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Growing Mandatory Obedience and Defending Our Inalienable Rights

A growing number of us realise that certain freedoms we have taken for granted for so long are seriously under threat.

Unscrupulous governmental authorities and corporations driven by self-interests are overseeing increasing agendas with intended outcomes designed to make us comply, forcing us into more and more mandatory obedience.

For instance, in recent years, we have seen the push for mandatory vaccinations with threats of barring kids from school, job dismissal and refusal of medical treatment for those not accepting vaccination, regardless of dissenting views.

As well as mandatory vaccinations there are plans to make employees submit their DNA records with threats of dismissal for non-compliance. All done under the guise of “health preventative measures” for the “greater good” of the people.

Then there’s the case of the FDA’s approval for microchipped pills as part of the microchip agenda.

We know that the globalists and their governmental authorities or agencies are hell-bent on controlling us through, for example, mass surveillance, and will find any back-door they can to monitor our every move.

Since these micro-chipped pills can be used for mass surveillance, will they become standard or compulsory?

Now, here comes the point to all this:

Forced vaccinations, submitting DNA records, micro-chipped pills… then what?

Our health freedoms are not the only things at stake here. The old adage “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” bears more than an element of truth. If we give up our health freedoms and allow ourselves to be forced into mandatory obedience then what? What will the ruling authorities force on us next?

How about making ‘smart’ phones compulsory? Will the authorities make the ownership of ‘smart’ devices compulsory so that they can map and identify citizens in real-time no matter where they go? Will we be fined if caught not being in possession of our personal compulsory ‘smart’ device?

If you’re found not walking the dictated white line: Not complying with the forever increasing rules, ordinances and regulations, then you could be in trouble.

Having been located and identified in the 5G network cloud, as a part of the “internet of things,” you could be picked up from your ‘smart’ device by patrolling enforcement officers in very little time…

No need for you to hand over your device. The overseeing authorities from some central controlling location will have already known about the information on it together with a detailed profile on you. They would already have the encryption code to access your device.

After all, when this information was accessed by the authorities it was only for your own good, to “protect you,” especially from those “terrorists.” And why wouldn’t you have handed over your information if you had bought in to the propaganda spun by your government that says: “if you’ve done nothing wrong then you’ve nothing to hide…”

Will there come the day when the ruling authorities (as planned) would have amassed a world-wide DNA database on the populations? Will this be used in conjunction with EM (electromagnetic) technology for controlling every citizen?

These are just some of the things planned to control us into mandatory obedience.

Defending Our Inalienable Rights

Governments involved in stripping away our freedoms need to be told emphatically that we have a basic inalienable right to our own personal, mental well-being and physical health. Besides maintaining our health rights, in further awareness of the situation, let’s keep the pressure on our governments to protect our privacies.

Not just in the UK or USA, but everywhere in the world, how much more invasion of privacy will there be before the masses wake up and realize what’s really going on and say enough is enough?

See video:

Let’s spread the word. Encourage others to join in our campaign. Make the people profoundly realize the gravity of the situation and demand that action gets taken…

Basically, the race is on:  Will there be enough awakened individuals needed, acting in the name of truth, honesty and integrity; doing what’s morally right, to turn the tides before the control net tightens and enslaves us beyond our recourse?

By Paul A Philips, Guest author