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Crystal Weapons Found in Spain and the Enigmatic Deposit of Selenite in Mexico Remind of the Fabled Civilization of Atlantis

A bundle of crystal weapons dating back thousands of years, along with a cave filled with gigantic Selenite crystals hint at an alternative version of our past, and also at the fabled civilization of Atlantis.

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The Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico, was a hotspot for silver, lead and zinc, but only until the beginning of 1900 when a novel, more precious material was found.

While drilling inside the mine, miners discovered by chance a room at a depth of 400 feet filled with crystals of Selenite (gypsum) of various sizes.

Mexican authorities decided to collect the crystals and preserve the mine because of the mesmerizing wonders it contained.

In 2000, when two brothers were drilling a new tunnel there, the sealing collapsed and revealed an unexpected natural treasure.

A void space 1000 feet below surface was filled with ‘megalithic’ crystals, one of which raised to 36 feet in length and more than three feet across, and that was not their only spectacular particularity.

The mastodon Selenite crystals are among the biggest ever discovered, and apart from this they were catalogued as the slowest growing crystals ever to be measured.

According to geologists, they stretched just the width of a hair each century, meaning that some of the largest pieces had gone through millions of years of development before reaching the state in which are found today.

Selenite crystals were formed as the magma chamber located two miles below sent heat up through the funnels present in the limestone rock until reaching the underwater chamber.

These superheated fluids were imbued with minerals that upon reaching the void chamber started to deposit and form entirely natural crystals, structures which are not easily explained by science.

Selenite crystals are vibrating stones that contribute to spiritual growth. They are believed to open the crown and soul-star chakras and offer clarity of mind, they also protect the wearer from negative energy by cleansing the aura, and are though to activate latent abilities.

Modern humans are not the only ones to credit the numerous benefits of crystals.

Archaeologists unearthed more megalithic tombs in southwestern Spain dating from the third millennium B.C. which contained war-oriented pieces of crystal such as arrowheads, shards, and an exquisite dagger blade.

Image courtesy / Miriam Lucianez Trivino

The excavation at the site of Dolmen de Moltenirio took place between 2007 and 2010.

More than 25 individuals were buried inside the structure, all of them found to possess an extraordinary set of sumptuous grave goods, the most notable of which is an unspecified number of shrouds or clothes made of tens of thousands of perforated beads decorated with amber.

The rock crystal dagger was found in an upper section of the site. The blade measures 214 mm in lengths, 59 mm in width and is 13 mm thick.

It’s shape is not unheard of, but the crystal material is truly unique, as most objects from that period were made from flint.

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How the ancients managed to carve the blade is yet another mystery. It only hints at the importance of these crystal objects that must have had a ceremonial or ritualistic purpose. That, or maybe they had to fight some type of ‘white walkers.’

These two discoveries reveal not only the sophisticated techniques used by our ancients more than 4,000 years ago, it also shows that crystals had a special meaning even for them. By looking even more into the past, the Atlanteans come into picture.

Hypothesis about Atlantis speak about the extensive use of crystals. They allegedly harnessed the energies of the pyramids using harmonics connected to crystals on all ends. Atlanteans had seed crystals which bloomed like flowers today.

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They were using the crystal for a plethora of reasons, of them reminding healing properties, mental stimuli, clarity of thought, magnetic force fields, psychic abilities such as teleportation, dematerialization and telekinesis, weather control, agriculture, and of course for maintaining an extended (global) energy network.

With this in mind, is it possible that our forefathers were still harnessing and utilizing the power of crystals in a way similar to their fabled ancestors?

Also, could the gigantic crystals inside the Naica Mine belong to a long-forgotten deposit of the Atlanteans?

While we’re still unable to offer a pertinent answer, our intuition and of course the archaeological finds in recent years outline traits of a legendary civilization with advanced technology.

Pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together, revealing that our past was interconnected, rather than disconnected.

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