The Day After Roswell – 70 Years Later

It’s nearly 70 years since aliens crashed to earth near the town of Roswell in New Mexico. 

It was in July 1947 that the alien’s space craft was allegedly hit by lightning and crashed into the desert.

In 1997 Colonel Philip J Corso wrote a book “The Day After Roswell” full of information anyone would need on the subject of Roswell. It was a New York Times best seller.

Its 20 years since the book was written and still most of the world is unaware of all the information regarding Roswell, unless you have a great interest in the subject and do your own research you are not going to know about any of this.

The mainstream media is not going to cover the story, they just hope it will go away and it never has.

I myself have only just read the book and it is fascinating. It explains so much and fills in so many gaps.

Many new forms of technology were gleaned from the wreckage.

Initially the alien life forms both dead and alive were kept by the US armed forces at 509th base not far from the crash site it was then transferred on to Fort Riley in Kansas.

The debris was shipped to Fort Bliss, Texas, home of the 8th Army Air Force, here it was analysed and some was sent to Wright Airfield Ohio and the rest was sent to Fort Riley in Kansas.

Ex-CIA: Roswell UFO Was Alien And There Were Dead ETs

Major Philip J Corso was stationed at Fort Riley during 1947 and saw something one night in July that would change his view of the world forever.

He found stored in a crate inside a thick glass container a strange body. It was a four foot human shaped being with arms, six fingered hands and thin legs and feet, it appeared to have pale grey skin. It had a large head and huge almond shaped eyes and a tiny nose and mouth.

Inside the crate he also found an Army Intelligence document stating that the being was retrieved from a craft that had crash landed near Roswell. The Major tried to put the incident behind him, although the image of the alien being he saw that night never faded from his memory.

In 1961 Major Corso was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and went to work at the Pentagon.

He was now under the command of General Trudeau. Lieutenant Colonel Corso was put in charge of a filing cabinet full of materiel that was classed as foreign technology. Inside the cabinet were the remains of some of the objects found at the Roswell crash site.

He found inside the cabinet, tiny glass-like wires, thin plastic circuits, elliptical eye pieces, and a grey silver foil like cloth, a short stubby flashlight that emitted a beam and a headband with an electrical signal device on either side.

These items were secretly leaked to large corporations who were working on similar projects at this time. The new alien technology would help them with their research and development in these areas, initially the items were used in the armed forces and eventually they would appear in the mainstream.

Soldier Breaks 44-Year Silence Over Roswell: 500 Military Men Saw the UFOs

The tiny glass wires were fibre optics, the thin plastic circuits were computer chips, the elliptical eye pieces became night vision goggles, the grey silver foil like cloth became body armour such as kevlar, the short stubby flashlight emitted a laser beam and the headband was supposedly used to telepathically control the space craft.

This is one of the reasons why technology has advanced so much in the last fifty years; we have been reverse engineering alien technology found at Roswell and other UFO crash sites.

All of this technology was leaked out to the general public in secret.

The governments of the world were terrified of the aliens and what they could do, so the whole story was hushed up and still is to this day.

Armed forces were terrified that the Russians would find out about all the technology that was retrieved from Roswell.

The Russian Roswell: Last Living Eye-Witness, A KGB Colonel, Speaks Out

They even kept the information from the CIA as they didn’t trust them at all; they felt anything the CIA knew the KGB would know.

They didn’t even want other US armed forces to know what they were working on. They were probably working on the same items as Colonel Corso but unaware of this fact and the government could have been trying to find out who would come up with a use for the foreign technology first.

This is how all the secrecy started. This time was also the beginning of the Secret Space Programmes.

Colonel Philip J Corso died in 1998 at the age of 83 after a massive heart attack, just one year after publishing the book “The Day After Roswell”.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding his book ‘The Day After Roswell’. Some people believe him and others think it is all a fantasy. A lot of supposed facts have been discredited.

He does seem to be at the centre of it all, whether he actually did everything he says he did, I am not sure, the fact is I find it extremely plausible that this is how new technology got into the mainstream whether it happened exactly as he says in his book or not.

To me there is a lot of truth in this book and he may be writing on behalf of others and using his own name to protect them.

He did publish this book when he was in his eighties and maybe being in his eighties he thought he had nothing to lose.

Hopefully one day in the not too distant future we will all find out what really happened that day in Roswell, New Mexico.

By Julie Alexander,

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.