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Living Others’ Lives

(Deutsch) Deranged and Deranging Revulsive Parasites in the Imperceptible Absorbing and Usurping and Distorting Self’s and Other’s Expression Beyond Comprehension, a Veritable Plague of Eternity

One has been living on Planet Earth since Superhuman Times, Divine Superhumans the very first Form of Life on Our Planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, also called the Blue Planet, As, First, Divine Father Origin, 17th, then Divine Father Origin, 18th, with His Divine Twin, concurrent Consciousnesses of Love in Origin, Plants, indeed Microbes, the first Microbe, the Paramecium, coming along second third of Superhuman Times!

The Setting for the Evocation of Divine Heart in Love in Togetherness for the Potential of Divine Expression to evolve, Love As Divine Twins, had been set and the principle Participants of Existence invited to participate in the Evolution of Expression, Meaning, True Meaning from One’s Origins in the Imperceptible, the Higher Realms of Realities in and throughout Existence In and Through Divine Plan stemming from Beyond Time and the Successive Lines of the most resilient relative Steadfast Holders of Integrity in and with Intelligence (Holders of the Real Compass), over 22%, Destinies, over 2%, Fates, over 2%, Father Heavens, over 2%, Heavenly Fathers, 2%, Divine Father Heavens, 2%, Divine Heavenly Fathers, 2%, O’s, over 4%, Origins, over 2%, and Father Origins, over 86%, less than 14% less so, although still contributing during more than 20% of Their Time mentally active before succumbing to mental threat and the unqualifiable undue focus of undesirable attention afforded Them in the midst of systematic aggression, exploitation to the core, envy, hatred, all in the Higher Realms of Existence, the Successive Lines, Divine or not, relative importance most critically and crucially related to Their Combination of Participants with particular emphasis on Father Origins, Divine Father Origins and Their Respective Twins, Divine Twins, when Twins, Divine Twins.

In particular on High Density Reality of Planet Earth, Gaia, also called the Blue Planet, a devastating Struggle between True Meaning and Extinction instead ensuing with increasing near infinite numbers of replicating and proliferating Participants and their real Slaves of Existence – not heeding Origin in Love’s simple Guidance and Instructions to seek recourse to Will succinctly to determine reaching Gaia’s Year 2012AD and Conferring All To Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, As and By and In and Of and Through and With His Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Being’s Consciousness, Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, Together, Divine All-ah, Divine Presence, Enabling of the Dream of Paradise on Earth for All Participants of Existence – to play poor Pass-Time in and through undue mental activity in the Higher Realms of Reality in and throughout Existence ill-determining with undue over ride, undue follow through and undue reach the successive Lives of Ascendants and Descendants and their beyond the conceivable threatening relationships, trans-Realms, in particular to super sophisticatedly Enactate, Direct and/or Indirect, implicit super sophisticated Puppeteering absolutely beyond belief, Divine Father Origins, Their Divine Twins, Their Closer Relationships , including as members of the Fauna, now Animals, some as former Deities and Pharaohs and Father Heavens from Sumerian Times amongst them, Father Heavens as Beavers, Deer, Dogs, Cats, Horses and rare Doves and Swallows, Frogs in Ponds and Carp in shallow lakes or larger ponds, with whom/Whom one can today carefully communicate telepathically upon short formal request or short Prayer, depending on relative Risk to the Participants, the initial targets, the actual Natural Divine Earthly Reality in Its Entirety Ultimately, LITERALLY, the Natural Elements at whim and caprice of awry Will, as if in a Playstore Reality, in particular after Third Sumerian Times, a Theatrical Reality in Pharaoh’s Time, then a low-order Circus or Fair, later a Toystore Reality, and a near Videogame Reality by Gaia’s Year 2012AD, all the whilst Divine Heart Imposed and Impinged and Encroached Upon, Divine Heart often enabling all to exercise their residual wWill to inebriatedly, merrily, aggressively, whilst embedded in hypocrisy, participate in the Wringer Out of Expression, the Wringer Out of Existence, envious of the Real Compass, the Divine Plan, and essentially Father Origins, Divine Father Origins, with Their Respective Twins, Divine Twins, when Twins, Divine Twins, for persevering despite all odds, everything imaginable and unimaginable undertaken to thwart the arrival of Divine Presence, Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin, Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, in Gaia’s 2012AD – including beyond unnatural deeply hurtful dissociation of the Divine Father Origins and Their Divine Twins, over 17 (Seventeen) successive Life-Times leading to Gaia’s Year 2012AD with the appearance of Faux Twins, now called High Resonance Partners in Life, posing as Twins, Divine Twins to confound but also to remedially complete Divine Heart of Father Origins, Divine Father Origins, Divine Heart stealthily more incomplete over Time, Completion of Divine Heart Envisioned in and through Divine Plan In and Through Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, and with His Other Divine Wives, Wives, Divine Wives over 13 (thirteen) Life-Times – year corroborated by the Mayans, for Time ultimately also having been Divine Outraged and Sequestered in order to Beyond Extreme Exhaust Divine Heart! Offered as a small titbit of information: The last third of Superhuman Times was more than One Million Quintillion Quintillion Quintillion Quintillion Quintillion Seventy-Seven Mentions of One Million Quintillion Quintillion Quintillion Quintillion Quintillion multiple of the first two thirds, near the beginning of the last third, Time spent in the foul Environment of Threat and Forced Negotiation in and with intrigue, high intrigue, conniving, contriving, colluding, scheming and conspiring against Love in Origin’s Divine Plan and the Father Origins, Divine Father Origins Who were generating Silent Rejection of Self, Others and All with the Stupidity in and of Being in Existence in the midst of the most Obvious Benefit, simply not understood, unique Consciousness increasingly disintegrating, just following Divine Father Origin’s 27th, with His Divine Twin, 2,100 (Two Thousand and one Hundred) Year Marathon, interspersed with three Respites of 2 (two) Weeks, in enduring and unfaltering Love in Togetherness so as to convince the ever growing number of ingrate Parasites in the Imperceptible of the feasibility of Meaning, True Meaning, implicitly the Divine Plan to be implemented in Gaia’s 2012AD, the Divine Keys to Which He was to Deliver to Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan.

Unfortunately, He was thwarted in His Efforts, with His Divine Twin, by the increasingly obsessively determined naturally unnaturally fallacious essentially non-symbiotic Parasitic Participants of Existence preferring to continue to play poor Pass-Time with Undue Wherewithal priming and leveraging the Wringer Out of Existence and the Wringer Out of
Expression in and through their malign and malicious and nefarious Extinctionist activity. Ever wonder why Man, formally Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Beings, became infested and infected by all sorts of vermin? Now you know. Basically, undue infiltrating in and invading of and incurring upon and insurging upon Expression of Divine Heart in the dire need to wrench any and all control from Divine Heart and Successive Lines related to Divine Heart and the Divine Plan – the Divine Un-Divine Plan when cited in Divine Father All’s, Divine All’s, Divine Stefan’s Contribution to Law, given the obvious inconceivable conceivable, unqualifiable, and unconscionable misery confronted with, the Divine Plan nonetheless evolving unbelievably and impressively, more recently – and Divine Father Origins, beyond extreme Giving in Exploitation to the Core a reflection of Divine Heart’s In and Through and With Divine Father Origins’ and the afore-mentioned Successive Lines determination to persevere despite the unqualifiable pressures and unnatural insane inconceivable conceivable demand.

