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Alien-Looking Skull From Peruvian Desert Awaits Further Investigation

We were recently shown, and examined the above artifact that supposedly was found, along with many others, in a cave in the southern desert of Peru; exact location to be given, hopefully, in the future.

The underside of the skull (full set of images below) indicates that this artifact is bone, about 3 to 5 mm thick, and still has a stiff, grey, skin-like material attached to it.

Note the very narrow foramen magnum aperture where presumably a very thin vertebral system once entered the skull.

The adult hand indicates the size of the specimen, and note that it is relatively bilaterally symmetrical, and that the skull is greatly elongated.

Though easy to state that it is a complex fake, the caretaker and those that presumably found it, along with other specimens, have no access to artisans or taxidermists that could have made them.

The caretaker removed some of the bone from the underpart of the skull and exposed what is presumably marrow.

This, as well as the bone and skin can be sampled for DNA and radiocarbon testing in prominent laboratories in North America that we are working with already.

The television series Ancient Aliens has shown initial interest in the specimen, and more specimens like this, from the same location may soon be available for observation and study.

Here’s the full set of images from Brien Foerster’s website: