Aligning With The Soul Star Chakra

As we learn to reside in the higher dimensions of Love and Light, realizing our Infinite Divine Spark of Love WITHIN, we no longer allow what used to trigger us, to trigger us anymore.

We see that is it not within the frequency of our dwelling to engage in such anymore. It is an expenditure of wasted energy. We see it as a mere projection of one’s shadow self, and we act as the mirror to reflect back that which needs to be seen through the vibrational frequency of unconditional love.

Here and now, it becomes natural to transmute lower energies into higher ones. And those who try to cause triggers are immediately bounced out of your field by the resonance of your heart frequency.

The vibrational frequency the heart emits is a large electromagnetic field that cannot be seen by most, but is felt by all with whom you come in contact with. When the vibrational frequency of unconditional love emits from the heart anything that is not within the same alignment backs up and goes away.

Anything that is in this alignment is attracted to you like a light beckon flashing on a lighthouse in a vast sea of darkness.

Being in a state of your Higher Self, and higher soul star chakra, you see things differently. You now see the challenges and lessons before you like an observer standing on the outside looking in.

Where as before you needed to experience these challenges for soul growth and evolution. It no longer requires the experience to learn and grow, only understanding and acceptance at a higher level of self… the Higher Self.

As we have worked infinitely on ourselves for healing and clearing of our karma, it is no longer necessary to experience, only to see and understand.

Through this karmic healing, which sometimes takes years to complete for some, it is priority to not pick up, or obtain anymore karma as the soul knows it creates a slow down in progression on the purpose we came here to do now. And an important one it is!

Understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love transcend the egoic human condition into unity of the mind, body, soul consciousness connection to all.

Where as before egoic tendancies created judgement, unacceptance and duality with much dancing and projecting with the shadow self. Now the higher self only sees acceptance, balance, and a knowing that the light and dark understood creates the balance within.

Here the ever present cognizance of one’s energetic frequency is always kept in check, knowing our vibrational frequency attracts and manifests our now. We are cognizant manifestors of the reality in which we wish to see here and now. We remain ever present in the Now moment seeing all of the Divine synchronicities that are presented to us and that guide us.

The past is no longer a concern, only now. And how we think, feel, speak in this Now moment, we know this creates the immediate future. Therefore, there is no consideration of what is to be. We know we create what is to be, and go with the Divine Universal flow of energy knowing, “It Is What It Is.”

Trying to control the outcome of any situation no longer consumes our thoughts, or our energy as we know it will be what is it meant to be. We learn in this here and now, we cannot save everyone. And some we aren’t meant to, for if we do, we take away their valuable lessons for soul growth.

We learn to reign our energy back in, and quit using it on those whose ears are closed, and deaf to the message. It is realized our energy is best utilized where the like minded frequency flows.

In this frequency, one is no longer willing to put up with, or accept that which is no longer in alignment with one’s soul. Therefore change, and shifting becomes second nature, making it easy to remain within our own soul’s alignment.

Relationships change, and fall away that are no longer in our alignment, and new relationships form that are a vibrational match. The job, or career shifts into what is in alignment. The very place we choose to live and dwell has pulled us, and shifted us into our soul alignment.

Anything that remains out of alignment now causes distress on the system, and will continue to trigger until the alignment is met.

In this here and now of mind, body, spirit unity, we see the Divine Spark of Infinite Love in all that connects us to everything and all that is.

No longer is it where conditions are placed on love, it is given and received freely. And as this unconditional love frequency ripples through our collective consciousness, it heals, transcends, and transmutes all that is not of this vibrational frequency.

Your Christed Self and Christ Consciousness spark is obtained through The Golden Ray, bringing new energy shifts of light through the chakra pillar, you are a realized BEing of Light dwelling in a vessel of mass.

A pure energy source transcending the human-ness of density. Here you see all energy, and you can easily interpret the energy remaining in full alignment with your soul and intuitive guidance.

Through the continuous downloads we have received, your metaphysical gifts have bursted wide open! Your 2 strand DNA upgrades to 12. You can see, and at will, access any dimension you wish by shifting your vibrational frequency to match that dimension.

In each dimension, new realms of existence are realized and accepted. The time illusion is realized and mass turns to energy giving you the ability to instantly manifest your here and now on New Earth.

You are Divine sparks of infinite light transcending the human-ness of density and duality. You are the Christ Consciousness embodied in the merkaba unity of mind, body, spirit. 💖

If you are feeling down and ready to give up, this is your sign from the Divine to push forward now. You are loved and needed, here for a very important purpose. Your Angels and Guides are supporting you and guiding you every step of your journey. You are not alone.

Open up to receiving all of the abundance of the Universe and Be in this Exquisiteness!

I love you all!
Lovingly, Tiffany