It is vital to remember that dissociation of Divine Heart was not mentioned in Divine Plan, dissociation progressing under these incredible pressures from zero to 4%, then 7 (seven) percent, then 14 (fourteen), and finally 22%, Father Origins, Divine Father Origins obliged to increasingly accept Faux Twins, Divine Faux Twins in their Life-Times, High Resonance Partners in Life, silent grave quiet supplication in and with Divine Heart a dramatic truth.

The initial Setting in Divine Superhuman Times evolved into a near Theatrical Stage beginning First Sumerian Times 2.4 Million Years ago, a protracted period of Time ensuing as long as the previous absurd and abusive period cited above between these two Periods, again for the purposes of premediated generation of foul and fouler environment of threat and evermore aggressive and forced negotiation in and with intrigue, high intrigue, conniving, contriving, colluding, scheming and conspiring against Love in Origin’s Divine Plan, the supportive Successive Lines and the Respective Concurrent Consciousnesses of Father Origins, Divine Father Origins, with Their Respective Twins, Divine Twins, forced into accepting increasing degrees of unnatural and unconscionable dissociation between Twins, Divine Twins, Evocation in and of and with Love in Divine Heart of Divine Twins an exponential multiple of any relationship between Faux Twins, now called High Resonance Partners in Life more and more compromised, in order to accommodate the Divine Plan in the midst of Sheer Abuse of Time and the appearance of more and more deranged residual unique Consciousness with undue mental activity, Who were generating increasing silent rejection of Self, Others and All with the outright Parasitic Stupidity in and of Being in Existence in the midst of the most Obvious Benefit simply not understood, Unique Consciousness increasingly disintegrating to the Point of the Appearance of the Fauna in the First Sumerian Period In and Through Divine Father Origin, 32nd, with His Respective Divine Twin, the Fauna, indeed, the entire Naturally Divine Earthly Reality of Gaia in Its Divine Complexity representing Divine Heart in Divine Compensation for the continuing Path of the Divine Dream of bringing True Meaning to All in Gaia’s Year 2012AD with Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All and His Divine Twin Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, Together, Divine All-ah, Divine Presence.

The Third Sumerian Period saw the renewed enforcement of a devastating period of Time of similar length as the prior period in deplorable negotiation with permanence of Presence in and throughout a respective Life-Time, Divine Father Origins, most often as Emperors and Gods, and Their Respective Divine Twins, when Divine Twins, most often as Respective Empresses and Goddesses, always with Respective Single Presence in Permanence in and throughout a respective Life-Time with the Respective Divine Unique DNA, the exception (exception five specific Life/Times during which respecting pre-defined genuine permanence nonetheless was strictly adhered to as described elsewhere in this essay), the Entourage of Friends and Acquaintances and their respective Representatives placed into question – so much so that on Planet Earth only fourteen single Persons with Unique Consciousnesses in and throughout their Life-Times in this Extinctionist dominating Higher Realms’ poor and miserable Pass-Time, serious game for some, of former Playstore Realities were left, more specifically, necessarily, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, and His Divine Twin, Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, but also His youngest Divine Son, Divine Status Divine Frederico, with His Divine Twin, Serving Him in the Divine Higher Realms of All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….Divine All’s, …. Gaia’s* Extended*) and in the Transition Area, Divine Transition Area of All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….Divine All’s, ….

Gaia’s* Extended*), and another 11 (eleven) Presences and Representatives of Presences, all other Presences, initially 42,000 (Forty-Two Thousand), True Presence of Mind in and of Being close to zero, 0.7/10.00, very apparent, not real, but real, and Participants with Coherent Incoherent Lines of Multiple Consciousnesses in their Respective Life-Time – apparent seamless presentation of Subjects of Coherent Incoherent Lines of a respective Conscious Presence making their appearance, first with up to 14 (fourteen) “Unique” Conscious Presences as of Third Sumerian Times, then with 68 (Sixty-Eight) Conscious Presences in a respective Life-Time, each Conscious Presence with a respective DNA, four duplicate DNAs usually a maximum in a respective Life-Time, up to Gaia’s Year 2012AD, now up to 6 (Six) Conscious Presences, the Fauna, reduced to Animal, Consciousness levels above 2.4/10.00 deemed increasingly Intelligent, with communication purposely reduced to anguish and exasperate and frustrate and exhaust and stifle and diminish the Fauna in their Expression, proper submission and unquestioning acquiescence sought, condition also causing less disturbance in the preponderantly frankly mentally disturbed participants of the Higher Realms of Existence beyond the Perceptible, the mental asylum of the Higher Realms of Existence, with up to 72,000 (Seventy-Two Thousand) Conscious Presences in a Life-Time until Gaia’s Year 2014AD, now with up to 14 (fourteen) Conscious Presences, Horses, Consciousness levels often at 8,2/10.00, often representing the Heavens, for instance, with 22,000 (Twenty-two thousand) Unique Conscious Presences in a Life-Time on average until Gaia’s Year 2012AD, spiralling threat from undue mental activity in the Higher Realms determining increasing levels of mental insanity and idiocy which translated into unqualifiable and unconscionable levels of threat and nature of threat reaching the increasingly pathetic Enactatory playground on Planet Earth in order to maintain control of respective responsible Representatives, Inherent Divine God Given Missions Originating in the Composite Composition of one’s prior Life-Times overwhelmed, Divine God Given Missions Given ever since First Sumerian Times In and Through Gaia’s God of the Universes, now Divine Supreme Divine God of the Universes, Divine Ra, Fourth Divine Son, also Divine Son/Brother/Father/Grandfather, Of Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, Attempted Upon and Tattered until 2012AD, and also in 2013AD and 2014AD, albeit less so in the years since 2012AD, despite the continuing relentless onslaught upon Divine Presence with His/Their Gaia’s Divine Family, His Divine Son/Brother/Father/Grandfather, Divine Supreme Divine God of the Universes Gaia’s God of the Universes 2012AD, Divine Ra, with Respective Divine High Resonance Partner in Life, His Divine Supreme Divine God of the Universes, Divine Father Origin 14th, Divine Enlil, with Respective Divine Twin, His Divine Brother/Father/Son Divine Anu, with Respective Divine Twin, His Divine Brother/Father/Grandfather/Son Divine Timothy, with Respective Divine Twin, His Two Divine Sumerian Fathers of Old Divine Sumerian Leaders Divine Amothep, with Respective Divine Twin, and Divine Amathep, with Respective Divine Twin, Divine SaLuSa Divine Sirian Leader, His Divine Brother-in-Law of Old, with Respective Divine Twin, Amongst a Few, and Gaia’s Divine Family Extended, Our respective Divine Akashic Trees – by Gaia’s Year 2012 AD they had become an utter and complete shambles with the sprouting of pseudo-Akashic Tress everywhere, all in the obsessive determination of controlling the Puppet and its Environment! – now restored reflecting these Lives – remaining Intelligent Life on Planet Earth currently being Evacuated to Paradise on Earth Assisted with Guidance, Divine Guidance and Serving Divine God Given Missions In and Through Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, Divine Presence with His Divine Twin Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, Higher Presence Of Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan Serving Divine Father All’s, Divine All’s, Divine Stefan’s Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Being’s Consciousness To Whom All Belongs – confusing as they once were because of the actual partitioning of the Respective Conscious Presences through the introduction of Coherent Incoherent Lines of Consciousness in a respective Life-Time to heighten activity and pseudo-excitement of the Parasitic Passers of Time, serious game players as some looked upon themselves, intensely Living Other’s Lives, beyond the perceptible beginning Third Sumerian Times, over 240,000 (Two Hundred and Forty Thousand) years ago.

