

So you only have to trust hard enough, and do not-doing : behave as if he/she wouldn’t approach you at all, and don’t do anything because of their characters.

Don’t change your routine in the hope or with the expectation that your beloved one will appear to you. Simply maintain your routine, so as to “stop the world”.

Stopping the world is very important. It would be much more simple if you used terrestrial logic and approach his/her character in the conventional Stage World style. Trusting, however, is more difficult, but it is worth while.

Try to think of it this way : he/she is helping you to break illusions in your brain that are crystallized in the form of dichotomies and rationalism, after years of terrestrialism.

So if you manage to trust continuously his/her voice inside your heart, his/her eyes, etc., while not considering at all what their characters say within their delirium-based, sleep-inductive brainwashing, then he/she W-I-L-L approach you, and you’ll be ready for a relationship with his/her character in the Stage World without any problem: an unconventional relationship with him/her, a relationship based on foreign concepts.

Trusting is very important for the relationship itself, once – depending on your case – you won’t have your crystal activated during this relationship.

Do you believe that true love can exist without confidence? Ask yourself.

And on another level of perception, you’re preparing yourself in advance for when you have access to the Backstage reality, and for when you have your crystal activated.

Remember : they know very very well the indispensable role of trusting and of believing hard enough in the process of creating reality.

That’s how they move objects and levitate. That’s how they develop all the potential latent capacities of their brains.

Well, you don’t have your crystal activated yet, but what about beginning with trusting your beloved one ? It’s doable, and it’s on your hands, right now.

Growing up spiritually is not easy. Sometimes your brain – which is vulnerable to their speculation – may need to grow up on its own.

A nagual element may be necessary to help dislodging your assemblage point to the out-of-this-world position.

So ask yourself : in this world of manipulated realities, what do you prefer to see, a sweet smile of a false character ?; or a piercing, penetrating, nagual look of a Martian?

“Welcome to the desert of the real.” — Morpheus to Neo, in “The Matrix

And finally, always remember the following points:

a) you don’t have to suffer to be happy; are you a masochist ?

b) you don’t need to make an auric payment to be happy;

c) you don’t need to give up your beloved one to be judged by him/her : he/she never judges you, and he/she is not a “prize” to be “received” after you giving up;

d) you don’t need to give up this specific kundalinic shell of your beloved one in order to accept an alternative shell of him/hers before being “judged” and “rewarded” with the first shell again. He/She never judges you;

And by the way, if you have had a “deja vu” involving this specific kundalinic shell of your beloved one in a relationship with you, then maybe it’s too late for a change… A “deja vu” can determine the reality of the relationship because you know already it IS going to happen.

“A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix.” — Trinity, in “The Matrix

Try to think of it this way : they don’t deserve that you give up this kundalinic shell of your beloved one. Now it’s your time to invert the poles.

Their characters don’t deserve your suffering. They’re cynical. Aren’t you the owner of your destiny ? They don’t deserve to rule your destiny…

e) the present kundalinic level of your shell doesn’t need to have an intrinsic relation with the present kundalinic level of his/her shell; who defines reality for you ?

f) you don’t need to witness this kundalinic shell of him/hers – which is already promised and reserved for you – having a girlfriend/boyfriend in the Stage World : if he/she has promised you that this won’t happen, then it won’t happen, so don’t take foregone conclusions;

g) you don’t need to understand : trusting is not in the field of rational understanding; trusting is in the field of Love;

h) you don’t need to take the initiative to approach him or her, unless evidently he/she tells you to do this.

If he/she tells you to do not-doing, then you do not-doing in order to stop the world and “turn off” the influence of their speculation over your mind.

Remember: when Truman Burbank left the set, he was also “turning off” the speculation of characters around him, and then – only then – Sylvia came to him;

i) Love creates reality. You can create reality with your thoughts, your mind and your heart. You only have to believe hard enough. Your beloved one adores you. He/She also wants you. He/She is completely in love with you. He/She is crazy about you. Never doubt his/her love;

j) You’re the only master and owner of your own destiny. And your beloved one is the only master and owner of his/her own destiny.

So if you want him/her and he/she wants you, nobody can interfere. That’s your lives. That’s your love. Not theirs.

