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Mistakes Are An Acceptable Part of Being Human

Mistakes are an acceptable part of being human. We are here to make all the mistakes we want because it is through our mistakes that we learn. 

As long as we try to do what we know to be right, we will be on the right path. If we make a mistake, we should fully recognize it as a mistake, then put it behind us and simply try not to make the same mistake again.

The important thing is to try our best, keep our standards of goodness and truth, and not compromise them to win people’s approval. The Creator loves us just the way we are, mistakes (Warts) and all.

When we make a mistake, we should ask for forgiveness. After that, it would be an insult if we don’t accept that we are forgiven.

We shouldn’t continue going around with a sense of guilt, and we should try not to repeat our mistakes. We should learn from our mistakes.

Our Creator wants us to do what we want to do. That means making choices – and there isn’t necessarily any right choice. There is a spectrum of possibilities, and we should make the best choice from those possibilities.

If we do that, we will receive help from the Other Side. Our Creator knew we would make mistakes. Life is all about mistakes. It is constant change and growth.

Our greatest challenges in life will one day be known to us as our greatest teachers. An important purpose for mortality is to help us learn to recognize and to choose the positive even though the negative more fully surrounds us.

We make this choice consciously or unconsciously in every moment of the day, and these millions of tiny choices create the foundation of our identity.

We are what we think. We are what we say, what we do, what we fill our lives with. Ultimately, every being creates himself by these countless, crucial choices.

By focusing within ourselves through meditation, dreams, prayer, even quiet reflection, we try to connect with the heaven we desire.

When we are in love we say were are in heaven. When we are separated from love we may feel like absolute hell. It appears that the Golden Rule of loving others as you would have them love you is a universal concept that may even be a natural part of human nature.

It may be a principle that is an instinct existing in the very core of us all. Perhaps it is a paradise lost that is ours’ to find after all.

Concerning the relationship between life on Earth and life in heaven, our life on Earth is but a preparation for our life in heaven. We come to Earth from heaven for the purpose of obtain spiritual development and to bring the heaven we came from to Earth.

It is also here on Earth that the Creator and ourselves can really know what level of spiritual development we desire and have earned. After death, the level of our spiritual development determines the spiritual realm we inhabit after death.

Free will is a divine gift from God to humanity and God does not force anyone to heaven. The level of heaven we develop within us on Earth is the level of heaven we enter after death.

When the physical body is removed, we step into the spiritual condition we have been building within us throughout our entire life. Since the Creator is love, the greater spiritual love we build within us, the closer we are to the Creator.

This holds true for the spirit world as well. It is a life of love that leads to heaven. Love is the Creator’s paradise for humanity and we can create this paradise from heaven on Earth and within us if we learn to love one another.

Heaven is a matter of vibration and the various realms after death is based on the various levels of spiritual energy that exists. Love can be compared to heat that has vibrations that are finer that colder temperatures.

The greater the love – the finer the vibration – and the closer we are to heaven. Heavier vibrations represent coldness and the heavier the vibrations the nearer we are to hell.

When we manifest unselfish love, our soul vibration are so high that the only place we can fit into is heaven. People don’t go to heaven because of their good deeds, but because their soul vibration of spiritual love fits in and belongs there.

After death, people gravitate into groups according to the rate of their soul’s vibration. Birds of a feather flock together.

This connection between the levels of soul vibration we have in determining the level of heavenly vibration we realize after death is the same principle as putting a coin into the slot of a coin counter. The coin just naturally fits to its proper location. So it is with the soul.

After death, our soul naturally fits in the level of heaven we have developed within us.

In fact, while we live on Earth our soul actually dwells, not only within us, but also in the spiritual realm we will find ourselves in after death.

We all have some level of discord or negative vibes within us after death because of our Earth experience. In heaven, all these unwanted soul vibrations are removed by the Creator – who can be thought of as the Master Vibration.

The first stage after death is a condition of still being involved with and acting according to our outward personality which we had on Earth.

From this initial stage after death, we slowly begin to lose this outward personality consciousness and begin to become more of the person and inner nature we actually are.

As our outward earthly personality is removed, our thought process begins to change. Our thought process becomes more and more based on our true intentions – our impulses.

In the realm of mind and imagination, impulses are the same as actions. In other words, thoughts and impulses become united. Thoughts are impulses and impulses are actions.

The farther into the afterlife experience we get, the more we are acting on the basis of who we really are. The final stage of adjusting to the spirit world is a stage of instruction.

As it is with children in the Earth realm, we must be instructed once again in the ways of the realm we have just entered – with the exception that our instruction on the Other Side is not based on time.

Higher spirit beings educate us and bring us into heaven.

As mentioned earlier, negative vibes cannot be expressed in heaven. As we enter into heaven, these negative vibes are removed by the Creator. This creates a level of happiness that cannot be imagined on Earth. 

Heaven truly becomes a spiritual state of living as who we really are. In heaven, we remember our real identity. In heaven, only the best in each person survives.

It is a joyous condition and a state of expanded awareness. There is a perfect freedom of spirit and no one gets tired. It is a new lease on life. It is a lively hilarious place and our true home.

We then begin to realize how we were merely visitors on Earth and heaven is our real home. We begin to realize that we have been here in heaven before.