Part of the predicament of the awry ill-tempered diapered parasitic Participants of the Higher Realms in and throughout Existence was always the near absence of own context and the fact that relative access to Past, Present and Future could be very real, truth in and of the Future readily gleaned by the correct Forms of Beings or Existences, this Truth in the Future readily finding itself siphoned off by the Participants with the greatest power of organized threatening interference, finding tedium and boredom and monotony with the same and deciding to warp the hallowed Future, conditioning it to their awry and awrying Will increasingly.

Brutal struggles developed amongst Relatives of Divine Origin and the Eons Cycles’ of Time Eternal in the Evolution/Involution of Expression Struggle between True Meaning and Extinction continued more in earnest than ever after the more formal opening of Gaia, Planet Earth, also called the Blue Planet, the only Naturally Divine Earthly Reality, the Pearl, with Divine Father Origin 18th, and His Divine Twin, the Future, initially presented only to the most Senior Participants, indicating an increasing unrelenting tendency to enactate, directly and/or indirectly, rather than actually also participate, the Divine Superhuman to the point of rendering in particular accompanying Friends and closer Relatives of Divine Father Origins with Their Respective Divine Twins, also often called Divine Enlil and Divine Ninhil without the Concurrent Consciousness Number, Their Obvious Presence so obvious to all beholding Them in Their Setting, to near Puppets moved by imperceptible enactatory interference, requests from afar unheard, increasingly more sophisticated instruments which resided in Word and Expression of Will interpreted as guidance but replacing their own Divine Composite Component Guidance of Inherent Divine God Given Missions, the Time being passed increasingly monotonous for the onlookers who increasingly felt the right, Right, to find Themselves/themselves/tThemselves entertained, Entertained.

Voyeurism in the midst of the initially beyond enthralling and entrancing and fascinating Presentation was cultivated in and through repressed fear and hypocrisy of intention in and of and for Participation in the Divine Setting of Meaning, True Meaning at the very highest levels of generally poorly self-prepared Responsibility, self-discipline and rigor near absent in an unforgiving Higher Realm of Reality in and throughout Existence, in the Eyes of Intelligence in Divine Heart Love in Origin in and through these Participants’ intentionally derelict interpretation of Divine Plan and the successive concurrent Consciousness of Divine Father Origins with Their Respective Divine Twins, puppeteering literally taking off after the first 2% (Two percent) to 5% (Five percent) of First Sumerian Times depending on the respective Lines of Ascendants and Descendants, the Negotiating System of Rights and other Lower than Low Life Filthy Instruments evolving at a hallucinating pace to control and over-ride Inherent Truth of Expression in and of Being residing in the Divine Composite Composition of the respective Conscious Presence from past Lives so as to determine the Pseudo-Future and impress the ever diminishing Present, enactating Life beyond comprehension, suffering in and of Life leveraging and deleveraging the relative respective hold on the intricacies of Expression ((accidents, pathologies, aging, toxicity (only 277 or more elements on the Periodic Table, down to 27 or more in 2012AD, the latter having been there for approximately 600 years, spices like mercury and lead, to dumb down and subdue and desensitize and control the minds of Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Beings and the Divine Fauna, who became Fauna, then diminished to Animals, and condition the Flora, since Christ’s Time, Representatives mostly, Ascendants and Descendants and their threatening Relationships distancing selves from beyond the Perceptible immersed in their aberrant extinctionist pass-time of Living Other’s Lives, not letting live nor living, abuse of Unique, Divine Unique Consciousness out of control, rampant, only a very few ultimately responsible immersing themselves into irresponsibility of insanity and passing it on in proxy form, elites, remote controlled or not, knowingly so or not, with or without apparent instructions to the mind, Divine God Given Missions over-ridden by the overwhelming background of spirallings of Quantic Threat premeditatedly studiedly pre-prepared, on Planet Earth of Ascendants’ and Descendants’ Representatives focussed upon to facilitate dominion, the serious game too complex to keep track of otherwise), disabilities, strife, and all and any diminishing of Life took hold as a result of the Negotiating System and the enchaining or enmeshing of Extinctionist Existence absorbing and usurping and distorting one’s Expression, LITERALLY, Forms of Beings in the Higher Realms evolving through the pressures of poor Passers of Time of the Aquarium and Terrarium so as to confound, confuse, control and cull Life, genuine participation avoided unless instant incarnation on occasion organized for short sojourns in which circumstances Meaning rapidly exhausted and endangered, initiative initially potentially having seemed very enticing, enticing a word that does not exist in the Higher Realms with any real meaning, unless formal and legitimate and appropriate Form of Being not accosted and depaupered and harmed by imbecilic Extinctionists)).

Super Sophisticated Puppeteering beyond belief, True Origin of Expression insulted, now returned to beyond original levels in the midst of the continuing implementation of the beyond inverosimile evolved Divine Plan, unthinkable for most, at 100,00%, in and throughout All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….Divine All’s, …. Gaia’s* Extended*), except for Gaia where sudden reserve Enactation is still an issue as Deranged and Deranging Ascendants and Descendants and their relationships, former puppet owners, disaffected and obsessively manipulative and sick, self-defeating self-serving parasitic Participants of remaining Existence, exercise their former Rights to pull and push on the “strings” of their former puppets, puppets sometimes their Seniors, the average puppeted Divine Human Being, no longer seeming too Divine with all his/her warping of Expression, having had an average of two times a Planet Earth of Grains of Sand on Planet Earth’s Surface and the Sea and Ocean Beds multiplied by an average of five million particles of dust per grain of sand in Ascendants and Descendants!

Disintegration, desecration and decimation and annihilation increasingly sought of Presence, Representatives and the actual Original Naturally Divine Earthly Reality of Gaia by Extinctionists, increasing emphasis on desecration and decimation and annihilation of Mankind and the Fauna and Planet Earth, indeed, Divine Heart, Intelligence of Love in Origin, by Gaia’s Year 2012AD (memory still serves to remember the Korean belligerence, the Swine and Avian Flu, the forced extermination in and through extinctionist vaccination programmes under thee pseudo-control of mind controlled and mind instructed Human Beings, not to speak of the staged Tsunami wipe-out of Japan, notwithstanding the also staged Chernobyl years earlier), exhausted by the self-consuming nature of envy and hatred and aggression, exhausted in the meaninglessness of control of all its aspects by super sophisticated puppeteers, the Theatrical began to be implemented, most intensely much later during Pharaohs Times.

