My Awakening from the Matrix, Accepting the Unbearable Truth (Anunnaki, Reptilians & Archons) and Becoming the Change

How it All Started: Aliens & UFO’s

It all started around October 2013 when I became interested in Ancient Aliens and then Alien Files Unsealed.

I watched these programs thinking “what on Earth is going on?” The feats supposedly accomplished in Ancient Aliens by human beings, years ago, well it didn’t make sense, and we just aren’t strong enough now even with modern day equipment never mind then, so many unexplainable buildings, there had to be more to it.

I then started watching Alien Files Unsealed and it suddenly dawned on me that the people, whose stories were being covered in the program, were normal people; they didn’t want notoriety, fame or fortune, they just wanted their stories to be heard and made sense of.

Something very strange had happened to them and they needed to make sense of it as best they could.

Of course, anyone trying to talk about this subject is instantly ridiculed and made to feel silly and stupid.

Have you ever wondered why? Why aren’t we all flabbergasted and inspired by such stories? Why aren’t we out there doing research ourselves trying to find out the truth?

What is holding us back? Where has our curiosity gone — the curiosity we had as children? We need to get it back, and we need to keep an open mind and question everything.

If we get ridiculed for it, it doesn’t matter because it will all be out in the open eventually. We will all find out what is going on in the end, but I want to know now, not in the future. 

The Truth?

I now have a driving desire to find out the truth about what is going on in our world. Let’s face it, the world is in a mess and we are all carrying on as normal, expecting someone else to sort it all out.

We are far too busy earning money and surviving, — yes, surviving does take up all our time — so we can’t see beyond that and that is why we are in this mess at present.

We have all been manipulated and played, we have all been mesmerized, hypnotized and turned into consumer driven slaves. We are making money for the large corporations and the 0.1% rich of the world.

Each day they get richer and richer, finding new ways to get us to part with our hard earned money; they are very clever at it.

They know how to manipulate the human mind, they know how to get us to spend our money and we don’t even realize it is happening.

After watching Ancient Aliens and Alien Files Unsealed I started reading books about aliens and UFO’s; I was obsessed for months and couldn’t stop reading and finding new information. 

I couldn’t understand why no-one was revealing anything about aliens. Why aren’t we being told the truth? Why aren’t the governments of the world revealing what they know on the subject? Why have they decided to keep the information a secret?

I had touched the tip of the iceberg, and there was a lot more to find out and the iceberg was enormous — way bigger than I could ever have imagined and it touched every aspect of human life on our planet today. 

It took me a while to realise this, though, and I got lost on the way — but that’s another story.

There was one alternative media website that I subscribed to called ‘HumansAreFree.com.’ This site had a wide variety of articles covering different subjects and seemed like a good starting point, so I received daily emails and continued to learn more each day.

New World Order

Well, everything I read seemed to lead to the New World Order. I had seen this mentioned before but I didn’t believe it. I thought it was just a load of old rubbish.

The dystopian world of Libria (Credit: Equilibrium film)

There is apparently a group of people who want a one world government. They want to control the whole of humanity. Apparently they have been working towards this goal for a very long time.

They come from the richest families in the world and the plan for this global takeover has been passed down the generations. They are so rich that they can buy, bribe or kill anyone they want.

They are in charge of the USA’s Federal Reserve. The government of America does not own the money of America — they have to borrow from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve print money whenever the government needs more.

These rich families are the ones behind the jjabs, the fluoride, the GMO’s and the chemtrails. They are using these methods to cull the population.

They have managed to control us so far, through different ingenious methods: they control the mainstream media, so that all stories are the same. The truth never gets out, unless by error.

They control us with TV programs (why do you think they’re called programs?), violent computer games, violent Movies and violent News.

They guide themselves by the old saying “you reap what you sow”. For example, they have integrated patriotism (the very idea that we are better than someone else based on the country we were born into is plain ridiculous), war and sufferance into our subconscious minds from a very young age, and now most people go about their daily lives without being revolted of the harm caused by our governments overseas.

