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7 Examples of Monumental Government Hypocrisy and What We Can Do

Government hypocrisy will continue to exist as long as our governments are still run by crooks associated with crooked institutions, tied in to deceptive agendas.

To manipulate the general consensus, those leading will, in the public eye, create the illusion of having ‘virtue,’ with a hollow mocked up sincerity, while talking in double-standards.

Having little regard for truth, honesty and integrity, even harbouring contempt for the people they’re supposed to serve, there are no limits to how hypocritical our political leaders and their respective governments can be.    

In view of this here are just 7 typical examples of monumental government hypocrisy:

1. Anti-government ‘extremist’

In recent years, governments from all over the world have brought in the term ‘extremist’ to label someone who has anti-government views.

Because the term ‘extremist’ is used to quash, discredit or attack anyone for their anti-government views regardless of truth then this in itself is an act of extremism by the government.

2. Outlawing hate crime

The government will commit a gross hate crime on its citizens. It will then go on to accuse its own citizens of hate crime just for questioning and speaking out against this crime.

As with the anti-government ‘extremist’ label, again, it’s the government’s way of shutting us up while prohibiting critical thinking.

-Consider this unprincipled monumental government hypocrisy when relating it to

 3. (…) terrorist accusations

The United States government has been accusing its citizens of being potential terrorists if they are found to be questioning the 911 terrorist attacks. –From questionnaire research that makes over half the United States citizenry potential terrorists according to the government!

A number of us know that the official version of 911 has enough holes in the plot to drive double-decker buses in and out of. More and more evidence has gathered that challenges the official version.

While making such accusations it’s the government who are the real terrorists: A number of us know only too well that since 911 there has been an increasing rise in government terrorism on its citizens.

Take, for example, the recent revealing information from whistleblower Nick Begich that DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency), a wing of the Pentagon, is using electronic mind control technology to terrorize unsuspecting citizens…

4. Surveillance

The monumental government hypocrisy behind mass surveillance basically goes like this: Your government expects you to hand over all your privacy to the various governmental organizations, authorities or agencies without fuss.

While on the same breath your government continues to be anything but transparent. Steeped in secrecy your government regularly covers-up, suppresses, redacts, classifies, disguises, secretly destroys or  ‘looses’  information… 

As Makia Freeman said in so many words in her article “10 Pieces of Modern Day Propaganda”, it’s all about control and the controlling of information so that your government can have the one-up on you. Privacy is a basic human right. Without it, we lose our power and society falls apart.

5. ‘Fake news’

Indeed, one sure-fire thing we’ve learnt from the alternative (independent) media is to never believe or trust in the government and the mainstream media (MSM). The accusations made by the government and the MSM that the alternative media is ‘fake news’ has taken hypocrisy to a whole new level.

MSM’s desperate attempts to try and have total control of the press and silence public dissention by censoring the alternative media with the ‘fake news’ label has predictably backfired:

This unconstitutional, undemocratic act of fascism has served as a cue for those in the alternative media to further effectively expose the MSM as the ones with the real fake news.

6. War hypocrisy

In true Orwellian fashion, War = Peace, the warmongering by the USA and the UK over the years has been quite appalling:

These prolific warmongers, having had an involvement in the serious injuring and killing of millions of innocent men, women and children, have the gall to condemn those for not supporting their peace!

Take, for instance, the bombing of Libya: The warmongers stated that they did it to protect civilians.

After the devastation, both the USA and the UK offer no real aid to the people in the countries affected. Some of this aid could have been life-saving… The justifications for these despicable military attacks had been based on no evidence.

7. Hypocritical politicians

While the government acts as one controlling body with all its hypocrisy, it has more than a fair share of politicians with their own individual hypocrisies.

For instance, a certain UK high-ranking politician has recently been accusing public workers in the lower pay bracket such as nurses of being overpaid while he rakes in £10k a month through property rental.

-Tell me; what planet is this politician on?

What we can do

We need to expose the criminal activities by the criminals in power and their monumental government hypocrisy. Expose the fact that the MSM is not telling us what’s really going on in the world.

Expose the MSM’s narrow reporting, blatant lies, cover-ups and distorted facts… while they want us to believe that so many events are unconnected. Like, for example, those recurring events in false flag psy-ops… would be dismissed by the MSM as mere ‘coincidence.’ 

Encourage frequenting the alternative media for getting the real news. Encourage seeing the ‘big picture.’

If people are blind to the ‘big picture’ then they will never understand how or why they are being played. They will never realize that the planned chaos, such as World War 3, will continue to unimaginable levels if nothing is done by we- the-people to impede it.

Indeed, the time for change is NOW. Time for we-the-people to take responsibility: Time for us to put our differences aside, not be fractured, but stay united, to create that vitally needed planetary turnaround.

By Paul A Philips, Guest author