Why Did the Anniversary of the Virginia TV Reporter Live Shooting Come and Go Completely Unnoticed?

As I’ve pointed out in the past, we’re living in a multi-dimensional world and when analyzing deep state staged events it’s important to look at all aspects of the event.

Truth seekers often point out how the mainstream media purposely cover staged events with 24/7 around the clock updates. We can tell when the story being told is a story that they WANT you to know about.

Well, truth seekers should realize that the same can be applied in the reverse. Some stories are designated as stories the mass media seems to be instructed to not bring up.

On a daily bases, in other words, the CIA controlled corporate media decides what to cover and what to ignore.

And sometimes what they choose NOT to cover is as telling as what they choose to cover. Here’s an grand example.

Consider that according to the mainstream media on August 26, 2015 we were told to believe that one of the most incredible horrific events occurred live on TV before our very eyes.

In this incredible story a TV reporter, Allison Parker interviewing Vickie Gardner, the executive director of a local chamber of commerce gets gunned down live on TV with her cameraman and friend Adam Ward biting the bullet as well.

Both Parker and Ward are said to be gunned down LIVE on TV. The murderer, 41 year old Vester Lee Flanagan II, for no apparent reason even films a “point of view” shot to give the viewer a front row seat to the murders apparently using his cell phone camera.

According to the story, Flanagan had been fired by the station Parker was working for, WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia because killing Parker and Ward apparently was adequate “revenge” although neither Parker nor Ward were involved in his firing.

Now before we completely dismantle this story and shred it to pieces showing readers how massive of a psyop event this was, with zero reality to it, let’s enter the fictional reality of mainstream media. Let’s bathe ourselves deep in their lies and see where it takes us.

That’s right. Let’s forget all the anomalies and pretend to believe the story wholeheartedly as told to us by mainstream media.

Let’s just assume that the story is entirely true, no questions asked. Now picture yourself crying or in silent mourning as you hear this tragic story unfolding.

You see the images on TV, you believe and you are in shock. This horrible killer has just murdered two people LIVE on TV, Vickie Gardner incredibly survives the attack and now lives to tell the story to CNN.

Are you still with me? If this scenario were true in the way told to us by mainstream media think for a minute how incredible this story is. No reporter has ever been murdered LIVE on TV in this manner and at least not in modern day television.

Thus in the real world this would potentially constitute one of the most memorable tragic moments in television history.

Some might argue this live shooting event may qualify as THE most memorable, most tragic, most incredible moment in television history and how can you argue this? At the very least it would go down as truly one of the most tragic, shocking, horrific and surreal live events to ever be recorded on live TV.

In the real world we would expect this event to be talked about in details in the annals of history and encyclopedias. In the real world such shocking tragic live TV murder would be written about by people all over the world and for many decades to come.

A stunning event like this would truly and I mean truly live forever in the minds of all humanity. And how could it not? For example, to this day moments like the images of the so-called “Tank man” at Tienanmen Square are etched in our memories and the annals of history as incredible single moments.

Consider also the jumpers at the World Trade Center on 9-11. Moments like the JFK assassination, the RFK or MLK assassinations likewise live forever due to the shocking nature of the event.

Deaths that occur live on TV are forever essentially, and with good reason. And today with the higher resolution video technology the viewer can feel like they are there and that only adds to the impact of the video of the Virginia TV reporter shooting.

Do your own research and search online for things like “what are the most iconic images in history?” and see what images come up. Change the search term around and dig as deep as you want and see what historic images come up.

Now try to truly comprehend the magnitude of this live TV reporter shooting event. (remember we’re going along with the official story).

This live TV reporter supposed shooting of August 26, 2015 in Moneta, Virginia under any reasonable and normal circumstances would surpass most iconic moments known to humankind in terms of shock value, unforgettableness and perceived importance.

All of this of course is assuming the event occurred in the real world. Now let’s examine how this supposedly true story is ACTUALLY being accepted and playing out one year later in the real world that you and I live in.

In the real world we live in, the anniversary of this supposedly once in a lifetime stunning and dramatic live TV shooting death of two people including the live journalist Alison Parker was (get this) completely ignored! That’s right!