Millions of innocent civilians (such as yourself or your loved ones) killed by bombs paid with our tax money are not something we worry about, even though we should be outraged.

We have all been hypnotized and mesmerized. We have all forgotten who we are and why we are here. We don’t care for each other because we don’t know how similar we are.
The average people all over the world have more in common with each other, than we have with our “elite” politicians — and politicians have more in common to each other than they have with us.

False Flags and the Fear Agenda

They are also controlling us by staging false flag events, hence inducing a perpetual state of fear and insecurity around the world. Their message is: “you are safe nowhere and you need us to protect you.”

Fear can make a person vulnerable and insecure. Scared people are only interested in their immediate security, so they will gladly give away more of their freedoms, just to feel safer.

Hence fear is an important control tool, and they abuse it in order to implement more Orwellian laws with each passing year.

Roman historian Tacitus once stated: “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

And Western countries pass hundreds of new laws every year.

They can use the false flag events to initiate more rules and regulations. Slowly, with each passing day, we lose more of our freedoms because of this.

They say it is to control terrorism, but who knows who will be classed as a terrorist in the future? It could be anyone who doesn’t agree with the governments of the world — it could even be you.

War criminal and globalist Henry Kissinger has stated not so long ago: ‘Terrorists are people that reject the international system.’ How absurd and anti-freedom is this claim?

And where do you think terrorists receive their funding, intelligence, training and weaponry from? Terrorism is just a scheme to create never-ending wars, sufferance and destruction.

War is profitable to our human controllers and it’s keeping the Earth’s frequency low enough to feed and accommodate our Archon controllers, as you will see later on.

Money, Money, Money

Is global warming really man made or is it because of normal cyclical events that occur over long periods of time

It’s just another way of getting extra money from us through taxation, and make the rich even richer.

I feel that the governments take far too much money off us all, and we use almost all of our time on Earth working for those money. They leave every family with a small amount to spare, when the really wealthy manage to avoid paying their taxes through carefully engineered loopholes.

We are all slaves to the system!

The people at the bottom are paying for the people at the top to keep their lavish life styles. We pay our taxes and any money that is left over is sought after by major corporations.

We are bombarded with adverts continuously, telling us we need more stuff. We are encouraged to spend, spend and then spend some more. We replace everything, even when it doesn’t need replacing.

We need to get out of this mentality.

We need to re-cycle, re-use and make do with what we have. We are all brainwashed into this consumerism insanity.

I admit to have been brainwashed myself. I have been on this treadmill most of my life, and I saw first-hand just how hard it is to get off and rethink your life and your values.

People around you will think you have gone mad. In fact, you’ll feel like you have gone mad yourself. It’s like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ — eventually, you wake up and realize he is naked and he has been all along.

It’s all been smoke and mirrors, mind games played out on the world’s stage, trying to keep us all in a state of awe and fear.

Humans are good, caring and loving. We are just so wrapped up with our own survival and worried of our own safety, that we forgot how to care for one another. We have lost touch with reality and each other.

Our subconscious minds have been conditioned to see only what differentiate us, rather the things that make us alike. Believe it or not, we’re extremely similar in all aspects.

We may come from different backgrounds or different cultures, but we all have the same values in life. We all want to be free, healthy, educated, to live in a peaceful society and to have access to the basic necessities for survival. That’s about it. Wherever we may be around the world, that’s basically all we need to be happy.

Instead we have wars, hunger, insecurity, homelessness, and many around the world don’t have access to clean water and food. And it’s all by design because, as I said before, people who are constantly “on the edge” don’t have time for self-education, introspection and — eventually — spiritual awakening.

Even in the Western societies, which were once regarded as role models for developing countries, people are now facing the problems listed above.

Women can no longer stay at home and look after their children if they want to without feeling guilty. It is getting harder and harder to survive on one wage. This is not good for society; it is being driven by our need for more and more stuff. So we work harder to get it.

