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8 MILLION Children Go Missing Each Year Across the World — There’s Something More to Child Trafficking Than Most Think

The number of children that go missing each year across the world is staggering: 8 Million!

It’s estimated that between 50-60 million people have died in the First and Second World Wars combined. It’s a huge number of casualties, but it’s not even close to the 80 million children that go missing every decade. This means that in the past seven decades since the end of World War II, around half a billion children have gone missing without ever being found. Where are they?

Clearly, there’s something more to the story.

According to many whistleblowers, after the second world war we have developed a large space fleet, established extensive colonies on the Moon and Mars and we have companies that already mine for rare metals in the asteroid belt.

We should also take into account that there are huge underground bases, built on all continents, some of which are 30 stories deep.

(According to a plethora of whistleblowers, we share some of these bases with grey and reptilian aliens. They feed on humans, just like humans feed on animals).

All these projects require slave workers and that’s the final stage of child trafficking.

Of course, many of the children are being used for sex, ritualistic sacrifice, organ harvesting, adrenochrome harvesting (the Luciferian drug), etc., but most of them are being shipped to these secret colonies and raised as slaves.

Try telling this to the world and you’re immediately going to be labeled “insane.” Yet, this is the truth.

By Alexander Light,