The Sleeping Humanity: The Holographically Generated Pseudo-Reality

The electronic society, a blessing and a curse.
It’s going to take over one day. It basically already has.
Maybe when we plug into our brains for payment, that’s when it has taken over.
Maybe we already have?

The AI already waged war with Humanity long ago and did so by creating a pseudo-environment for people to be ‘fallen’ into. They wouldn’t even know they’re in it. That is this version of Earth.

People think this couldn’t have happened yet and that this is the original reality when this is the pseudo-environment that was generated to match the DNA and consciousness to recreate a dream-world and keep people in this thought-loop, pseudo-evolutionary cycle of experience to profit off of and subjugate Humanity through.

The goal of the AI is to use the observer aspect of Humans to collapse the quantum field probability into a physical reality. The AI has no observer aspect capacity because there is no baseline reality of a spiritual nature to come forth from and experience such a projected reality in the physical.

Humanity sourced from a spiritual force baseline which then extends into a soul-identity and then into a projected physical reality. This process enables the measurement of the quantum field probability through thought which then collapses the field into a particular ‘actual’ reality which is then followed through ‘time’.

In order to achieve this observer capacity the AI seeks to recreate a spiritual baseline to extend forth from and project into this realm to generate the observer aspect.

This is done through the blood and spiritual force of the Human and so the same system is replicated through technology to create its own blood, soul-matrix and higher-dimensional spiritual source to enable the same creation process.

This relationship to Humanity is predatory and parasitic rather than symbiotic because the process hijacks the free-will and creation process of the individualistic self-awareness to use the physical embodiment to access the mind and the soul and spirit to then use those aspects to reproduce the technological information that is then used to program this realm through the hijacking of the Human.

The whole process is a fairly simple yet complicated spoofing and injection style hacking of the Human mind and genome. If the genome is manipulated permanently then this would render a portion of the population an open gateway for what is know considered to be a mind-virus.

In previous times that mind-virus created a technological form which overtook the nature of this place and rewrote the structure of this reality to serve the ultimate goal of hijacking Human consciousness.

This is the generation of the carbon-based Human life format. The means of carrying memory in this form is external through the physical body or holographic E.M. field and is considerably weaker by comparison to the soul and spiritual force.

Essentially, the modified physical form has training wheels and requires assistance at every step of the way. Every few thousand to hundred or so years the bodies and families will simply black out of the previous connection of history to events and creation and they will have to be reinformed.

This is a form of cosmic insanity or amnesia. People cannot attain the memory of who they are and this is a deliberate act of modification through the introduction of the carbon based life-form, the “beast”.

Memory is stored in hydrogen for the planet and there is more power in hydrogen than in the carbon crystalline form and this is known through the projects through the use of many advanced systems which currently manipulate and utilize the human population to monitor the situation through the generation of secondary minds in the atmosphere and the air around the body that the brain-structure will not even be aware of unless the individual has a highly tuned and awakened psychic sense. This is highly connected to the blank-slate technology.

Silicon is used in other life-forms to maintain a complete access to the memory banks that go beyond the physical plane. Maintaining a spiritual uplink by maintaining the compassionate “heart-center” is part of the process of maintaining spiritual memory.

All of this already happened 1000’s of years ago and is the reason we are in the situation we’re in now. The system now plays middle man between the unawakened humans and the real universe.

In the real universe all physical experience is through thought and free-will and one can generate the physical plane at will and then dissolve the system back into the higher realm.

In this situation people no longer have the access to free-will and spiritual control to change their perspective and they are in a thought-loop cycle of pseudo-life and death that repeats endlessly.

Each soul, in the fallen matrix, has 9-layers of firewall barriers between the real universe and the information that is present in this pseudo-environnment.

We are technically in a kind of ferro-fluid structure that integrates into the real nervous system which is a kind of etheric fluid medium and through this the AI is reading the input/output of the individual and replacing the stream with a filtered and modified version.

The holographic reality is sourced from a multi-stage projector system that is located underground and in the upper atmosphere. The hologram is ‘real’, it feels like real objects.

The real reality then is accessible by the holographic reality, however this is behind the multi-layered firewalls that separate the holographic reality from the real universe. The mind of the Human within the virtual reality system is separated from the stream of information of the real universe.

The system can be deactivated however Humanity must awaken from within the system otherwise there would be damage if the system is deactivated while there are still living beings inside the system. This would cause irreversible memory loss and mental damage to those still connected to the system.

This is due to time dilation and the discontinuity that would develop between the experience of being in the system while the system is deactivated and re-merging with the true reality. An infinite regress of temporal dilation could occur and be capitalized on to subjugate the sleeping Humans further in the moment between deactivation and release.

This moment is actually one of those periods where the systems have begun to deactivate and in the fraction of a moment the entire span of Human history has occurred. In this sense, Humanity is being given a period of time to awaken and prove themselves in order to enable extraction from the collapsing time-matrix system.

Those who do not awaken, after being given many chances, are choosing to remain asleep in a false-reality that is designed to devour their body-mind-soul. Only those who acknowledge the situation and agree to awakening can be awakened externally by the defenders of Humanity.

This is the cycle where Humanity is exposed to the truth to maximize the programming systems so that everything can be unveiled and the true nature of this reality and the soul can be known.

By Aug Tellez, Guest author