7 ‘Secrets and Lies’ T.H.E.Y Would Rather You Not Find Out

Since time-immemorial T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) owning the banks and mega-corporations, while secretly controlling their corrupt governments in the global corporatocracy have relied heavily on a few crucial falling dominoes in the chain of cause and effect.

However, these crucial dominoes are seriously under threat through a rise in perception by the consciously awakened making up the world’s critical mass consciousness needed for change:

T.H.E.Y are well aware of this vulnerability, threatening their loss of power. T.H.E.Y  realize that their underworld with all its “secrets and lies” could be further exposed by the growing awakened to the extent of having the effect of removing those crucial dominoes:

Without which would lead to changing humanity’s downward spiral to an upward one by raising the vibration for world transformation.

In light of this, here are 7 “secrets and lies” T.H.E.Y would rather you not find out.

“If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” — George HW Bush

1. You’re not living in the land of the free

If ever there’s an example of how T.H.E.Y are covertly screwing us all over it’s in the case of the masses buying into the deeply ingrained lie that we’re living in the land of the free. It beggars belief how the sleeping masses can’t see that we are not:

Wage slavery, 40-hour working week obligation, debt, censorship and free speech suppression, increasing mandates, ordinances, rules and regulations creating the illusion of dependence on government.

Then there’s even the criminalizing of goodwill, a disturbing growing trend. Like the recent case of Californian authorities demanding that a church in Malibu, California stops giving free meals to the homeless.

Those are just some of the things that clearly show we’re not living in the land of the free.

2. The political ‘isms – Enslavement masquerading as “freedom”

Alternative media frequenters know that T.H.E.Y will not allow anything that has any real value to the people.

All their owned and controlled political parties are there to create the illusion of freedom, hope, choice and democracy, or to divide and rule, to maintain the stranglehold on humanity.

Thus, it follows that all the political ’isms (idealisms) serve the same purpose:

Communism and Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)

One underlying principle you’ll not have learnt in school or college is that all proletarian movements including communism have acted out of moneyed interests. Communism has been secretly owned, controlled and funded by elite corporatists.

The much revered Karl Marx, so-called “liberator of the proletariat” was in actuality a mere front man financed by the Rothschild family to enslave the people.

He was also related to the Rothschild’s. Contrary to common belief, Marx was not the founder of communism for world communist revolution. The real founder was Adam Weishaupt, father of the Illuminati Freemasons.

During his lengthy political career, Marx had all the support and supervision he needed from the Jesuits as well as the Freemasons to bring the communist manifesto and communism into being with the world at large.

Socialism – nothing more than opiates for the masses

It may come as a shock for many socialists that socialism was essentially created by the Rockefeller elite funded CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) in conjunction with the Trilateral Commission.

With its wafer-thin, leftist, political propaganda rhetoric, socialism has managed to con the naïve masses into believing in the fuzzy notion that one day, an idealistic utopian society based on equality and social justice can be formed, providing governments could be purged of its bad guys and made clean. 

Played by the system, followers have no idea that socialism is a cover for the New World Order takeover. Put simply, it has allowed the elite to carry on controlling; lying, cheating and stealing from the people. For more on this go here.

Capitalism – and a world not working

Not money, it is love that makes the world go around. But we know that money has taken precedence over love, with its soulless bankers, greed-machine corporations in a parasitical system.

Further, apathy, disconnection and narcissism in a self-centred consumerist society have, in a number of cases, taken precedence over love in humans: No wonder the world isn’t working.

To summarize: Whether its communism, socialism or capitalism, the left/right political paradigm has no value for the people, as all these roads lead to the same place, tyranny.

These false paradigms need to be dispelled. It’s time for us to go back to our roots again. Go back to focusing on what the American Founding Fathers stood for.

3. The Internet of Things (IoS) is effectively the New World Order

Forget for a while about the perceived “benefits” that T.H.E.Y and their associates have tried to deceive you with in order to get your approval.

Blinded by consumerist greed and the desire for control, here are 4 things seriously not right about the smart grid system and its wireless technology in the IoT:

a) The electromagnetic frequencies used in the EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) are harmful to life and seriously threaten entire populations.

