We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For — We Are the Shift

Ancient DNA lineage is being awoken in the surface population. Over the past weeks, we have seen advances and setbacks on the collective physical level that are unprecedented. One of the first things I would like to point out, is the absolute undeniable rise in the cryptocurrency market.

Some might look at this as a great way to escape debt slavery and see the potentials in decentralized monetary systems and what they can become, but what most are missing is the MONUMENTAL milestone that the collective consciousness is birthing at this moment.

The Babylonian slave money magic system has kept humanity in a state of *have* and *have not* throughout recorded mainstream history. Despite the fact that “money is the root of all evil”, humanity has never once been able to escape from it.

Money, as a benevolent, uninterfered with tool has the amazing capacity to centralize the energy focus of a massive group of people to achieve phenomenally groundbreaking work towards the benefit of all, yet a small group of people guided by the energetic parasitic construct have been at the helm of the vehicle and have steered it into a system of fear, deprivation, torture, depravity, perversion and inhumanity.

What we are seeing with the complete abandonment of the slave money magic system into independent, free currencies is the collective consciousness literally forcing the possibility of freedom from finances instead of financial freedom into reality. This is a groundbreaking milestone in many ways.

This shows that the negative/ poverty programming of the entire collective is breaking down at a fundamental level. The money is how all of this becomes possible to begin with, and the collective is finally informed enough, evolved enough, and fed up enough to finally begin moving against it en mass.

This might seem a small thing when looking at this from the physical perspective, but from the energetic and collective level, this is akin to discovering how to use fire. This is Promethean.

Expect these markets to become much stronger and much more expansive in the near future. These systems are going to be the middle-ground between Babylonian slave money magic and a monetary free society… Ubuntu consciousness.

Because of these breakthroughs and milestones being met, the pressure and attacks on humanity has been increased and many are seeing people they knew as rational objective sources of stability losing touch with themselves and acting out in confrontational and divisive ways. This is a symptom.

The world at large is going absolutely crazy on a macro scale right now, simply because the parasitic construct is taxed to its breaking point.

The energetic milestones and breakthroughs have been causing multiple levels of the control systems to destabilize and fracture out, forcing repairs, supervision and direct engineering from the systems of the dark, and this requires a massive amount of energy.

They are pulling out all the stops. They have been trying to separate us into groups of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, ideology and philosophy, and all of the previous wedges between these groups are all being inflamed to maximum effect.

For each one of these energetic flare-ups of Loosh energy on a collective scale is causing fractures that is allowing more and more division to be forced into people’s lives on an individual scale.

Our job is to feel these tensions, feel these aggressions, feel these burning needs to prove ourselves right, and take a deep breath and allow them to drain out of our bodies, just like sand from an hourglass. These times are never easy to inject your consciousness into the programming.

The next time you feel yourself getting angry and confrontational, redirect yourself. Take a deep breath, turn away, and hold in your mind what you know is healthy. Love. Compassion. Trust. Our job is to be the glue.

Our job is to be the unwavering rock of stability. We are entering zones of extreme potential as we speak and the collective light in humanity is more than enough to sustain many amazing timelines right now.

One of the major breakthroughs has been the activation of the energetic DNA bodies. Physical DNA has information that flows through it from generation to generation that dictate many physical traits and manifestations.

In our human bodies, we have 2 DNA strands that accomplish this. What many are unaware of, is that we are, even in this stunted and energetically dumbed down body, operating on 4 DNA strands. 2 physical and 2 energetic.

A massive collective group has now been activated on the energetic level. The multidimensional filters and blocks that have kept these energetic DNA strands dormant and unconscious have been removed as of Monday, July 3rd around 11:30AM Pacific time. I do not know how many were a part of this activation, it was to massive for me to get a count in the speed that it happened, but it was easily in the millions.

This is a collective boost/push that will be felt very soon. I do not have dates or times until after the energy coalesces, but I do have probabilities by the buildup of energy and potentials that are felt/seen.

What is coming is an incredible shift. This will be one of the first major collective shifts, but it will not be seen, it will only be felt.

Those of us who are already on the path of unlocking, strengthening and training our chi in the Golden Frequency, or any actively using energy in their daily lives, will notice an increase of affinity, awareness and strength. Those who are unaware of the energetic levels their bodies work on will begin to actually feel it.

For the first time in our modern history, despite the fact that many will deny what they are feeling even to themselves, humanity will begin to open up energetic connections on a multidimensional scale.

Just like with any path of mastery, it always starts in the acolyte or infant stage and progresses upwards from there. Many will be opening up to new sensations and understandings without having any frame of reference for them.

What happens afterwards is the beginning of taking our planet back. What happens afterwards is a space where humanity on a whole is going to be forced into a collective Dark Night of the Soul. What happens afterwards is when we as a people begin to realize how unnatural this system is and begin to actively non consent on an individual scale.

Again, I do not have times or dates, only probabilities and potentials, but I feel this heading to us like an asteroid. My guess is within the next 2 months with points in time inside of this period with incredibly intensity, both positive and negative in nature.

It is time to do the work. It is time to face the inner shadow and begin to clear it out, because it is getting cleared one way or the other. Take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.

Recognize that thinking about someone or something in a negative manner is making an energetic connection to them that you are pouring dark energy through… it is literally black magic. If you find yourself in a thought cycle that does not make you smile, actively pull yourself out of it.

The energy is building. The shift IS coming. We ARE taking our planet back and there is NO stopping it. This does not mean that you have no work to do, this means the exact opposite.


From my heart to yours,