Regarding their sentences, here are a couple of examples on how they could potentially attack your confidence in your beloved one :

Example #1 – (if you’re a man) (you hear a workmate saying this sentence to somebody else) : “The store girl has guaranteed me peremptorily that the goods would be there for me, but they weren’t. She probably just wanted to get rid of me.”.

Well, your beloved wife is not the store girl… The mathematical similarities here are : both are women and both are guaranteeing something… T

he obvious difference is that they are cynical characters in a Stage World, they lie to one another all the time, and they invent descriptions of reality for your mind as well, while your beloved one doesn’t lie to you.

If he/she guarantees you something is going to happen, then it is going to happen. You can’t control the reality (and falsiness) of their characters in the Stage World, but regarding the reality of your relationship with your beloved one, that’s another story.

That’s your lives, your destinies, your descriptions of reality. Mentalize : (first level) “store girl – guarantee – it doesn’t represent anything else”; or (second level) “MATHEMATICAL SIMILARITY” and “ANTI-CONFIDENCE DELIRIUM”.

Example #2 – You’re in the drugstore being attended by the shop guy. Another customer by your side says in a serious tone : “Do you have tuna fish ?”

After a while, you realize he’s just kidding because drugstores don’t sell fishes, and unless this customer is a close friend of the shop guy and is talking about something private (like organizing a party, for instance), the sentence you’ve just heard is fake.

Then the customer continues : “Do you have tires ?” The shop boy smiles and replies : “Firestone or Goodyear ?”.

Here they’re manipulating your mind again. The subliminal message this time is : “You have to give up this kundalinic shell of your beloved one.

You’re a Goofy, an idiot, an imbecile, because you can’t distinguish reality from illusion. Your discernment is bad. You believe in ‘impossible’ things, like the purchase of tires or tuna fish in a drugstore.

Believing in the voice of your belove one inside your heart is as impossible as believing in these sentences”.

The worst part is that if you conclude in your thoughts that they’re just kidding to each other, then they can find an exception in their next sentences just to accuse you of foregone conclusion in your thoughts.

They could say for instance: So you take the tuna fish and the snacks, and I take the beers, OK ?”.

First of all, notice that you’re not a demented individual only because you didn’t realize immediately that the customer was kidding.

Remember : their characters think in a speed hundreds of times faster than the speed of survivors and formerly than the speed of any neutral person. Realize that you’re not an idiot for not having an activated crystal or for not speaking their language. Nobody is.

In order to remove the energetic value of the speculation, you may want to mentalize :

(first level) – “horse movement – it doesn’t represent anything else”;


To the last sentence about tires, you can visualize something like : “SHELLS CHANGE INDUCEMENT”, “KUNDALINI IS NO FIRE”, “NO PAYMENT”, “NO GIFT” and “DICHOTOMY INDUCEMENT”.

Finally, if the kundalinic shell of your beloved one didn’t approach you yet, don’t lose your faith.

And when I say “faith”, I don’t mean “religious faith”, and neither “hope”, but just “the will necessary to create reality”.

Remember: confidence is the key, and love creates reality. Under will, Love is the Law. Don’t forget : “It’s not the spoon that bends, it’s only yourself.”.

So ask yourself:
am I doing everything O.K. ? Can I give him/her more ? or What can I do to give him/her more ?

Certainly one of the things you can do to “give more” to your beloved one “bending yourself” is to implement right now what you may call “the advanced level of not-looking”.

It means that now you’re going to quit all the tiny remaining aspects of looking. For example, if you’re still looking to the head of some kundalinic shells, don’t do it anymore, unless it’s something very natural and quick.

You simply increase your concentration and eliminate completely kundalinic shells from your look. You eliminate any tiny “magnet” sensation they could potentially produce over your brain.

Practice deviating automatically your eyes from any element containing vivid colors, such as red, pink, orange, “metallic light blue”, “metallic light green”, “metallic gray”, and so on.

This will give you the necessary strength to concentrate your thoughts on the kundalinic shell of your beloved one that is going to date you in the Stage World, and/or elsewhere.

via Biblioteca Pleyades