Here is What Jim Carrey Really Wanted to Say in His Latest Interview

If you don’t know by now, Jim Carrey lives a highly spiritual life. He became obsessed with painting and sharing inspirational knowledge aiming to awaken the world.

He believes that love should be our religion and we should all find a way to tune into the cosmic truth in order to raise the world’s vibration.

That’s why in most interviews he sounds a little strange and off, like it’s not the always funny joke cracking Jim we knew.

Many people are even worried, after listening to his last interview. They think that he is losing his mind and going crazy. However, they don’t really understand what he is trying to say and where is all that coming from.

If they listen for just a moment to what he is trying to say, they will discover that he is not just blabing nonsense, but sharing profound spiritual and philosophical knowledge.

Take a listen to what he says in his latest interview:

Now, I have to note that I am not agreeing with everything he is saying. For example, he says that the show is “absolute lowest aiming possibility that we can come up with” and I don’t think there is highest or lowest.

There is a significance in all things, even in events and things that appear ‘lowest’ for the spiritually awoken human mind. They matter in ways hard for us to perceive as everything is connected with everything else.

The fact that he is choosing the most meaningless event to attend paradoxically gives the event in question a little more meaning.

For example, it produces an interview such as this one that people might be inspired by.

However, what he tries to say with all this is that we give too much attention on superficial things, celebrating icons while ignoring personality.

The difference is that by celebrating icons we are emphasizing only the first layer. Other people will try to achieve that layer by copying details without digging a little deeper.

Celebrating personality, however, shines light on more than one layer. It gives depth that people should aspire to understand. It shares lessons and character traits that the people who are celebrated had to learn and develop.

It promotes a character that others can be inspired by, an idol they can aspire to be like not by copying the outer layer and wearing the same dress, but by building their own character in a similar way.

There are different values in these perspectives, one perspective offers badges while the other a personality that will help to acquire those badges and much more.

A good and strong character is beneficial in all areas of life not just in one.


Jim tries to say that media puts an accent on the wrong things!

He tries to say that we are beyond what we wear, that in order to achieve peace we have to find it within.

The deep philosophy in what he is saying “I don’t believe you exist” or “There is no me” is derived from the Buddhist belief that there is no Self. That the Self, or what we call Self is in a constant state of becoming.

Even neuroscientists agree with this theory that there is no Self. You are just a collection of memories and habits in a sequence that’s unique to you.

What you identify with is always changing. Just remember the difference in identity when you were in highschool.

Even most of your thoughts are not yours!

Jim, saying this in an interview before a fashion show, tells a lot more than just that.

He is trying to make people aware that their identity, their ego, is not them.

We are much more than our identity and our ego, he is trying to say that those things, in fact, are our own produce meaning we must be beyond them.

We take things too seriously!

Even this interview, a man is saying something before a show, we take it too seriously!

We analyze it and overthink it while in reality he could have just felt that way, saying whatever he feels to say, for no other reason than self entertainment!

He says “There are just things happening” with aim to tell us that we take things too seriously. We make so much drama out of the world and we don’t have to.

There is a good comeback from the reporter saying that there are important news around the world right now that are pretty serious.

This is a great look at duality, at how one person who is detached from the world drama and another who is attached to the world drama look at things.

Both perspectives are equally right and important for humanity!

I mean, there are really important things for us in the world that if we do not take seriously the world might be destroyed.

But Jim really nails it when he says “It’s not our world”!

So even if the world is destroyed, Nature will remain.

The drama we create is our drama. The things we take seriously are things that matter for the human world. But in reality, we are a tiny little speck of dust circling around a fireball in midst of ever expanding Universe stretched through infinity.

There is a bigger picture than us that we should keep in mind.

We don’t really matter as much as we think we do on this bigger picture. And that’s why he says “That’s the good news”!

Because if we do not matter so much than we can take a break from being all too serious, like we carry the world on our back, and we can finally live! We can finally have fun and be who we really are!

This is the spiritual point of view. However, in my opinion, we should also look at the other side.

Yes, we can be at peace and have fun and be who we are. But why is peace so important? What’s wrong with all the other spectrum of emotions that we can experience?

If there is not a real meaning, and we create our own meaning, than why don’t we aspire to create something EPIC! Why shouldn’t we paint with all the colors that we want to?

And if someone says “for what reason?” or “what’s the point?” why don’t we say because that’s what we choose to? Why do we need a reason?

If life is a song than why don’t we sing the most EPIC song we can sing?

Why? Because that’s what we can be!

Maybe we don’t matter in the bigger picture but we matter in our human picture.

Maybe we should not look too high to find some universal meaning but look within us to find a personal one.

Maybe we will discover that the things that should matter to us were always in front of us. And maybe those things should be important!

What if our sense of meaning is actually telling us that we are the ones who should create meaning in The Universe and not look to find it?