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It’s Time to Starve The Beast: Let’s Start With Hollywood

Opt Out and Boycott Hollyweird at every opportunity

by State of the Nation

The Hollywood-based motion picture industry is as responsible for the shocking degradation of American society as any other form of media.

Yes, the Mainstream Media is full of fake news and false stories, most of which contains extremely negative brainwashing, but movies and TV programming really serve to destroy American culture like nothing else. 

Much more importantly, the profusion of degenerate programs and movies have exposed our impressionable children to levels of depravity never experienced in human history.

For these and other reasons, it has never been more important to completely unplug from the Hollyweird culture. 

The 2016 campaign season exposed like never before the ultra-liberal bent of so many A-list actors and actresses.

Their post-election behavior has especially revealed so many Hollywood icons to be nothing more that spokespeople for the thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party.

Hollywood and Washington DC

Hollywood celebrities have always carried water for the political class inside the Beltway, save but a few conservatives like Jon Voight and Clint Eastwood (and the deceased Charlton Heston). 

However, since Inauguration Day, the liberals have literally gone ballistic on President Donald Trump.

And there extraordinarily aggressive posture is not just the expression of personal political sentiment; they are actually on the vanguard of the ongoing Purple Revolution.

Yes, they are bought and paid for agents of a treasonous cabal looking to seditiously overthrow the Trump Administration.

The following media darlings came out vociferously against Trump: Meryl Streep and Barbara Streisand, George Clooney and Robert DeNiro, Cher and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Stiller and Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Baldwin and John Oliver, Madonna and J.K. Rowling Rosie O’Donnell and Bette Midler, Johnny Depp and Richard Gere Stephen King and Stephen Hawking, Susan Sarandon and Miley Cyrus[1]

This single development ought to compel the entire Trump movement to shut down Hollywood— forever. Just like the Mainstream Media (MSM), Hollyweird needs to be boycotted into oblivion. 

The utter garbage that is now prolifically produced in Tinseltown warrants a decisive OPT OUT from the American people who are aware. After all, it’s no longer called “Tinseltown” because of its uplifting content or ennobling stories.

Much more significantly, Hollywood and Washington, DC have always been joined at the hip, both figuratively and literally. 

That really translates to Pizzagate… as well as the much more serious Pedogate. As a matter of fact, so many childhood stars have been victims of Pizzagate conduct that it might be hard to find one who wasn’t. 

Likewise, many of the biggest stars have been a part of the Pizzagate culture in Hollywood.

For this reason alone, morally upright people ought to leave the reservation of Hollyweird post haste.

Reality check: the number of actors who have been severely compromised by Pizzagate is so great that the American people will be incredulous when the true back story is disclosed in all of its gory details.

CBS Host: ‘Why Is No One Investigating PizzaGate?’

Few are aware but the very reason why the MSM has defended the primary Pizzagate characters with such tenacity is because the very Hollywood–D.C. nexus depends upon it.

There are also those MSM luminaries who are involved with Pizzagate, both directly and indirectly. Were this criminal Washington subculture (e.g. Comet Ping Pong Pizza Parlor) to be exposed, Hollywood would crash and burn in a New York minute.

This is why the Mainstream Media zealously promotes the LBGTQ Agenda

Hollywood is but one arm of the MSM; albeit, a quite muscular arm with a very long reach. For this reason alone a massive volumes of the worst elements of American culture are now exported to every corner of the globe. 

Wherever there is a TV set or a computer, tablet or smartphone, crass, crude, and coarse Americana is showing up on the screens.

This evolving situation is contributing to what is perhaps the greatest societal disaster in modern history.

What makes this ongoing Americanization of the global media marketplace so dangerous is the cynical advertisement of so much degeneracy such as the LGBTQ agenda. 

This single development is setting up the entire planetary civilization for a catastrophe of epic proportions. When children everywhere are taught that the many LGBTTTT perversions are okay, what good can possibly come from it.

Here’s the real problem: Hollywood productions have been purposefully used to normalize what is essentially abnormal and unnatural behavior. In some cases, the sexual conduct is so deviant that these once-rare perversions are now being mainstreamed. 

No other medium popularizes this profound debasement like Hollyweird. Truly, the Hollywood moguls have pushed the thoroughly decadent LGBT agenda like there’s no tomorrow.

Maybe they really do know that ‘The Big One’ is going to hit Southern Cal sooner than later; hence, they work triple time to saturate the programming with so much unadulterated smut.

OPT OUT and Boycott

These two simple measures of passive resistance — OPT OUT and Boycott — can bring Hollyweird to its knees, once and for all.

Turn off the TV and many obscene shows will not renew for the new season. And the advertisers will leave long before that happens.

Stop going to the movie theater; don’t give a dime for a ticket anywhere except to those independents that feature good content.

Resist the urge to buy the books — both fiction and non fiction — that mutually support the Hollywood productions and fake news cycle. 

The same goes for so much tabloid journalism that is thrust in your face at the checkout counter.

Of course, by Hollywood it ought to be understood that the output of the Disney Productions in Orlando, as well as the various production studios in New York City, are also included in this rapidly advancing social Armageddon.


When a full half of the U.S. citizenry totally unplugs from the Hollyweird mind-control matrix, a hurting industry will finally be put out its misery.

Gone, too, will be a major vehicle for so much patently false corporate advertising which issues forth from so many TV screens around the world. 

The Pharmaceutical Industry alone will take a big hit, as will many other misguided corporate enterprises and their harmful products.

In the wake of a national boycott, the Mainstream Media will lose a HUGE platform from which to program the masses.  

Much of this subliminal programming is damaging beyond belief. In fact, the now pervasive mental illness known as liberalism is the direct result of so much mind-control programming over so many decades.

You know, they call them TV programs for very good reason. Why would anyone ever want to be exposed to such a deliberate intrusion and calculated assault on their mind and brain, respectively.

Watching the nightly news alone is enough to drive one to a padded cell in the local mental hospital.

Reference: [1] Celebrities against Donald Trump