The new 5G technology planned to roll out has a higher frequency than 4G. Pulsing more frequently, omnipresent 5G will attack our immune systems much faster. Smart meter testing for radiation makes meter readings go off-scale.

These radiation levels have been found to be much higher than those reported by the Federal Communications Commission and World Health Organization… Allowed to go ahead,the technology seriously threatens entire populations.

b) Controlling surveillance

T.H.E.Y want to have a God’s-eye view of us all and intend having it in the IoT. The IoT will therefore be nothing more than an electronic concentration camp.

Consider the abuse of power used by authorities in this system. Powerful spiritual human beings will be reduced to nameless ciphers; controllable “nodal points” in a control cloud.

c) Hack-ability

The IoT is much more vulnerable to hacking than we’ve been led to believe. Because the system will be so heavily relied on it could bring unimaginable chaos if it breaks down.

d) Transhumanist dangers

The IoT is part of the transhumanist agenda in the much sought after “singularity” by the elite seeking immortality. Mass exploitation where only the elite few will benefit, loss of spirituality and humanity… are just some of the disturbing aspects related to the transhumanist agenda.

In short, in all 4 cases, T.H.E.Y have tried to bury their “secrets and lies,” hidden ulterior motives, under the guises of “beneficial,” “convenience” or keeping us “safe.”

4. T.H.E.Y have no intention of paying back national debts

Imagine explaining the lunacy of this to a bunch of advanced ET visitors:

After having explained that the worldwide monetary system is a massive scam, you go on to say:

“…Our countries have national debts. One country is in debt to another. No country has any intention of paying back its national debt. Taking the case of the U.S.A, it owes over 20 trillion dollars.

“As it continues its reckless spending, it will lead to more and more poverty and slavery for the American people. The same applies for other countries. This is allowed to happen because debt leads to the creation of money.”  

Yes, having no intention of paying back the national debts allows more money to be printed out like confetti, as T.H.E.Y advance their worldwide monetary domination.

5. T.H.E.Y don’t want your children to grow up and be creative

Creativity is perceived as a big threat to the world’s enslavers. It can be used in a powerful way, especially by the people en masse to manifest an outcome different to the enslavers’ planned doom and gloom scenarios. So the enslavers have put in a number of things to try and make us dumber to quash our creativity.

It has been said that many children are being born into the world to produce world change. To stop these children the enslavers are trying to make them dumber by subjecting them to increased toxicity; increased toxic food, and the use of mass medication based on untruths.

For examples: Daydreaming = ADHD, Hormonal changes = Bipolar, Loner = Depression… Further toxic overload also includes rising unnecessary vaccinations, fluoridation, EMF’s…

The narrow education curriculum designed to programme and brainwash, i.e. make children or young people not think for them self is another one made to quash creativity. Then there’s the prohibition of free speech and absurd political correctness serving to stop critical thinking.

All have the hidden ulterior motives to make our children or young people less creative and less effective in producing world change by making them dumber.   

6. Joining the dots

T.H.E.Y don’t want you joining the dots: Finding out that their secrets and lies expose the fact that everything is connected.

For example, secretly manufactured wars, food toxicity, toxic or addictive medicine, environmental toxins, infertility from EMF’s or chemical sterilization, gender confusion, weather manipulation… etc are all connected.

They all contribute to their world depopulation agenda. In turn, the depopulation agenda interconnects with other agendas in the planned new world order…

In light of this vigilance and protection is needed at all times.   

7. The laws of attraction

Noam Chomsky aptly describes how clueless the masses are about what’s really going on in the world by saying in so many words that they don’t know what they don’t know… 

Therefore, a step in the right direction for the masses would be to “know what they don’t know.” Not merely in the context of vagueness, but in terms of empowerment. 

For instance, in a “know what we don’t know” context it is empowering for us to realize that possibility is not something to be fully comprehended, as that would limit our access to power over what’s really possible.

T.H.E.Y don’t want us to know about the application of the “Laws of Attraction.” How our deeds, thoughts, feelings and emotions… can be used in conjunction with the willingness to embrace possibility. Something that is vitally needed for us as conscious co-creators to produce world transformation.

In short, and above all, T.H.E.Y don’t want us to wake up and realize our power. 

That concludes just 7 “secrets and lies” that T.H.E.Y would rather you not find out

By Paul A Philips, Guest writer