Independent Cancer Researcher Says She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds: ‘Stop These Murders’

Amanda Mary Jewell. The independent English cancer researcher has got the MHRA on the ropes due to promotion of anti-cancer foods.

Apricot and Apple seeds to be specific. She thinks that the seeds have properties to allow for cancer to be fought off – but some think they house serious potential risks.

Mary has experience with being under the hammer though, often dubbed as a scammer due to her non-mainstream treatments and ideas. (Miracle Mineral Solution)

So, is she right? Do Apple and Apricot seeds really have the properties to take on cancer? Or are the complaints against her 100% justified? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Apricot Seeds and B17 for Cancer

“Apple seeds and apricot seeds contain B-17 and have a nutritional value when restoring health.”

For a considerable amount of time now, the seeds from an Apricot have been used to work against cancer – but the practitioners that use them feel they have to be discreet and secretive when dealing with them.

The issue is, they contain a very strong toxin and if you ingest too many – it can be very harmful to your body – but if managed appropriately and responsibly in small quantities, they can have the desired effect. Surely worth it for any patient with cancer.

The compound that fights the cancer cells within the seed is called “amygdalin” – or B17. But officials state that the body turns it up, and actually creates a form of cyanide, the reason why it’s frowned upon and regulated.

Apple Seeds and B17

Much like that of an apricot seed, apple seeds also contain B17 — but that also means there’s the possibility of suffering from cyanide poisoning if you eat too many. Apricots are still considered to be the most reliable source.

Miracle Mineral Solution

MMS is another product that Mary created and was later investigated for. It’s split the people down the middle – with critics dubbing it “industrial bleach” whereas the people it benefited stated that it was highly useful.

Targeted by the FDA for years, the chlorine dioxide product is said to be toxic in high doses – but also has the potential to kill cancer cells, viruses and fungi. Despite being the creator, Mary prefers other methods but still uses it a part of their protocol.

“I would like to draw your attention to those actually doing harm. You work for the harmaceuticals — …pharmaceuticals do harm hence it’s not a typo, I really do mean harmaceuticals — that kill people daily. Your organization stops anyone from getting well.” Mary states.

She also draws attention to the mysterious deaths of other holistic doctors and begs to her audience to share the video to “stop these murders.”

Take a look:

“If we can’t talk about an apricot kernel, and we can’t talk about an apple seed, we certainly can’t say ‘an apple day keeps the doctor away.’

There is no freedom of speech anymore. Holistic doctors are being murdered – too many to count now. I’m being threatened, yet again… I continue my work today, how long for, I don’t know.” Mary also goes on to say.

Mary is trying to big-up the little known GcMAF treatment. People are beginning to believe any holistic doctors associated with the treatment or any form of alternative are probably under attack and is one of the reasons for why there’s these mysterious doctor deaths.

Mary thinks that “There (have) been a lot of holistic deaths recently, and people say it’s jjabs, it’s GcMAF, but there isn’t that kind of connection actually. It’s just good people having real results. That’s why we are under threat.”

Just over a year ago now, not only Mary herself but also her husband were lead to believe they were also in danger of becoming a victim and they posted this video about being stuck in a hotel room in Dominica:

I appeal to you to share this information, to stop this from happening. This isn’t about me. This is about all the holistic practitioners. The best of them are disappearing very fast

Where is Mary Now?

Mary has decided to not go back to the UK – if she does there’s a high chance she could serve 10 years in prison for trying to sell the MMS treatment on her website.

She currently resides in Mexico, still taking on patients, still trying to help people.

When people ask her why she says:

I’ve got a lady with brain tumors here with me. [She] didn’t look like she was going to make it when she arrived. She’s been given a book to give to her 3-years old daughter to prepare [her] to say goodbye for when her mommy dies because there is nothing more can be offered to her.

She was told — this really sickens me — by her oncologist after she had chemotherapy that she must not have sexual contact with her husband… She asked ‘why?’ She was told that she may pass on the chemotherapy to her husband. What a load of rubbish…

They took away the quality of life…And far more than that, when the lady presented herself to me she was vomiting, she couldn’t stand, she was being held up, she was disoriented…but she is like a flower.

She is changing every day. Every day [she] is getting a little better.

Mary is continuing to work out of Mexico and her articles are available for your leisure at her site. There’s also a petition to help the MHRA to drop the charges against her.