We need to stop and be happy with what we have. We need less stuff, we need to work less, we need to think more, and we need to spend more time with our families and friends.

These things are more important than material stuff.

We fill our houses with more and more stuff, until we have to throw things out to make more room, for even more stuff. All this is making the large corporations richer and is making us all poorer.

And this is precisely what they want; this is the plan, their agenda.

They just keep getting richer at our expense. They want every last penny that we. 

We are all the victims of mass propaganda and brainwashing. It has reached the point whereby families choose to believe the media and the governments of the world, rather than their own families and friends who are waking up to the truth.

I do not blame the brainwashed public. I was just the same until recently.

The truth can be frightening and I can see why people want to avoid it. Once you know the truth, you can never go back, even if you want to. The truth cannot be unseen — once you see it, the truth stays with you forever.

And trust me, the truth will come out in the end — it always does.

Elite, Cabal, Illuminati, Archons, New World Order

A brief history of the rich of the world, also known as the elite, the 1%, the cabal, the illuminati, or whatever you want to call them.

The ancestors of these “elite” bloodlines were aliens that visited our planet eons ago and decided to enslave us all. Long story short, after a great cataclysm they got rid of most humans and started clean.

(If you want to learn more about mankind’s enslavement, please follow this link).

They’ve genetically engineered humans and made us in their image, then they interbred with some of the human females creating the bloodlines of the so called “demigods”, the “royals”, the “elites”.

The aliens that have enslaved our souls and created the human species are:

1. The Anunnaki in whose image our human vehicles have been made;

2. The Reptilians an empathy-less species of warriors who came in this dimension from a parallel universe that has achieved completions;

3. The Greys geneticists working for the Reptilians and responsible for most of the human and animal abductions, in their attempt to improve their species and create various hybrids (they are the lesser evil of the four and their main motivation is their species’ survival, even though that means colluding with the Reptilians and causing harm to us);

4. The Archons non-physical parasites that can consciously control any organic vehicle (i.e. body) that has no soul attached to it, including Anunnaki, Reptilian, Grey or Human bodies. They can also partially or fully control organic vehicles with souls attached to their bodies, through various physical or energetic implants.

None of the above care about the human species. They have enslaved us in a similar fashion to how we have enslaved animals.

As a matter of fact, the Anunnaki taught us how to “domesticate” animals, basically enslaving them for life and taking benefits from their hard work, only to kill and eat them when they were of no further use to us.

The Anunnaki are basically Galactic “plantation owners”, who benefit from the physical labour of their slaves. They came here for gold and other minerals and they have engineered us in order to do the hard work for them. The truth is, the Anunnaki have never truly left our planet and they’ve stopped shipping gold to their home planets.

They are solely interested in the benefits of slave work and they take their share of raw materials and minerals from all over the Universe.

They are at the top of the power structure on Earth, and that’s as far as we will probably ever get to see — and that if we’ll be lucky enough to realize that the puppet governments are controlled by a shadow government, which in turn is subordinated to their Anunnaki masters.

This is the exact modus operandi of the Reptilians and they are at the top of the Universal pyramidal enslavement system, together with their Archon masters.

Their collaboration is extremely beneficial for both species and together they are almost unstoppable. The Reptilians are physical warriors, whilst the Archons are non-physical parasites who feed off of negative energy. Together, they can enslave any young species and parasitize it both physically and energetically.

The Reptilians are meat eaters and operate on a primitive set of emotions, compared even to ours. They can only experience negative emotions and that brings them great pleasure.

The Archons are driven by a similar goal, except they actually need negative energy to survive:

— Human flesh from children is appealing to them, just as human meat eaters enjoy piglets or calves. The Reptilians have turned the Anunnaki into meat eaters, which, in turn, have converted us.

