The Connection Between ‘Back to the Future’ and 9/11

Before I like to refer to September 11th, 2001 and its connection to the Hollywood classic “Back to the Future” I should start with some basics, why this kind of interpretations gained a certain significance for me.

The corresponding YouTube movie, you can find below.

My first lesson in the the context of subliminal information in modern media I did not get from some kind of conspiracy book about mind control and MK Ultra.

I received that knowledge in a lecture as part of my design studies in Magdeburg. In one of these courses focused on media techniques I got sensitized for the first time, how the subconscious of consumers is targeted to be influenced with very subtle means.

The work of my teacher and the lectures became real eye-openers for me. Since that time I approached especially moving images with an entirely new perception.

The technique of subliminal messages, respectively of subliminal information is omnipresent in our society.

The modern advertisement industry was probably the first branch, which began to perfect this method in short film clips. But great directors like Stanley Kubrick soon pushed the limits and achieved new standards.

Basically, the technique of adding subliminal messages in the film business works like this: beside the obvious plot the director interweaves subtle information in a film or clip by using various means.

This secondary subliminal plot will not initially be recognized by consciousness mind.

Although these subliminal information remain below the threshold of perception, this influence can, however, be clearly understood by the subconscious, if the correct symbols are used.

There are many methods and recipes, how to perform this balancing act between consciousness and sub-consciousness. Because of the many sources and books about that topic, I will not go into details concerning the techniques here.

Subliminal Programming / Manipulation

This YouTube clip shows just a fraction of the whole spectrum

The point that I want to make, is that the subconscious mind of the consumer can be fed with an idea or a concept, which the recipient is not fully aware or even not aware at all.

This information might resonate inside the individual and it might response with a delay in time, till the effect breaks through the barrier into the conscious mind.

For the consumers, it appears as a spontaneous act out of themselves and most of the times they are not able to recognize the possibility, that this sudden emergence of some new idea or a sudden new opinion about a certain concept, is not so arbitrarily arrived, as they believe.

For people, who became aware of this manipulation, this understanding is often perceived as a epiphany. That’s why there are many great interpretations, where media experts have begun to analyze specific films and commercials based on these principles.

A classic example is the documentary “Room 237”, which refers to the work of Stanley Kubrick. “Room 237” is a kind of compilation of interpretations of various Kubrick fans and researchers.

Not all interpretations are comprehensible or even entertaining in my opinion, but basically this documentation is a good example of how to analyze movies deep into the subliminal levels.

The Documentary Room 237 And Standley Kubrick

Watch the trailer and the Apollo Moon landing interpretation

Now we covered the basics, I finally like to address a film interpretation, that shows a connection between the September the 11th, 2001 incident in New York City and Robert Zemeckis‘ classic “Back to the Future”.

The treatise, which I like to speak about, has been released by a YouTube user called “barelyHuman11” in 2015, but even before he did so, there were many good interpretations that recognized the same pattern.

However, it was that YouTuber, who really put all the details, that have been previously addressed by other individuals, in a technically and aesthetically demanding 12-minute film.

Anyone who has seen and understood this 12-minute film, should clearly recognize, that September the 11th or 9/11 is subliminally coded into all the films throughout the trilogy, although the third and final part of “Back to the Future” was first screened more than 10 years before 9/11.

Of course, as a skeptic you might convince yourself that this is just a coincidence of epic proportions, but I think in this context it should be considered to be a form of cognitive dissonance.

In any case, a serious examination of this correlations should present a certain challenge to each linear causal-minded materialists.

9/11 And Back To The Future by BarelyHuman11

This is the full 12 minutes movie you can find at YouTube

The conspiracy community, traditionally has a very different attitude towards September 11th 2001 and of course this connection with Zemeckis’ film triggered some attention inside the truther-movement.

Thus 2 main approaches formed out, how this phenomenon should be assessed in the overall context of the 9/11 conspiracy.

Of course, the assumption always insists that September the 11th has been staged by higher secret conspirators, to establish a catalytic element to transform the world, start wars and to “redistribute” a lot of wealth.

As I have already indicated in another essay on this page, the truther-movement is not a homogeneous mass, and therefore it needs a separate article to basically respond to the range of 9/11 conspiracy theories in which the “Back to the Future” phenomena tabs into. Anyhow!

Of course I am one of those, who also see a higher-dimensional intelligence directing that entire orchestra of mass media, secret services, military and government henchmen, gnomes, dark elves and lizardmen to organize that specific event.

I can only provide a short summary at this point, but to give those behind the game a name, we should call them the Illuminati – as usual.

If you don’t know, what I am talking about, I can highly recommend my article about this mysterious group at this point and please forgive me my lax way to recap this tragedy so emotionless, but I promise that I will discuss it in more detailed separate article, because September the 11th, 2001 was my personal “wakeup call” – as 9/11 was for many other people, too.

