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The Anunnaki Wheel of Enslavement

The attacks by Darkness are increasing at this time as It becomes more and more desperate. These are dangerous times.

Humans need to be cautious, yet not fearful of the evil aliens. Anunnaki aliens have no power over True-Light beings who still remember their Creator and have retained their Will.

The ruling elite have stepped up their hacking efforts since I wrote On the Brink of Anunnaki New World Order. They have also had many meetings and discussions about the article and the contents of the websites. 

The ruling elite are very worried. They realize that they have no secrets from the Light and that their time is short.

As I stated in On the Brink of Anunnaki New World Order, sections of the New England Highway are being severely targeted with alien beams.

In less than one week, Steffan and I observed two accidents on a particular stretch of straight road of that highway. Both accidents involved semi-truck and trailers. Both happened during clear nights when the road was deserted and dry.

The first incident happened when, for no apparent reason, a semi-truck and trailer jack-knifed and came to rest across the entire highway. I sensed something was wrong and had Steffan slow down just before we encountered the jack-knifing truck.

We were able to safely stop and put on our four-way flashers. The truck driver was unhurt and was able to pull his vehicle off the road before any impacts occurred. Had I not sensed the danger on the road, we would have been travelling too fast to have avoided impact with the jack-knifed truck and trailer.

Less than a week later, something happened on the same stretch of road.  At about 4.00 am, our dogs began barking and alerted us that something was amiss. We went out and observed a large, silent, stationary light in the sky. 

As we watched, the object emitted a beam that struck a huge semi-truck and double trailer that was travelling northbound on the New England Highway. 

After the truck was hit by the beam, it veered off the road, struck an electric pole, and rolled over. The truck made a deafening crash as it rolled over. The object in the sky vanished.

The truck driver was unhurt. Except for us, there were no witnesses to the accident.  Investigators are baffled and have stated, “at this stage we have no reason to believe fatigue was a factor” and they have ruled out other easily explainable causes for the accident.

It is a case of a truck being driven by an experienced driver rolling over on a dry, straight stretch of road for no apparent reason. 

We realize that it would be pointless to give our account because the authorities are programmed to ridicule sightings of unidentified flying objects, especially those emitting beams directed at vehicles.

This stretch of road on the New England Highway has been targeted for certain purposes. It would appear that the ruling elite want the speed limit reduced on this stretch of road from 100 km/h to 80 km/h so they can more effectively programme motorists on it.

The physical accidents will give the authorities the physical reasons necessary to reduce the speed limit. From many instances and other investigations, I have noticed a recent increase in the use of the number “8” in a very different way by the ruling elite. 

The ruling elite want an “8” at this point of the highway, and placing an 80 km/h speed limit sign will suit their purposes. The 80 km/h speed signs are now sprouting up in many places for more reasons than to slow down the traffic!

The new use of the figure “8” indicates the pending implementation of the next stage of events in the ruling elites’ scheme. The ruling elite is artificially embedding new numerological properties into the number “8”. These properties are detrimental to humans but beneficial to the Anunnaki slave masters

However, the planned impact of these properties have been counter-acted by the Light even though there will still be residual negative impact that will affect all things in the Virtual Reality.

The stretch of road I mentioned above is being bombarded so heavily now that it is difficult to drive through safely for those who are sensitive enough to notice the effects of this type of programming.

Most motorists can travel through it because they are so distracted by various events that they aimlessly plough through the dangerous patch without realizing that they are being affected. 

However, some drivers are more susceptible to the programming, and if the bombardment continues, more accidents will occur on this stretch of road. At this time, commercial truck drivers are being specifically targeted with additional weapons to ensure some mishaps will occur on the road.

Trucks, like many motor vehicles, run on wheels. The invention of the wheel is often thought of as the single most important development in the history of humankind. Many have speculated as to where the first wheel originated. 

Asia is thought by many to have been the “cradle” of the wheel, where it was developed from round logs. There is ample evidence that wheels existed in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Sumer is another civilization given credit for developing the wheel.

In fact, the wheel was used in Atlantis to wind water gates up and down in aqueducts, and Atlantis was a complex society long before Ancient Egypt arose. Wheels also existed in Lumeria. 