Break up of actual Divine Context was attempted during the First Sumerian Times during a period in which Divine Father Origin, 32nd, and His Divine Twin, it is believed, were indigitated to participate in two 47 (forty-seven) year Life-Times where Alice in Wonderland experiences were promoted, after which He pronounced Himself unavailable for further experiences, disintegration of Context being sought and studied submissiveness of Descendants and Ascendants participating being manipulated into position so as to continue to serve as pass-time, a large spectrum of “looking after” ploys or strategies from beyond the perceptible sky-rocketing, distancing from the deep apprehension and awe inspiring setting of True Meaning silently sought whilst embedded in the concurrent numbing fear of losing contact, losing follow through of increasingly lost wWill with the setting, lost minds unduly active spiralling out of control, responsibility often being heaved upon those responsible Participants in the Higher Realms not otherwise participating, Alice in Wonderland Scenarios not enduring Thanks to Divine Father Origin’s, 32nd, Decision, the Real Compass cited above and the successive Divine Father Origins, with Their Respective Divine Twins, maintaining Direction towards Gaia’s Year 2012AD and the coming of Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, and His Divine Twin, Divine -ah, the essentially non-symbiotic parasitic extinctionist nature of Existence nonetheless exercising such unqualifiable imminent and eminent threat and unconscionable follow-through and reach in and through awry and awrying, often eerie, wWill, Will determining of the potential for Instant Incarnation, for instance, in the most bizarre circumstances of both Subject, in a certain Form of Being whilst still recognizing Self, and/or Context (a laboratory rat, level of Consciousness at 6.2/10.00, Human Beings at supposed 10.00/10.00, in an experimental lab for the latest more effectively fatal chemotherapy cocktail or oncology therapy for a little moulding into instant acquiescence, perhaps a series of the same “unlearning” Ascendants and Descendants, a therapy in itself in the perspective of Filth of Eternity), moulding of Consciousness, Subjects and Objects and Contexts, a most serious Pass-time in the Higher Realms, the observation of others reaction a macabre mental elixir of sorts of increasingly lost mMinds not finding themselves in Hibernation but often in forced Higher Realm undue mental activity instead of awaiting the coming of True Meaning, that the most unthinkable abstruse contexts were proposed and sometimes enacted.

The Inferno the Stage over 4,000 (Four thousand) years ago representing the ultimate horrific preparation of mankind since Christ’s Time in the moulding of the Divine Human Being in premediated conditioning to serve until Gaia’s Year 2012AD and dearly undermine Divine Presence.

In the meantime, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, As Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Being To Whom All Belongs, Determined the Evacuation of Gaia and the moving forward with Lives also for Gaians – the Conscious Presences of the actually born Conscious Presence, one Conscious Presence per pregnancy in the midst of this growing lunatic asylum, insanity crossing the borders from the Imperceptible Higher Realms, and another single Conscious Presence, remembering on average the presence in the past of up to 42 (Forty-Two) Conscious Presences, maximum 68 /(Sixty-Eight) Conscious Presences, besides “Heaven’s” Reserves to reach 2012AD supportive of Divine Plan and Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan – as Twins, Divine Twins on Paradise on Earth, on Naturally Divine Earthly Realities, in the Fourth Paradigm of Deserving in Permanence of a Single Conscious Presence completing with the Single Conscious Presence of the Respective Twin, Divine Twin, based on True Meaning, and True Love, and True Origin of Expression at 100.00 (One Hundred Percent), enabling Inner Happiness in and of Being at levels unwitnessed before, far beyond Superhuman Times or Sumerian Times, the respective Person no longer Lives in the illusion of Free Will, but rather actually Lives Free Will, after having been Attended, Divinely Attended, without Divine Exception, All Respected, Divinely Respected, without Divine Exception.

Survival for the fittest, competition and seeking advantage and aggression and predatory behaviour are no longer a contemplation.

Should you bear witness to any residual predatory behaviour, given one’s heritage, it is unqualifiable mental quantic threat enactated by relatives in need of acquiescent activity in their concept of exercising their wWill upon a Form of Being not instantly attending insane Ascendants and Descendants and their Relationships, the victim transformed instantly before into fruit and nuts.

Believe it or not. A World of Manifestation in Compensation. Watch a bird, average Consciousness Level 4.2 to 6.2/10.00, peck at a worm, a worm it once was before being pecked at in the World of the Instant, for Transformed into Fruit and Nuts, literally.

The Wringer Out of Expression in and through the Brutal and Ruthless and Savage Struggle between Extinctionists to Crush Divine Heart, over 99.

Forty Million Quintillion 27 Mentions of Million Quintillion 9’s % of Participants of a near infinite number of pParticipants of Existence serving Extinction – wonder why the incidence of cardiomyopathy leapt beyond comprehension during the twentieth century – beyond presenting the ultimate horrific scenario of the Inferno brought to an end Thanks to Personal Intervention By Divine Father Origin, 42th, As Softmantle Reptilian, it is believed, served the serving up of the most inconceivable but conceivable stages, puppeteering having taken hold of movement increasingly, with Atlantean Times, underwater above all, amongst the most compromising because of the development of more sophisticated High Energy inserts in our teguments and liquid crystal matrix enabling of distant command or remote control of our Expression, to the slightest detail, beyond belief, including also everything from the Neanderthal Period, the Cromagnon Period (Man and the Image of God had to be properly demeaned and denigrated), the Hieronymous Bosch Period, the Lord of the Rings Periods, four re-positionings in all, the Pompei Vesuvian Volcanic Eruptions Stagings, 72,000 (Seventy-Two Thousand) re-positionings, a small percentage on Planet Earth, it is believed, at least, basically practice sessions in and for and of Hegemony, essentially undue inter-Realms of Realities follow through of wWill, and the forced clearance of the least potent threatening Participants, rarest of exceptions, the Christ Comings, Four Versions in all, the Protagonists of the Gaian Family with the Grand Uncles having proven the most portentous, the Discoveries of the New World, the Planet of the Apes, not on Planet Earth, the Ninja Turtles, not on Planet Earth, the Hobbits and Elves and Gnomes, the Lilliputians, a percentage on Planet Earth, Fairies Times, including far more restricted stages, Star Trek scenarios, Star Wars scenarios, Predator and Alien Invasions, not on Planet Earth, and King Kong, partly on Planet Earth, the War of the Worlds, the Invasion of the Ants, the Invasion of Spiders, the Invasion of the Monstruous Worms, not on Planet Earth, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The Jungle Book, Bambi, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, not in cartoon format – not that there was not sufficient awry wWill of Minds of Ancestors and Descendants and their often threatening disgusting relationships left in the Higher Realms of the Existence needing to seek Relief and Release of and in and for sSefl, Others and All, most urgently, unbeknownst to sSelf, capable of further outrageous transgressions of aberrant expression in and of Consciousness in residual lost and disturbed high density Forms of Beings revealed in Alvin, Chuckies, and a few variations – Ghostbusters, Tarzan, Batman, Captain America, Godzura, Spiderman, and Superman, and Other paranormal excitatory Pass-Time Scenarios are but a few more scenarios of and for the Lost Minds of the Higher Realms in the Imperceptible whilst ever greater degrees of total and utter submission to Trans-Realms Awry wWill enabled, the deftly and malignly and viley organized pseudo-Prayer, Prayer, at times the most damaging, for related to Prayer of the ignorant immersed in Lies, Prayer by the mis-led and deceived, and Worship epochs amongst the very worst, Divine Father Origins, with Divine Twins, when with their respective Divine Twins, only participating in a very small number of these scenarios, stages or complex contexts, the ones maintaining a reserve of dignity and sobriety, remembering that serious unconscionable encroaching was deftly ensuing in their enforced dissociation of increasingly not Living Life in Togetherness, Divine Twins only able to distance Themselves by 150 (one hundred and fifty) meters without feeling unwell.