— The human blood filled with adrenaline is like a powerful drug to them and they can’t have enough of it. So they keep entire farms of young human beings, just to torture, rape and then sacrifice them, in order to get a kick from it. Whilst the Reptilians torture, rape and kill human beings, the Archons feed on the energy released in the process. 

— The energy released during orgasm is negative unless it stems from love, in which case the energetic bodies of the male and female can convert the energy to be positive. Reptilians only enjoy negative energy, so they violently rape young humans and even animals in sex orgies, in order to make generate extreme levels of negative energy for their Archon masters, who need this negative energy to survive. Then, they kill the partner and feed off of it. Remember all of the ancient sacrificial rituals? That’s what they were all about.

— Wars between human beings only benefit the Reptilians and the Anunnaki from a logistical point of view. As long as we fight each other, they are safe in the shadows. But those who benefit immensely from the negative energy of wars, are the Archons. Imagine what feasts they’ve been having since we are at war with each other for thousands of years. Just imagine the amounts of negative energy released by our sufferance over the thousands of years!

So, in conclusion, the Anunnaki have only enslaved us in order to benefit from our physical labour, the Reptilians are interested in human meat farms for food and pleasure, whilst the Archons need negative energy generated by us in order to survive.

Similarly to how their Anunnaki masters are using us as physical labour slaves, their demigods descendants (i.e. the “royal” families, the “elites”) have turned us into currency slaves. And thus, our enslavement is complete. Not only that we physically work for the benefit of their masters, now we also work to generate “currency”, so that we can survive.

They see us as slaves, here just to make them money, so that they can follow their master plan.

We have bred well and are now overrunning the planet, so now they want to cull a big chunk of us. Hence GMO’s, fluoride, chemtrails and vaccinations — all these things lower our immunity for whatever they have planned for us.

They want us to remain asleep and most of us have unwittingly complied with their wishes.

We are more powerful than them and they know it, which is why they have been so patient. Humanity is waking up though, slowly but surely.

One of the reasons humanity cannot grasp what is going on, is because these creatures are so evil, that it’s hard to believe just how vile they are. And they are actually right: human beings cannot be this cruel!

It is not humans that are behind all this, it is the Reptilian agenda, and Reptilians cannot experience positive emotions.  They are simply unable to care for others or to experience noble emotions, such as love or empathy. They are driven by fear, hate, rivalry and competition.

Secret Space Programs

Now we have secret space programs run by different groups, made up of both human and alien beings. These groups have existed since the 1940’s and have reverse engineered Alien technology.

This is the reason that so many new technological advances have arrived into our everyday lives in recent years.

This alien technology has been slowly released into the mainstream. The only problem is that the technology that has been released so far is actually decades behind what the secret groups are using themselves at the moment.

The groups have all been started by different factions. None of these groups seem to be aware of the other groups. The powers that shouldn’t be are so secretive that their right hand doesn’t know what their left hand is doing and that’s the way they like it.

We have all this information thanks to Whistle-blowers like Corey Goode but even he says the truth is way more incredible than we can imagine.


We cannot view all this madness from a place of fear; this will just make us angry and aggressive, which in turn will lead to violence and a perpetuation of this crazy situations.

I know it is hard to remain calm when faced with the hard truth, but it’s what we must do, though, in order to safely to get through this. 

Anger, hatred and aggression are the sort of emotions that have led to this madness and it is the food source of the Archons. We need to stop feeding them. We have to switch our world view completely to change everything for the better by changing our way of thinking.

Quantum physics is based on creating our own reality and this is what we have to focus on: creating a better reality.

We must forgive ourselves and our enslavers and move forward with love in our hearts. The Archons cannot accommodate the frequency of Love, so it is basically useless to them. And that it is the only way forward.

We need to visualise in our minds a better world for us all, one full of love, peace and harmony, where we are our only masters.

This is what I am focused on now. I have gone through all of the shock and anguish of it all and I have realised that the only way we can change this ghastly Earthly scenario, is to wake up those around us to the truth and start creating a better world, together!

By Julie Alexander and Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.