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Mainstream Manipulation: The Darkest Secrets Revealed

This entire PizzaGate story has gotten so convoluted with mainstream media’s “fake news” propaganda campaign, that what is now needed is for those invested in this investigation to pull back and focus on what is known, and work on drawing attention to it, as it is more than enough to warrant attention from authorities.

As important as speculation is to a genuine investigation (one actually seeking facts to prove a case and not just relaying the State agenda) it has now become even more important not to give mainstream media any ammunition, as this is now a war; a media war; a war of ideas fought on the battleground of your mind.

One side fighting for Truth, and the other fighting for control.

Especially with the addition of this lone shooter psyop, it is imperative that an opening not be given to those intent on stifling the truth.

This fake news narrative has given those actively searching for anything that will allow them to disregard the mountain of circumstantial evidence surrounding this case, an excuse to simply declare it fake news, because… well… mainstream media said so.

All need to understand… there is definitely something going on here.

If one truly entertains the evidence, instead of doing the fake-news-plug-the-ears-I-don’t-want-to-hear-it dance, it is horrifyingly obvious that there is more to this story.

Is it this massive underground pedophile ring operated from within Comet Ping Pong that the evidence seems to point to? Truly, no one knows for certain.

Yet, it is extremely clear that there is something all together nefarious happening here that very powerful people are both involved in, and actively covering up.

All it takes is for one to look. Not believe, just look, and one will no doubt begin to question all they thought to be the “facts.”

It is highly likely that the masses declaring this story “fake news” have either not looked at any of the evidence, and are fully trusting the discredited mainstream media at their own peril, or have looked at the faux coverage plastered on every mainstream outlet that gleans over the most important facts, claiming it’s the whole story, and instead highlights the most bizarre and inconsequential aspects of the case.

This leaves those watching, feeling as if they have done their due diligence and looked at all the evidence, when in fact they have been manipulated.

They then take to the “fake news-laden Internet“ (that they now loath so much) and begin to self-righteously spread the very fake news they are so afraid of.

These naive souls have become the unwitting vessels for the very fake news they feel is destroying our understanding of what is real and what’s not, or whatever scaremongering narrative they bought into.

Some of these blind followers(that have been cleverly convinced they are critically thinking leaders) have simply bought in too deep and will never defy the mainstream line of thinking.

Yet, it’s likely that many are just unaware that they are resting their entire belief structure on half-truths and intentional lies, and if confronted with the whole story, would be yet another mind freed from the shackles of government controlled media, that will no doubt join the ranks of the Alternative Revolution.

Below is another great video done by SGT Report that leaves no question that there is merit to this investigation. All we ask, is that you look…

By Ryan Cristian