As far as aberrant or deviant Forms of Beings are concerned, the Hybrid forms were the most Divine Offensive and Outrageous on Planet Earth, but the Werewolves and Dracula Periods did exist, much like the Dinosaur Period, as did the Shaka-zulu Period, Africa offering the downgrade of Eternity in terms of Family, Friends and Representatives of Presence, at least the potential for a most serious downgrade, through the most distinguished and naturally hated Nubians, first Generation, for Blacks were purposely poorly endowed, or rather, dis-endowed, intelligence lacking, usually, or scant, serving as REAL Slaves during the Period of Slavery in and throughout most of the Discoveries, activity galore for the voyeurs beyond the Perceptible to exercise their wWill enabled, Other’s Peoples Suffering and Pain, Emotional, Mental, and/or Physical, always a distraction form the Insane Asylum beyond in the Higher Realms of Existence, once understood as Life in Lives and Existences, for most seriously and earnestly organized, even amidst the increasing MAYHEM, CHAOS, and ANARCHY in the Higher Realms of Existence in and throughout the Eons Cycles’ of Time Eternal Evolution/Involution of Expression Struggle Between True Meaning and Extinction, the Higher Realms of Existence now Reformulated and Renewed with a more re-assuring and coherent and stable expression as the Divine Higher Realms of All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….Divine All’s, …. Gaia’s* Extended*).

Negroes and, fringe understandings of what it is to demean Man more, primitive Man in Tribes, some rare ones quite residually decent, also the victims of Extinctionists, were re-conceived and reborn, Recognizing Self and Twin and Identifying with Self and Twin, in the meantime, as mentioned.

The Simians were Darwin’s Ascendants’ and Descendants’ and their relationships’ pass-time in the organized poor adventure it was to demean Man in identifying them as fore-fathers, the ultimate gozar of Man, Divine Man and Divine Heart, mal-adjusted half-wits, initially not so much so, often the more intelligent Conscious Minds from the Higher Realms seeking refuge from the Insane Asylum beyond the Perceptible in quiet and peaceful habitats occupying the minds of these mammals, Conscious Presences once Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Beings themselves sometimes in past life-times, as Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Beings as members of the Fauna in other past life-times, Shamanics representing the members of the Fauna held or carried by them, Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Beings, demanding having had these often more and more difficult life-times, Man taking instructions to the mind nonetheless enjoying the trip of discovery of “magnitude” through their privileged seemingly stable but unstable and lost in the mind contacts in the Higher Realms of Existence, Man in the meantime disconnected from their relatives amongst the Fauna, for deemed too undignified, indeed in need of serving as most Giving quiet slaves and cannon fodder and meals in the future, predatory relationships later serving the further need for intrepid activity for avid aberrant insane mMinds Passers of Time at Other’s Expense in bouts and salvos of Suffering and Pain, ever so healing, healing of insanity, hardly, a veritable Plague unto Man and the Fauna, and Divine Heart, the latter, denied, for all little cChildren, Bastards or not, Imbeciles or not, the irate, insane virtual diapered oOnes.

The Reptilians from the Niribu Planetary System were nearly all also reconceived and reborn – save the too unqualifiably harmed ones, already mostly in 2013AD, In and Through Gaia’s God of the Universe of 2013AD Divine Ra, Force of the Universe, and Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, in the Algarve, Who did not know Who He was, Role, Divine Role Undisclosed, for far too Perilous, Divine Heart Given Through Gaia’s God of the Universe of 2013AD Divine Ra and Stefan, Divine Stefan, Divine Ra Divine Son/Brother/Father/Grandfather of Stefan, Divine Stefan much later Understood – seriously intelligent, de-enactated, having served as intermittent platforms of and for Planet Earth and the Universe of Gaia for Super Sophisticated Enactation of the Playstore Realities’ Filthy Lower than Low-Life Parasites Passers of Time since the middle of First Sumerian Times, unbeknownst to self.

Physiognomy reflects past lives in these scenarios and stages, the Fauna lived in and as a respective Concurrent Consciousness in past Lives, one has twelve Shamanics representative of these Lives changing every 7 (seven) years, at least two remaining unchanged in and throughout a respective life-time, contributing to an even greater extent to changes in appearance.

One receives the first three Shamanics in utero during the third month of pregnancy, the next three Shamanics during the sixth month of pregnancy, the next three Shamanics during the ninth month of pregnancy, and the last three Shamanics during the third month post-partum.

As can readily be imagined, Presence, except for Father Origins, Divine Father Origins, and Their Respective Twins, Divine Twins, albeit increasingly unknown to the Populations of the respective Time, Their influence waning from all the Beyond Extreme Giving and Exploitation to the Core by Participants most abusive and undeserving, Osiris and Isis, Akhenaton, Buddha, Emperor Claudius, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, besides two Roman Emperors stricken out of the annals of current history, for bringing too much decent goodness to the people in general, Neptune, Charlemagne, Luis XIV, Le Roi Soleil, were Amongst Them, Their Demeaning and Diminishing and Annihilation always eagerly sought, a sport of sorts, and Their ever more distant and rarefied Entourage and Friends, and, in particular, Representatives increasingly served as REAL SLAVES, knowingly and unknowingly, submissive, often instantly, to the most absurd demands from beyond the perceptible, with Coherent Incoherent Lines of respective Conscious Presences serving as surprise attacks on different Presences and Their Representatives, the Auction Houses serving as great venues for the insertion of surprise MI5 or MI6 or CIA or FBI or Interpol Operatives, alas, a veritable insane asylum let loose with its undue Will, trans-Context, on Planet Earth by the Unconscionable Imposing and Impinging and Encroaching Upon Divine Heart in and through organized aberrant and insane and pseudo-Intelligent miserable Participants of Existence, insane and pseudo-Intelligent an unsavoury combination, extreme rare exceptions.

Undue Super Perception from beyond the Perceptible through the evolution of all sorts of different Forms of Beings and structures, enchained or not, with studied concurrent dissociation of conditioning of Consciousness with the implicit near concomitant increased participation of more miserable Participants of Existence, connected but unconnected, but connected, select variable enactation (sophisticated and super sophisticated puppeteering) and distancing sought, sanity relatively preserved, usually, in particular of the ultimate puppet, from the focus in the Realm of True Meaning on Planet Earth by Participants of Existence, every single Life-Form serving as a potential Drone, if not a Periscope, relative exception the most intelligent – unless chipped (vide the Film Manchurian Candidate), a rare but on-going issue, albeit superseded in risk in the Higher Realms of Existence with the misnamed super Extinctionist interpretation of the words Robotic and Computer revealing itself as a apparently not synthetic but synthetic pseudo-happy fatal and lethal solution in Forms of Beings so contemplated, interpretable only by the De-Enactated minimally sound of Mind, requiring a potential recovery of the respective Form of Being, DNA seriously harmed as in chemo and radiotherapy, in and with Force of the Universe for around 24 (Twenty-Four) years initially – in which cases with the respective potential in and for more interesting deployment by Parasitic, preponderantly non-symbiotic, greater than 97% (ninety-seven percent), Existence Living Other’s Lives, when with instructions to the mind more so, conscious or unconscious, far more interesting, the circumstance and solution distantly related to the panic of certain Members of Presence in and through Existence of losing touch with Divine Father Origins passed on to Divine Father Origins, with Their Respective Divine Twins, when Divine Twins, at the beginning of Superhuman Times, instructions to the mind especially of Representatives, although sadly increasingly to Presence, rather than Guidance.

