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Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria Exposed As False Flag

The alleged chemical attack, which supposedly killed 58 people in Syria, appears to have been a false flag “media campaign” planned well in advance to oust President Assad.

So far, 58 people have been reported dead as a result of the supposed attack, in the town of Khan Sheikhun, on Tuesday morning.

Just hours after the incident occurred, Western media outlets and NATO governments were quick to condemn the Syrian government, claiming that the “Assad regime bears responsibility for ‘awful’ Syria ‘chemical’ attack.”

And that should be a huge question mark, since no investigation whatsoever was conducted before putting the blame on the Syrian government.

In fact, with 11 NATO countries conducting military operations in Syria for years now (i.e. bombing the country and its civilian population to pieces), Assad’s regime would have to be really stupid to shoot itself in the foot like that.

As always, if you want to find out who the real culprit is, then all you have to ask yourself “cui bono” — “who benefits”? Surely not Assad.

As expected, the details about the attacks — as told by the White Helmets — appears to be full of holes.

As can be seen in the pictures, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated White Helmets are handling the injured people without wearing proper safety gear.

Within seconds of exposure to sarin, the gas aggressively targets the muscles and nervous system. There is an almost immediate release of the bowels and the bladder, and vomiting is induced. [Not consistent to what we can see from the videos and pictures].

When sarin is used in a highly populated area, it usually leads to the deaths of thousands of people. [Only 58 have been reported dead].

So why are the White Helmets handling the alleged victims without any concern for their own safety?

Update #1 “Dead” victim of “sarin gas attack” in Syria opens her eyes: 


“Dead” victim of “sarin gas attack” in Syria opens her eyes. pic.twitter.com/zKjuzAMuwr

— Justin Raimondo (@JustinRaimondo) April 5, 2017

Update #2: Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos

Almasdarnews.com reports:

It also raises the question why a “doctor” in a hospital full of victims of sarin gas has the time to tweet and make video calls.


@maytham956 Hmm…’Patients are flooding in’ YET this ‘doctor’ (seems the main source of ‘gas attack’) has time to film, tweet and videocalls…#Syria pic.twitter.com/SfLOfjE2pG

— Malinka (@Malinka1102) April 4, 2017

This, however, will probably be dismissed and forgotten.

It is known that about 250 people from Majdal and Khattab were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists last week. Local sources have claimed that many of those dead from the chemical weapons were those from Majdal and Khattab.

This would suggest that on the eve of upcoming peace negotiations, terrorist forces have once again created a false flag scenario.

This bares resemblance to the Ghouta chemical weapons attack in 2013 where the Syrian Army was accused of using the weapons of mass destruction on the day that United Nations Weapon’s Inspectors arrived in Damascus.

Later, in a separate chemical weapon usage allegation, Carla del Ponte, a UN weapons inspector said that there was no evidence that the government had committed the atrocity.

This had however not stopped the calls for intervention against the Syrian government, a hope that the militant forces wished to eventuate from their use of chemical weapons against civilians in Khan-al-Assal.

Therefore, it is completely unsurprising that Orient TV has already prepared a “media campaign” to cover the Russian and Syrian airstrikes in Hama countryside against terrorist forces, with the allegations that the airforces have been using chemical weapons.

And most telling, their announcement of covering the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, hours before this allegation even emerged

Seems like someone forgot to tell him that it would not occur for a few more hours after his tweet:


Orient TV reporter :
“tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including the usage of CW” pic.twitter.com/tZ5SWdnHp7

— Within Syria (@WithinSyriaBlog) April 4, 2017

Meanwhile, pick up trucks have been photographed around bodies of those killed. Again, it must be questioned why are there people around sarin gas without any protective gear, and not affected at all, when it can begin attacking the body within seconds?

Also, the pick up trucks remain consistent to what local sources have said that many of those dead were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists from pro-government towns in rural Hama.

Also, what is brought into question is where the location of the hose is coming from in the below picture, a dugout carved into the rock.

This also suggests that the location is at a White Helmets base where there are dug out hiding spots carved into the mountainside and where they have easy access to equipment, as highlighted by Twitter user Ian Grant.


Another angle of the “fire hose” location: Seems to be a #WhiteHelmets base, with hideouts dug into the rock pic.twitter.com/Vvl5bA12Q6

— Ian Grant (@Gjoene) April 4, 2017

In response to the allegations, the Syrian Arab Army soldiers in northern Hama denied the use of chemicals weapons. This is consistent with the Russian Ministry of Defense who denied any involvement in the attack.

The army “has not and does not use them, not in the past and not in the future, because it does not have them in the first place,” a military source said.

And this of course begs the question:

With the Syrian Army and its allies in a comfortable position in Syria, making advances across the country, and recovering lost points in rural Hama, why would they now resort to using chemical weapons?

It is a very simple question with no clear answer.  

It defies any logic that on the eve of a Syria conference in Brussels and a week before peace negotiations are to resume, that the Syrian government would blatantly use chemical weapons.

All evidence suggests that this is another false chemical attack allegation, made against the government as seen in the Khan-al-Assal 2013 attack, where the terrorist groups hoped that former President Obama’s “red-line” would be crossed leading to US-intervention in Syria against the government.

Most telling, however, is that most recent report shows that the government does not deny striking Khan Sheikhun. Al-Masdar’s Yusha Yuseef was informed by the Syrian Army that the air force targeted a missile factory in Khan Sheikoun, using Russian-manufactured Su-22 fighter jet to carry out the attack.

Most importantly, the Su-22’s bombs are unique and cannot be filled with any chemical substances, which is different than bombs dropped from attack helicopters. Yuseef was then told that the Syrian Air Force did not know there were any chemical substances inside the missile factory in Khan Sheikhoun.

It remains to be known whether there actually were chemicals in the missile factory targeted by the airstrikes, or whether the terrorist forces used gas on the kidnapped civilians from the pro-government towns and brought them in the lorry trucks to the site of the airstrikes.

Update: If the terrorists did use a chemical weapon against kidnapped civilians, then it was most probably not sarin (again, the symptoms and the way they are handling the casualties are not consistent with sarin), but chlorine gas.

And it is now a certainty that ISIS did have access to it, since chlorine gas containers belonging to the terrorists have been recently discovered in West Mosul:


#BREAKING#PMU found #ISIS chlorine gas containers in west #Mosul, ISIS used them with car bombs to create mass casualties. #Iraq pic.twitter.com/b9Kt6r5MMm

— Iraqi Day 🇮🇶 (@iraqi_day) April 4, 2017

Whether they were gassed by the militant forces, or the airstrikes caused a chemical weapon factory to explode, the gruesome deaths of children, seen foaming in the mouth because of the gas, lays in the hands of the terrorists.

Therefore, it becomes evident that the area targeted was definitely a terrorist location, where it is known that the White Helmets share operation rooms with terrorist forces like Al-Qaeda, as seen after the liberation of eastern Aleppo.

Civilians and fighting forces, including Kurdish militias, have all claimed that militant groups that operate in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo countrysides, have used chemical weapons in the past.

Therefore, before the war cries begin and the denouncement of the government from high officials in power positions begin, time must be given so that all evidence can emerge.

However, this is an important factor that has never existed in the Syrian War, and the terrorist forces continue to hope that Western-intervention against the government will occur, at the cost of the lives of innocent civilians.

Sources: Newspunch.com; AlmasdarNews.com