No Part Of You Is Separate From The Divine

No part of you is separate from the divine. We are each parts of a whole, but just because we are a part does not make us “less than” the whole.

Its much like the cells that make up an organ of your body. The liver does not say “I am better than all you insignificant tiny cells”… no… The liver is grateful and appreciative. It says “thank you for being of service and allowing me to experience myself and communicate with myself in new ways”.

In the same way each of our individual experiences and perspectives are no less than our experience as a divinity. They are simply fractals of experience, games within games that allow us as infinite consciousness to experience itself and play with itself in new ways.

So no matter what you are experiencing, and what is coming up in your life, you are perfect as you are. When you see yourself as perfect, and accept yourself, no matter what feelings or emotion arises, you align with the truth of your divinity.

The key to realize is that no experience, no choice, no way of being is right or wrong. Good or bad. There are simply preferences. There may be choices that are right for YOU.

How that is defined changes in each moment, because in each moment we expand, and in each passing moment, more becomes possible, and we are given more choice.

Right now we get to see long lost parts of ourselves that we have not seen in a long time. We get to experience and observe all the games these different parts of us have been playing and we get to move foreward and choose which reality we prefer.

What games do we want to close out and bring to completion, and which games do we want to play more of in our lives.

When emotions come up, we have the choice to get lost in them, and tell the universe that we prefer to experience and identify with them… Or if we prefer, we can observe them as they arise. We can speak to them lovingly, thanking them for their service and their simply let them go to become one with the wholeness that we are.

And from a place of wholeness we can make new choices that we do prefer, and we can use the energy and value points it took to energize those games, and cycles we used to enjoy, and served us in some way, and we can put it toward creating that which we prefer now.

Life is about discovering our preferences, and then committing to them. Finding what you are passionate about, what brings you joy, what gives you purpose, and then taking responsibility for your own joy and passion and committing to mastery and making the most of your gifts and unique abilities and specialities.

We are moving into a way of being as a planetary culture where instead of living IN the illuision and completely forgetting who we truly are as infinite beings….

If we choose, we have immense support in being able to connect to and access our infiniteness outside of space and time, and simultaneously live as an individual entity here on earth. The age of suffering, which only comes from lack of memory of who you truly are, is over if you want it to be.

All it takes is a choice and a commitment and the universe will support you in making your dreams come true whatever they are.

By Cellular Enlightenment Visual Art by Autumn Skye “Light Work”