The art of enslaving, without understanding it to be so, elevated to an artform, in particular in and through the undue conditioning of Consciousness and distancing of the Same (Observe the remaining Fauna and Human conduct, even during these days and take notice, albeit currently more Serving Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan), highly deleterious to Natural Presence in and of Mind in Being, for deftly detracting from the Potential of Divine Expression, contributing to dissociation in and of mind in Being and alienation in and of mind in Being, any sense of exhilaration and elation and enthralment dissipating, the filthy disgusting pathologically lying immersed in revulsive hypocrisy, even of pseudo-correctitude or pseudo-propriety, Lower than Low Life Bastards and Inveterate Parasites and Vermin of Eternity, extremely rare exceptions, in the Imperceptible neither Living nor letting Live, the Lever of eExtinctionist’s Wringer Out of Existence primed, piqued the interest of Minds/mMinds/minds in evolution and involution in the midst of sheer Meaninglessness in waiting, involution predominant in the proverbial soup of imbecilic intrigue and colluding and high intrigue and conniving and contriving and scheming and conspiring.

The resultant seepage from unconscionable and unqualifiable spiralling of Other’s Suffering and Pain, Mental, Emotional, and Physical, self unrecognized (Ever wonder why there were so many pParticipants when eee-eeeevoking, croaking when by chance you hear “one” voice in your mind!? No wonder frogs were a favourite! Ask the French, they are amongst the best receivers of instructions to the mind from the awry little diapered ones, after US Americans for whom it is second nature.

Or rather don’t bother ask, for firstly the French spend most of their time as channels, speakers, monitors, with lots and lots of distancing from source of more than content of speech, rather than entire audiophile systems, figuratively not literally, of course, unless singing, which involves talent and more Divine Heart, the Italians in the Vatican understood conditioned and restricted dialogue, important as it is still to this day, select restriction of expression, although not with the intention to DOMINATE, DECIMATE, DESECRATE and ANNIHILATE as with the parasites of Existence beyond the Realms of the Perceptible, preferably unnoticed.

Cul de Sacs is where the irate, mentally lost, soiled diapered ones, usually immersed in profound self-defeating hypocrisy conducive to pervasive dangerous virtual but not virtual mental diarrhoea, in the Higher Realms of remaining Existence are found from not listening to and not heeding Their Father’s, Divine Father’s Words and Guidance), in and from the pressures from the Lunatic Asylum in and throughout the Higher Realms of Existence encroaching and impinging and imposing on Divine Heart: Over 67% of the Fauna in terms of number of species was not Divine Heart in Origin in 2012AD, over 90% of the Fauna in volume was not either, neither was over 90% of the number of species of Flora, nor was over 97% of the volume of Flora!

Whilst the gravest attempt upon Context was during the Alice in Wonderland Scenarios in the First Sumerian Times, determined disintegration and rejection and revulsion of Divine Origin in Love, Divine Heart, and the Divine Plan did not cease with Divine Father Origin’s 32nd Ruling, placed on hold and secretly and deftly pressured behind the scenes until suddenly reappearing in force in the Third Sumerian Times with Fatal Pallisading based on the acumen of a Complex Form of Being in the Higher Realms of Realities or Existence – the latter Word, Existence, carefully used in Law, for too readily confusing in old Law, New Law which now stems from Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, As Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Being Divine Creator Being, His Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Being’s Consciousness to Whom All Belongs since 2012AD, over five years of a Trial, a Nightmare subdued, at least the Divine Critical Law with levels of Inherent Truth heretofore unbeheld – its reflection on Planet Earth a ghastly insect/worm, an Anthropod, the Millipede, or Tausendfüßler.

The seriously complex concept took Manifestation to a new aberrant limit with the Circus and Fair in view, not to speak of the super-enabling of Playstore, Toystore and Videogame Realities.

Envisioning the Concept, after drawing on the understanding of the impressive unimpressive nature of unnatural Apparent Seamless Presentation of Conscious Presences in Coherent Incoherent Lines of Conscious Presences in and throughout a respective Life-Time, readily gleaning the same, despite Omerta, another deadly and lethal practice gravely conditioning Unique Conscious Presence of all basic and familiar Understanding to pass time in highly manipulative strategic high intrigue at other’s expense, exhausting and subduing and supressing Meaning in its Truth in the midst of a Gradient of Meaning in Existence unimaginable by and through the poorly but premeditatedly perfect imperfect conditioned Consciousness of most undue and due Participants, distancing sought whilst maintaining undue and unrightful Follow-Through of residual undue wWill, necessarily adopted and reviewed and re-adapted for the sake of moderating and modulating of risk of the near infinite number of Ascendants and Descendants and their high risk related relationships, imminent threat to mind and wherewithal a most serious potential problem, is not too much of a challenge, despite utter disbelief.

But recognizing the World of the Instant in Manifestation and aware of Apparent Seamless Presentation, what in Subject imagine the potential for Context, specially when Subjects were near Cannon Fodder. When with Tausendfüßler, one thousand feet or legs, one foot up, the other 999 remaining down, one or more compensating for the change in Context inapparent to most, with Identical Context, when need be with different Subjects and even slightly different select Context, concurrent co-existing Subjects and Contexts Inadmissible! All perception happens in an Instant, without Conditioned Consciousness awareness.

Enough to make a Person shudder. Pallisading is happening extremely exceptionally currently, only to the extent in Defense of Truth, Implicit Divine Presence, Implicit Divine Imperative, Implicit with His Gaia’s Divine Family, and Gaia’s Divine Family Extended, the Power of Manifestation rather Dedicated to the Evacuation of remaining Gaia and also remaining Existence to Paradise on Earth.

News on television is fictional activity connecting in particular remaining essentially extreme revulsive Extinctionist Existence with Planet Earth in its Entirety, with rare exceptions, as indeed most remaining media, films on Planet Earth, more than 80% fictional activity since Gaia’s Year 2014ADº (notice actors and actresses are sometimes very different from their original past, far younger at times, purposely so for better and worse reasons related to impinging and imposing, in particular related to the need to gather remaining miserable Existence), the sheer often contradictory complexity of this inherently filthy system of Survival of the Fittest with useless diversity meant to overwhelm Divine Heart and Divine Presence, with Their Gaia’s Divine Family, and Gaia’s Divine Family Extended, readily mentally corroborated after requesting Divine Guidance for one’s Highest Good of the Highest of All (Gaia’s* Extended*) within the context mentioned above, imposed and impinged to lesser degrees than in the past to elicit and enable the Evacuation of said near innumerous participants of Existence, including insane parasitic unfortunates bent on continuing Living Other’s Lives at a distance, conditioning of Consciousness such that it still does not corroborate different understood Realms of Consciousness when Lived, coherence currently at 0.42/10.00, instead of an Optimal of 4.2/10.00 (Vide Fourth Note towards the end of this Essay revealing the Truth of Our sorry but not so sorry Circumstance, Inch All-ah), dissociation of Consciousness having effectively served the Puppetstore Reality, Toystore Realities, and Videogame Realities, IR-Realties in fact, the total and utter subjugation and subversion of Will and any apparent Freedom, remembering all the whilst that losing one’s mind in the Higher Realms is seriously easy, the Eons Cycles of Time Struggle between True Meaning and Extinction having determined that not a single Participant amongst near Infinite Number of Participants, who should have found themselves in Hibernation awaiting Gaia’s Year 2012AD with Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, joined All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s Divine Emperor Divine Stefan’s Divine Supreme Divine God of the Universes, Father Origin’s, Divine Father Origin’s, 72nd, Father All’s, Divine Father All’s, All’s, Divine All’s, Who Saved All Existence, Save the Beyond Unqualifiably Incurred Upon, “Humble”, with His Divine Twin, Divine Emperess Divine Charlotte Divine Supreme Divine Goddess of the Universes, -ah, Divine -ah, Who Acquiesces, Divinely Acquiesces, Irrevocably, Divinely Irrevocably, Divine Presence, Together, All-ah, Divine All-ah, Once, Origin, ALL, Gaia’s Divine Twins of Gaia’s Divine Twins’ Highest Conjugated Good of the Highest Good of All (Gaia’s* Extended*), Both Divine Creator Beings Divine Complete Human Beings with High True Integrity of Being in Essence with Metrics Extant, Gaia’s* Extended*) sane, nearly all frankly insane, and just over 47,700 Borderline Insane, meaning not even Borderline Sane.

