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Save Our Souls, It’s Not Too Late!

We are all barking mad, crazy, crackers, and barmy. I’m awake, I know what’s going on in the world, what next?

My mind is all over the place. Information seems to be pouring into my mind like Niagara Falls after a period of heavy rainfall.

I get emotional and angry when I try to communicate the information to anyone which defeats the objective entirely, who wants to listen to a crazy angry person.

There is so much information; it touches every aspect of our being. Nothing is immune. I think I am safer writing it all down at the moment as my mind is a jumbled up mess.

Information is floating about all over the place; it is as if I have been hit with a tsunami. How can I communicate properly when my mind is so full of mind blowing information? Each day more and more is pouring in.

Who can I talk to about all this, my family, my friends?

I’m sure you have all tried like I did!

It appears that we can talk to strangers about serious life threatening issues that affect the whole world but not to family and friends.

Family and friends stick everyone in a box and they only listen to and accept certain things, anything unusual and they can’t cope, they start to panic and their only explanation or solution is to label the loved one trying to get the information out as crazy or insane.

Excuse me who is the crazy one in this scenario? 

Why is it so difficult to talk to each other, we can discuss trivial, shallow issues but not really mind blowing important issues.

We can talk about the weather and TV shows and food till the cows come home but try and talk about something really serious and life threatening that affects everything and everyone on the planet and everybody runs for cover, sticks their heads in the sand until you go away.

What will make people sit up and take notice, what will make people listen?

How do we wake everyone up, the alarm bells are ringing, the sirens are going off everywhere, awake people are shouting, danger, danger, mayday, mayday, SOS, SOS and everyone who is not awake is running around with their fingers stuck in their ears going la, la, la, la, de, da, da.

Maybe we should leave the ones deep in sleep. Just be there for them when they start waking up.

Maybe we should help the ones who are starting to stir and rub their eyes. You would think a major event would help start waking people up and it would be an ice breaker.

The powers that shouldn’t be are planning major false flag events all the time. They like to instil fear into people this way.

Somehow this doesn’t work either as people are in such a deep sleep, they gladly go along with losing more freedom for the sake of security, security that is based on contrived and stage managed displays of terror specifically designed to produce this fear in everyone, it gives the powers that shouldn’t be even more control, when they have too much already.

The truth is all around but not many people want to know. Why?

We are in this mess because we have all fallen asleep, we have allowed the powers that shouldn’t be to take over, and we are as much to blame for these events as they are. If we had been awake we wouldn’t be in this mess.

We would have dealt with this problem as it arose, now we have a mountainous problem to solve, which could be solved instantly if we all woke up.

The answer is we should be very careful when talking to friends and family about this as it usually ends badly.

We should all talk to strangers about this. People only seem to listen to strangers. Someone they have no pre-conceived ideas about, someone they have no emotional attachment to.

We have no attachments with strangers; we can therefore accept unusual information from them without feelings of obligation.

No-one seems to see loved ones as they really are; they just see them as they want to see them. Do we only love people because we turn them into something we want them to be and not what they really are? Any changes that take place are not allowed, we can’t seem to cope.

I think seeing loved ones differently shakes us to our core and most people can’t deal with that.

It is rare to find a family member or friend open to what is going on in the world, if you do find one that listens treasure them, even if they do not agree with you, the fact that they listen makes them very special people to you and they are probably further on the road to waking up than anyone else you know, even though they don’t realise it themselves.

It is an overwhelming state of affairs that we are all in and it’s not so long ago that we were asleep, just like everyone else.

Maybe, love, understanding and kindness will have more of an effect. 

Maybe we just need to stay calm and only bring up subjects that interest each individual, slowly adding our opinions gradually steering people in the right direction, sowing seeds, getting people to think for themselves, being patient and observant, like the tortoise not the hare.

We all feel so alone and isolated we desperately want to talk about what we have found out, unfortunately we are on this journey alone and we have to be brave and move forward while surrounded by sleeping people.

All the turmoil and emotion all the anger and indignation, swirls around us, we deal with it as best we can.

What we have to remember is we are not alone, it feels like we are but all over the world people are waking up, thousands and millions of us, more are waking each day, we just all live separately, we are all here on the journey together, we just need to find each other.

Just realising this fact can be a big comfort, just knowing awake people are out there just like us, trying to communicate without much luck just like the rest of us.

One day it won’t be like this anymore, one day the whole world will wake up, one day we will be able to share this information with everyone, we are the front runners, we need to be ready to help the masses when all is revealed.

Whether it is revealed all in one go or slowly?

Whatever happens we will be able to help people, we have been through so much on our own, this has given us an insight into how to deal with all this, we know what mistakes we have made and we know what we managed to get right.

We woke up and we know where we stand in the big scheme of things, it’s better to be awake than asleep. So keep your chin up and don’t forget you are not alone in all this.

We are all out here just like you, going through the same things as you, the trauma the anguish and the madness. You don’t know us personally, but we are behind you all the way.

We can survive this! We are all much stronger than we think!

Just hang on and don’t give up!

By Julie Alexander,

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.