So let’s get back to the 2 main approaches, how to evaluate the alleged announcement of 9/11 in the “Back to the Future” movies: many individuals in the truther-movement assumed that Robert Zemeckis had either direct knowledge of the plans for the New York terror attacks, or they believed, he was forced or commissioned by the tentacles of the Illuminati in the Hollywood community to put the symbols into the film.

The alleged reason, why the Illuminati were so determined to leave a subliminal message in advance is also variating. The less sophisticated guess is, that this behavior was a form of show of force, which should bring about exactly what many truthers felt about it: a provocation.

The theory, which I think is much more deliberated, however, requires an extensive basic knowledge about the relationships between consciousness and physical reality.

This reasoning is called “predictive programming” or subliminal programming of the collective consciousness.

The basic assumption is, that our physical reality manifests out of thought patterns. This applies to the individual but also for the collective consciousness.

The concept is about the idea, that by the effort of subliminal programming the collective subconsciousness, the Illuminati established a critical mass of people, which have been clandestinely “vaccinated” with an idea or a concept – for example, with media content, that reached a large number of people. In this specific case – everyone who saw the movie “Back To The Future”.

The theory claims that the more people consciously or unconsciously create homogeneous mental pattern, the easier it is to implement this scenario in the physical reality. This interdependency is well known as resonance effects or also as “The Hundredth Monkey Effect”.

That might sound pretty far out, but there are very impressive experiments about these phenomena, that prove or at least provide evidence, that all units of consciousness (humans or living beings) are linked in a higher-dimensional structure.

The scientific research of biologist Rupert Sheldrake is outstanding in this context. The physical fundamentals can be found in the works of Burkard Heim, Emile Charon or Nassim Haramein, to just give some indications here.

Understanding the 2nd main approach, how to interpretate the relationships between the film and the real events of September the 11th 2001, the 12-minute youtube clip of “barelyhuman11” basically says it all.

According to this clip, time as we perceive it, viewed from a higher dimension, is anything but linear. Time seems to be more like a kind of fractal of recurring patterns, actions and contents.

Collective events like September 11th seem – due to their immense media coverage – to emit time-waves with a very strong signature. The echoes of this emotionally charged tragedy will be reoccurring in the future, and they also run back in time.

According to this theory, these patterns already appeared back in the past, when the first film of the trilogy “Back To The Future” was still in the process of being developed.

The makers of these films “channeled” future events from the morphic field and unconsciously implemented those symbols into the screen writing and directing. At least this is rough summary of the “barelyHuman11” interpretation.

Meanwhile, many bloggers and writers have become aware of this video. So I’m just another commentator in a long series of analysts giving their two cents. Still I do not want to miss to add my current position on this phenomena.

Given the many strupit videos that are circulating out there on youtube, this short film of “barelyHuman11” really is a nice exception contributing to this topic.

To show a typical negative example, I wish to highlight a video, which was often shared in social media, but which is aesthetically gruesome, content-wise completely wrong and attention-seeking on top.

This video asserts, that the series “The Simpsons” would exactly foreseen certain key scenes of the Donald Trump candidacy.

In fact, there are many abnormalities of this kind with the Simpsons, but not in this particular case.

Unfortunately, it turns out, on closer scrutiny, that these scenes are from a special episode that was produced long after the candidacy and the specific key scenes have been occurred.

Unfortunately, the serious nature of these time phenomenas is watered down or even left to derision through such “canards”. We could now speculate, whether this misinformation is specifically provided to discredit serious investigations into this kind of matter, or whether it was just stupidity.

However, I personally find this topic very exciting and I currently tend to understand the phenomenon as a combination of “predictive programming” and a time echo synchronicity.

One has to consider that the intelligence or the “Group Soul Complex”, which is behind the scenes of 9/11, is an entity, which can probably look across the horizon of time, as we perceive it.

As I stated in the last article about the Illuminati and as it was claimed in the “Hidden Hand Interview”, there is the creed that these secret powers respond to a collective consciousness, which acts far beyond our known space-time structure.

According to Burkard Heim, that would mean, that the consciousness of the Illuminati uses at least the dimensional structures up to X8 – perhaps even beyond.

In other words, this entity consciously exists even outside the astral plane in the causal or super-causal planes.

That may sound very much like science fiction, but this perception corresponds to my present information and experiences. I can only speculate at this point.

My conclusion is, that the synchronicity between 9/11 and the movie “Back to the Future” gives us an interesting insight into the non-linear nature of time.

Even more mind-bending is the fact, that the trilogy primarily revolves around the idea of time-travel and what implications that concept entails.

Scientific principles and theories are addressed in the movies, which started to be seriously discussed in recent years – for example, when it comes to the existence of an unknown number of parallel timelines, where all individuals exists in a kind of super-position, simultaneously living in alternative livelihoods, but normally just conscious of one linear time-line until being shifted.

Especially this aspect should provide us with much food for thought, if you reflect on what this may mean for everyone of us personally. Are we perhaps all time-travelers – time-travelers between different alternate timelines?

By Christian Kohlert