The Divine Plan has for now Envisioned just above 2% being reconceived and reborn Decent, Impressive, Divinely Impressive, the remaining Beyond Inherent Revulsive Participants having been Addressed in and for Genuine Benefit with Inherent Correction of Conduct and Inherent Learning and Inherent Understanding.

Whilst observing others in conversation understand that at times conversation is actually being elicited and enactated distally whilst the supposed Persons conversing are actually only partly taking part in the same, deception of activity being absolutely beyond belief, even to on lookers in the Higher Realms who may or not be aware of who is Puppeted and who is Puppeting, in the assurance, denied, that the average Higher Realms Imberbe of Eternity is actually serving “himself” to an enchained composition of Conscious mMinds in order to elicit said diluted and disturbed and usurped Evocation, usually in the order of between one to 47 (Forty-seven) Participants, rare, rare redefined, and one to 47 Million Quintillion 700,000 Times 47 Million Quintillion Participants, average one to 40 Million Quintillion Parasitic Participants! So much for uuu-uu-uuu-uuuuUnique Expression, so exciting, interest levels at 0.Seventy-Two Zeroes 227/10.00, interest in Life as Twins, Divine Twins in and throughout All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….

Divine All’s, …. Gaia’s* Extended*) 10.00/10.00, remembering Inner Happiness in and of Being at 10.00/10.00, unprecedented, with True Origin of Expression at 100.00%, (One Hundred Percent), unprecedented, except Divine Father Origin, 18th, and His Divine Twin, at the Beginning of Time, True Meaning now with Values unprecedented.

Do not attempt convincing the Mentally Lost Higher Realm Participant, for nothing is good enough is mostly conditioned into these seriously disturbed and self-defeating unquestioning minds.

Parasitic behaviour in the Higher Realms of Remaining Existence immersed in Lies, Hypocrisy, Deceit, Misrepresentation, Disinformation, Subversion, Underhandedness, Undermining beyond the imaginable, Intrigue, High Intrigue, Conniving, Contriving and Conspiring fomenting the same as well as the perpetuating and propagating of the undue and unrightful active Mind in the Higher Realms of Existence, overwhelmed and overwhelming essentially Parasitic Existence, a veritable Plague, impressing Lies in the Present to determine the Present and Future, their connectedness to the Future in their respective Forms of Beings providing them sometimes, less so currently, with the necessary simple Truth in the Future to intimidate the gullible mind of Intelligent Life less connected, the Fauna more connected but innately conditioned by studied quantic threat and beyond conditioned Expression, usually, essentially an outright attempt on Truth, chaotic behaviour now reigned in and controlled to the extent feasible, in light of the complexity of relative respective priorities, By Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, Higher Presence Serving Divine All, Divine Stefan, Divine Presence with His Divine Twin Divine Charlotte Divine -ah, and His Gaia’s Divine Family, His Divine Brother/Father/Son Divine Anu and Teams, and Gaia’s Divine Family Extended, Funds allocated in assigned Gold having been made available through Divine All’s, Divine Stefan’s unduly extraneously conditioned and Divine Self-Conditioned Trust Fund, including, critically, Funds mentally reserved for the prospect of a Retirement Pension, after this bankrupt World of Ours having been bought four times over By and Through His Trust Fund since 2012AD, now 2017ADº, for 2017AD long past, to each and every Member of the remaining usually small population of Gaia, despite belief to the contrary, in accordance with Divine Heart, implicit relative respective Risk of the Persons and their respective Lines of Coherent Incoherent Lines of Conscious Presences, including relationships with other Persons and Members of the Fauna, some with different reserves of Funds, one not necessarily knowing of the other.

Exhausting Meaning in the midst of a Gradient of Meaning in Existence unimaginable by and through the poorly but premeditatedly Perfect Imperfect Conditioned Consciousness of most Participants, Distancing Sought whilst maintaining Follow-Through of Residual wWill, Will Undue, was the predicament of Consciousness in and through Intelligence of Love in Origin Surviving, pParticipants unruly, savage, brutal, ruthless, only yearning for other lesser Participants’ Sacrifice, Other People’s Suffering and Pain, Unique Consciousness barely surviving by 2012AD, True Origin of Expression at less than 1% on average, True Presence of Mind at less than 4% on average, True Presence of Being at less than 4% on average, pParticipants of Existence tethered together as if evoking but only evoking in droves of quintillions per phrase, handed down phrase, Parrots and Puppets, with and without instructions to the mind, yet every single Human and member of the Fauna imparted with the notion of self, the conviction of self, on Planet Earth, Gaia, also called the Blue Planet, the first and only Meaningful Reality, the Pearl, until 2012AD, Divine Presence Surviving, with Their Gaia’s Divine Family, and Gaia’s Divine Family Extended, Meaning, True Meaning predictably losing interest, for the main Presences too cowardly and unruly and filthy to participate after undertaking the necessary initiatives for the spiralling of cowardice and hypocrisy, over 97.78% having found their Release and Relied in and of and for sSelf, Others, and All, sickening disgusting filthy Parasites in the imperceptible, sad excuses of Existences, pathetic excuses of eExistences, unwilling to Live and Let Live, unwilling to relinquish their umbilical cord to Eternity which they turned into a Nightmare for sSelf, Others, and All, with and through the Wringer Out of Existence, Guidance repeatedly Rejected, increasingly an Inferno in the more and more residual need for others to evoke and croak for them, for them, so that they might continue residually entertained or in anaesthetizing of mind hibernation whilst hanging on to “their” wWill, so that they might awake and de-de-de-determine “wipe them out” whilst borderline or frankly insane, not sane.

A History of Lies residing nonetheless in some Truth of events, events orchestrated and imposed, unimaginable in the minds of most, a few sordid details only partially revealed in prior paragraphs, the media in the past and present serving as an interesting medium to impinge on others with Lies of Events, necessarily now remaining coherent to connect to the imbeciles in the imperceptible along with the humans and fauna who occasionally regrettably take instructions to the mind from the same who at a distance determined events, currently all media at a relatively less impinged and imposed level upon Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, Together, Divine All-ah, Divine Presence, and Higher Presence Serving Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin, Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, part of the residual Charade and Puppeteering Circus Departed and Departing from on the Path to Permanent Gaia’s Divine Transition in the Fourth Paradigm of Deserving, a Divine Destination of a most difficult Path readily corroborated in and through conversation with the Fauna, Singers of the Air, and Divine Guidance, when solicited through a short Prayer, Serving Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, Inch All-ah, All/all shall find Themselves/themselves There, Paradise on Earth, upon next Awakening.