However, the wheels were NOT the main technology for moving heavy objects in either Atlantis, Lumeria or other “lost” civilizations, such as: Ackqooa and Laktosez.

The more distant or ancient civilizations primarily used the technology of anti-gravity devices to move heavy objects from place to place. This is because most of the labour performed in those cultures was done by Anunnaki slaves.

It was only much later that human slaves were employed in large numbers that the wheel was devised to force them to work much harder to achieve results. The wheel was also used to break their slaves’ spirit.

Most inventions in human history are not of human origin at all. These inventions have been produced at the prodding and insistence of the ruling Anunnaki on the planet and in the astral for purposes that suit the Anunnaki plans. Technology has been doled out by the Anunnaki for very specific purposes.

For example, outwardly, the industrial revolution appeared to be a sign of human progress and technological advancements. Few suspect that it was planned and staged to set up an eventual complete takeover by the Anunnaki and the full implementation of their New World Order.

Technological advancements are controlled by the Anunnaki, except for the instances when the Amoebas bring improvements to the planet. Technological advancements sponsored by Darkness are designed to give the least possible benefit to humans while providing the Anunnaki masters with the most benefit.

The wheel was forced upon humans to extract the maximum possible efforts for as small a benefit as feasible. Moving things by employing wheels is a very inefficient method. Waste is ingrained into Anunnaki slave and penal camps. 

The entire Virtual Reality was designed by the demiurges to thrive upon waste. Since the Anunnaki are chief agents of Darkness, they have modeled their colonies to likewise thrive upon waste.

In order to achieve maximum enslavement while simultaneously demonstrating some production, the Anunnaki forced humans to labour under the primary technology of the wheel. Wheels cause motion without much purpose. Much more energy is put into wheel-driven engines than can be extracted from them.

The planets move in circular or elliptical motions. On a smaller scale, atomic particles move in similar patterns. These motions are devised to hold together the illusions of the Virtual Reality, many of which appear quite concrete and physical.

Wheel or circular motion is basically motion without purpose, with an object going over and over the same territory without making progress. While wheels can be used to produce physical results, albeit very wastefully, wheels also mask the spiritual abyss into which they are plunging humans and other beings.

As I have said before, there is no motion in the True Divine Realm. Motion is an invention of Darkness to help achieve Its purpose of enslavement of True-Light beings as well as False-Light beings. Motion wastes a huge amount of energy, but motion helps to maintain the illusion of the Virtual Reality.

Since motion is extremely wasteful of energy, Darkness must constantly feed Its world with energy to keep the illusion afloat. Up until now, Darkness has stolen this energy from True-Light beings. 

However, the Rescue Mission is so far along, and so many True-Light beings have been retrieved from the Virtual Reality, that energy is getting very scarce. 

Darkness is getting more and more desperate and has been forced to use Its reserves of stolen energy to keep Its putrid illusion going longer in the hopes of finding a solution before the illusion collapses.

As Darkness drains Its reserves, the illusion of Its Virtual Reality will falter more and more.  Since all motion is wasteful and motion is necessary to maintain the illusion, the reserves will soon be exhausted.

When Darkness runs out of Its energy reserves, motion will stop, much like a car will stop when it runs out of petrol.

When motion ceases, the illusions created by motion will simply vanish, and that will be the end of Darkness’ Virtual Reality. That day is rapidly approaching.

It is important not to get caught up in the frictional energy that builds and builds inside, which I have identified as the “Whoak-ka” energy. 

This is one of the most effective weapons used by Darkness to eventually cause severe emotional blockages that ultimately make one very susceptible to destructive energy attacks that can cause short-term or long-term problems to the victims. Self-control is important. 

Often, Darkness succeeds in Its attacks because the victims choose to satisfy their egos instead of remedying the situations wisely. From apparently trivial situations such as bickering, annoyances and niggling events, the “Whoak-ka” energy can slip in, and, if unchecked quickly, can put its victims through very serious emotional/mental crises.

Keep your focus on the Light, even when things get you down. The True Light will never let you down.

By Amitakh Stanford, excerpt, (republished from the Nara site).