Do your own research and look to see how many stories in the mainstream media covered the historic anniversary of this supposed live TV reporter shooting and death. NONE that I can find.

Can you image that? This was supposedly a stunning and shocking never before seen live TV reporter shooting and no one even cares that this happened one year ago.

Ironically we saw this “ignore the anniversary of the story” phenomenon during the first several anniversaries of the Sandy Hook psyop staged event and I’ve covered this bizarre topic for several years now.

So I urge readers to take a step back and let this sink in. No coverage of what is supposed to be a historic, out of this world, shocking, live TV shooting of not one but two journalists; something never recorded in television history and yet when the first anniversary to commemorate the event and honor the memory of the fallen people the story is completely ignored!

What are the odds of that happening if this were truly an organic spontaneous event with full-dimensional reality?

At the very least the event would be commemorated in one way or another out of respect and compassion for the families especially in a day and age where the President likes to go on TV every day making speeches and chiming in on mainstream media stories like he is the commentary section of the newspaper.

Now that we’ve demonstrated this bizarre sequence of events including the stunning NON-coverage of the one year anniversary of one of the most spectacular and tragic live events ever captured on camera, let’s enter the real organic world that you and I exist in right now.

Welcome back to the real world. In the world that we live in which is packed with freely available information, we can analyze this event and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was completely staged.

Let’s begin with the video below which if you look very carefully you’ll see that the entire “video” of Alison Parker being shot and killed required at least TWO separate takes (Hollywood style).

The above evidence is entirely irrefutable and clearly shows this event was staged like many “shootings” and “attacks” under the Obama administration have been. The difference being that every event has a certain degree of vulnerability.

Whenever we can find that ONE piece of evidence (think WTC 7) that is absolutely irrefutable (think Sandy Hook David Wheeler) then the rest of the story is dismantled and you don’t have to focus on anything else.

That irrefutable evidence in the case of the Virginia TV reporter shooting psyop is the above video. Alison Parker cannot BOTH nod her head AND not nod her head prior to the first shot and the only explanation is that these are two distinguishable video takes.

Thus demonstrating that the likelihood of a large black man walking up on a TV set standing just a few feet away from both the cameraman and the subjects in front of the camera, while pointing a loaded gun AND filming the event and not being heard or getting noticed by anyone is impossible and proving this becomes almost unnecessary once you see the video above.

Oh and demonstrating how the dark-skinned shooter magically has a black outfit in one video frame while sporting white skin and wearing a blue stripped shirt in another frame (see image below) is also unnecessary once you see the two distinct video takes.

And just in case anyone is still not convinced here’s another gem to notice. Watch the video again and look at Parker’s right arm holding onto her script. Watch the video as often as necessary and look for the two separate takes.

In one take her right hand (holding the script) comes up as soon as the first shot is fired. In the other take the right hand comes up much later.

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And so we come full circle. This my friends, is the reason why the Virginia TV reporter shooting hoax was completely ignored this past August 26th only one year after this supposed historic event.

And like Sandy Hook, the media often makes decisions on what they will NOT talk about so that they can work on other stories, perhaps work on new angles to this story or perhaps simply because they know that the story is too problematic and thus useless for their agendas due to the undeniably fake elements.

Sadly, despite the obvious fakery of this story you can be sure that most of the 320 million or so Americans will continue to believe this story was real. Such is the nature of the fake reality we are subjected to every single day by mainstream media combined with the broad mindlessness and naivety of the masses.

As truth seekers it is incumbent upon us to be aware of all varieties and levels of fakery presented by mainstream media and it’s good to have easily verifiable stories like these to hopefully wake people up to the ongoing fakery that surrounds us every day.

Finally, this is a reminder that when staged news events are rolled out to the general public, since they are not real historic and human organic events the natural tendency is for the connection to these events to fade away.

Crisis actors may act out their part at the time while the event is being conducted but as years go by they adapt to new acting roles and naturally it becomes much harder for them to keep the “act” going year after year.

Whereas in true organic events, the person experiencing the event can’t help but to act genuine and sincere even as the years go by.

Why? Because the memory is real and genuine. This is something to look for in every staged crisis actor event and for this reason known crisis actors (think Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, etc.) or “grieving family members” are never seen in public and essentially live a secret life.

By Bernie Suarez