Knowledge beyond our deepest dreams exists all around us like the heavenly all-pervading music that can be heard. The Creator’s presence is so obvious here that it cannot be denied.

The love of the Creator in heaven is like the air we breathe. The Golden Rule is the only law in heaven.

The beauty of the environment in heaven is beyond words and they reflect the spiritual nature of those who dwell there. Multi-coloured cities of crystal light created by our Creator can be seen.

There exist exquisite heavenly structures such as spires, domes, amphitheatres, Grecian looking buildings, libraries of wisdom, halls of spiritual learning, temples, and communities.

Waterfalls, mountains, valleys, lakes and other realms of recreation exists in a way that makes their earthly equivalents merely an empty shadow.

Because there is no time in the spirit world, we enjoy eternities in heaven. A soul can choose to remain in heaven for as long as desired and can choose to operate on that level of spiritual development forever.

Generally, however, we stay in heaven for as long as it serves our spiritual development. This is because one of our main goals for existence is to attain a level of spiritual growth that will bring us back to a complete merger with God in the highest heaven.

However, spiritual development is much more difficult in the spirit world compared to developing spiritually in the physical realm.

Although our goal is to remain forever in heaven, our greatest goal is to bring heaven to Earth. If we don’t help those in the lower realms to develop a higher level of spiritual development, we cannot truly enjoy heaven.

This is because our family and friends may exist at these lower levels. We are going to link up, hold hands, and walk out of hell together.

For this reason, we leave paradise not just for the sake of our own spiritual development, but for those we love. By doing so, we are also doing this for God’s sake.

We are assured by the Creator that when we leave paradise for another incarnation at a lower spiritual level, we will be brought home safely again.

Ultimately, everyone will merge at the highest level as it was in the beginning. Ultimate paradise lost will truly become ultimate paradise found again.

When we love unselfishly, our vibrations are so high that the only place we’ll fit into is heaven. There is no other place we can go if we want to.

This is divine justice because it gives everyone an equal chance to eventually attain the harmony to fit into some kind of heaven – regardless of their intelligence, education, indoctrination, ignorance, wealth or poverty.

A heavenly existence is created by how we live on Earth, including the truths we have lived, taught, and believed in life; and the love, peace, and compassion we have known for ourselves and those we have touched. Everything else is associated with a hellish existence.

It is a life of love, a life of behaving honestly and fairly in every task that leads to a heavenly life. This life is not hard.

Everyone is born with a spiritual void within them. Throughout our lives, we fill our void with a multitude of things. Then when we die, we step into the spiritual void we have filled.

This is why having love within us is so important when we die. Giving and receiving love from the heart, creates a heavenly paradise within us which is manifested in the spirit world and becomes realized at death.

…The general rule of thumb is this: hellish life, hellish afterlife – heavenly life, heavenly afterlife. Death will not change a hellish life into a heavenly afterlife, nor does it change a heavenly life into a hellish afterlife.

…We do not go to heaven. We grow to heaven here on Earth.

…The spiritual state of being we have on Earth is the spiritual state we take with us to heaven. There is no sudden metamorphosis from an idle person into an active person, from a nonreligious person into a religious person, from a money-centred person into a God-centred person.

…When we die, we take this heaven of love with us to the level of heaven that corresponds to the love within us.

…People don’t go to heaven because of their good deeds, or because they believe this or that, but because they fit in and belong. It’s what you are Spiritually that counts.

…You’ll not be in heaven if you’re not leaning on the arm of someone you have helped.

In heaven you feel much more alive than you will ever feel here. Our lives on Earth are for just a short time, like a vacation. You visit, try to find your way around, and just when you think you’ve got it down, it’s time to go home.

When you go home to heaven, you know exactly where you are, what you’re doing. It’s just a wonderful place. There’s no hatred, just love, kindness, and mercy. It’s one huge family there.

…To appreciate heaven well it is good for a man to have some fifteen minutes of hell.

…As there are degrees of heaven and hell on Earth, so there are degrees of heaven and hell in the spiritual world.

A person’s dreams, visions, and meditations are reflections of the soul’s experience in the spirit world. The conscious mind is the product of the evolution of the stars and planets.

The soul mind (sub-consciousness) is conditioned by its previous incarnations within the physical world and the spirit world. The conscious mind becomes dimmed or brightened by its recent experiences in these worlds.

The reports of many individuals who have been permitted to see or visit the next world tell us that it is located right here on our physical Earth.

If our spirit eyes were to open, we would discover we are surrounded by those who have preceded us in death. But not everyone goes to the same location in the next world.

We will be acutely aware of everything we have done or failed to do in our lives.

We will also know the lives of those around us and they will know ours. Therefore we will seek out those who think the same way we do, who value the same things we do.

We will gravitate toward those we feel at ease with, who are like us. Judgment is more a process of self-evaluation than the product of a heavenly tribunal.

Heaven is a matter of vibration. The finer the vibration we have, the nearer we are to heaven. Heaven is a state of being joyous, light, loving, harmonious, vibrant, God-centred and others-centred.

The heavier the vibration, the nearer we are to hell. Hell is a state of being heavy, dull, dismal, grey, and glum-as when you are heavily depressed and self-centered.

Doctrine, creed and race mean nothing in heaven. No matter what we believed we were all children of the Creator. The only rule is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I am Humbly 
Rene’ Descartes,   

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