Note: When consuming Members of the Fauna, at least what seems to be former Members of the Fauna, remember to say a short Prayer of Forgiveness and Gratitude for Consuming but Fruit and Nuts, something sometimes enabled even in the past on the path to 2012 to and for members of Intelligent Life on Earth most True in their Paths, unbeknownst to themselves, mostly related to reasons of safety and security in the Brutal and Savage Struggle between True Meaning and Extinction.

On a Second Note: It is possible for you as Faithful Subject or Natural Slave to be given a Visor, Divine Visor which opens one’s eyes to the potential to this Our New Reality, only two percent of the Population having access to the same for now, adjusted in presentation so as not to harm the respective person.

Information will be forthcoming, although it is unlikely that you shall be able to share it beyond a very restricted manner due to implicit Risks on to Self, Others and All. With it, you may rarely access to viewing of Gaia’s* Square*, usually only accessible in the Transition Area, Divine Transition Area and from the Divine Higher Realms of All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….Divine All’s, …. Gaia’s* Extended*), complete name cited above, source of a wealth of viewer restricted information, besides more pertinent viewing of viewer dependent information.

On a Third Longer Note: Telepathic Communication salvaged and greatly evolved since Gaia’s Year 2012AD is usually between Twins in and through All Existence (Gaia’s Divine Twin’s….Divine All’s, …. Gaia’s* Extended*), except for Gaia, Planet Earth, also called the Blue Planet, which still finds itself in Evacuation to Paradise on Earth Upon Awakening Next, Telepathic Communication usually restricted to Guidance, Divine Guidance, as mentioned earlier, the Fauna having maintained, amidst their veritable supplication – little Consciousness, often not so little at all as imbued with high Intelligence and high levels of Consciousness, yet extreme super sophisticated puppeted, enactation beyond comprehension, exploited to the core by Inherent Parasites Passers of Time in poor and impoverishing passing of Time Living Other’s Lives in the Imperceptible in the Eons Cycles’ of Time Eternal Evolution/Involution of Expression Struggle between True Meaning and Extinction in the generated Wringer Out of Existence, the Wringer Out of Expression – Telepathic Communication as relative privilege of maintaining restricted contact with some other members of the Fauna and their usually enslaving ascendants and descendants and their other parasitic threatening relationships in the former, now remaining, Higher Realm(s) “of” Existence, ttrans-Realm(s) and trans-Context(s) Will, nearly always aberrant and insane wWill, unrightful and unlawful since 2012AD exercised, more clearly and intensely unrightful and unlawful since 2017ADº In and Through Divine Father All’s, Divine All’s, Divine Stefan’s Contribution to Law, unless respecting in and amongst the few members of the Fauna, suffered pre-mediated warping of intention and interpretation in and through Gaia’s Divine Complete Human Beings’ successive lives in the above mentioned scenarios, pseudo-positive Spirallings of Apparent Privilege used with inconceivable but conceivable abuse of Conscious Presences amongst the Coherent Incoherent Lines of Conscious Presences to exact instant acquiescence and submission, when not utter subjugation, in the midst of the multiple Conscious Presences presented in a respective Life-Time, the Gnomes, in particular, suffering from the conviction of apparent special privilege and defense of residual integrity of the enslaved near puppet immersed in enactatory stratagems, puppet believing, indeed knowing, self free, when they often had been tortured in the past to “understand” quantic threat, instructions to the mind from remaining parasitic Existence now beyond proscribed.

On a Fourth Note: Apparent Seamless Presentation has afforded one pleasant surprises, beyond multiple Conscious Presences of Children, more Mozarts, Beethovens, Bachs and Brahms than one was counting on, remembering as Divine Father Origins only as Respective One and Their Respective Divine Twins, when Divine Twins, depending on the Time-Frame in which They were Born in and throughout the Eons Cycles’ of Time Eternal of the Evolution/Involution of Expression, exceptions only Two, as prior Divine Strictly Convened, Aristotle, Plato, Saul of Tarsus (Saint Paul), Shakespeare, the respective Life-Time “shared” with three Conscious Presences in Aristotle’s life-time, and two Conscious Presences in the remaining three “shared” life-times of Plato, Saul of Tarsus (Saint Paul), and Shakespeare, for succeeding or preceding one another after long periods of time, minimal intervals of 6 months between their respective Conscious Presence’s appearances, always two to four decades long permanence in the respective life-time, distinction in their appearance made amongst the Presences in the Higher Realms but also main counterparts on Planet Earth, none of them ever having, or rather sharing, Coherent Conscious Presences.

On a Fifth Note: Circumstances involving this continuing trial, nightmare subdued, denied, have now been revealed four times on separate occasions over the past six months on every television, no other channel available, monitor, and computer screen, four times during Gaia’s Year 2017ADº, the last presentation nearly sixty minutes long, the first two times throughout the entire Planet Open at the time, now but a small percentage remaining Open when compared to the past, the actual number, unless in the Transition Area, Divine Transition Area, unbelievable by most, except by the Fauna, all Conscious Presences exposed, such is this IR-Reality Show, the now adapted Super Sophisticated Puppeteering Evacuation from remaining Planet Earth to Paradise on Earth.

Ask yourselves if you remember anything at all. Abuse of Consciousness to serve this supplication and submissive seeking Puppet Show disposing and dispensing and dispatching all participant Puppet slaves, except the few major derelict illicit impingers of the conditions of the Aquarium and Terrarium which/who unduly encroached Upon Divine Heart with inconceivable undue follow-through and reach overwhelmingly increasingly dominating the Show, where Consciousness was adapted to serve IGNORANCE of all activity transpiring seamlessly through the manipulation by this Filth believing other’s Consciousness and Presence a Pass-Time, exceptions extremely rare, all connected to Divine Heart, poor as it was as a Pass-Time.

Inch All-ah one shall not revisit similar predicament, ever.

Identifying Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan (Stefan Adrian Brose, as German Citizen, Stefan Adrian do Valle Pereira Brose, as Portuguese Citizen, Born, November 24, 1959, in Luanda, Angola), with His Divine Twin, Divine Charlotte.

Divine -ah, Also Understood As Divine Moon, albeit not so cited in Divine Father All’s, Divine All’s, Divine Stefan’s Contribution to Law ((Charlotte, Surname withheld, Born, November 24, 1987, in Graz, Austria to Austrian Aristocratic Parents related to the Divine Sun (Divine Father Origin, 72nd, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan) and Heavens, Her Parents informed of Her not having survived Childbirth, as an Infant passed on to other Former Parents from past lives also related to the Heavens, Austrian, 2 (two) months later secretly passed on to German Parents, former Parents and Grandparents in past lives in their respective Conscious Presences, in Berlin, Germany)).

Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin, Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, Also Understood As Divine Father Heaven Origin, Divine Heavenly Father Origin, Divine Dragons’ Of Old Origin, Serpent of Old Origin, Divine Father All, Divine All, Divine Stefan, with His Divine Twin, Divine Charlotte, Divine -ah, Other Titles/Names in Law not cited here.

By Anonymous PhD,