The Anunnaki Manipulation of Man

When my colleague, Jack O’Brien, asked about their heritage and race one Anunnaki Warrior female responded that:

“She said that her race was from the Orion Nebula, and was not a pure race but included Anunnaki, which in turn was a Reptilian race interbred with another.

“I reminded her that the Orion Nebula was the remains of a star gone Nova, resulting in an expanding cloud of gas around the star.

“She said that they had anticipated this happening and had evacuated their planet long before this occurred.

In The Cosmic Code Sitchin writes:

“There was a time, the Sumerians told, when civilized Man was not yet on Earth, when animals were only wild and undomesticated and crops were not yet cultivated. At that long ago time there arrived on Earth a group of fifty Anunnaki.

“Lead by a leader whose name was E.A. (meaning “Whose home is water “) they journeyed from their home planet NIBIRU (“planet of crossing”) and, reaching Earth, splashed down in the waters of the Persian Gulf… The time: 445,000 years ago. ” (p.42)

In the first place they came to obtain gold which they require for survival on their planet which is losing its atmosphere.

A complex mining operation was begun in southeast Africa which later required human hybrid slaves.

Because their planet goes far out into space, these beings are in darkness and misery much of the time; when they approach the sun again they delight in visiting our planet Earth with the feminine essence of the Goddess so vibrant and living upon her.

There is evidence of these visits throughout ancient history, particularly in the Sumerian culture.

When the Anunnaki and their God, Anu, visit our planet they interfere with its natural rhythms and nature.

Since they are of a different origin, which is more advanced and they live for thousands of our years; they have manipulated us by genetic experiments and consider us like guinea pigs, or as slaves for their gold mines.

It is said thousands of our years past, they took the gentle and docile Hominid species we know as Homo Erectus and bred a human hybrid from their own DNA. This explains the famous “missing link.”

Humanity was formed from Anunnaki DNA and Homo Erectus DNA with many horrific mistakes in between which are well documented in Sitchin’s books.

(It has been reported that there are still today, underground bases, one of which was at Y. (a city in USA — see “The Aftermath Of The Armageddon Battles“), where the ghastly experiments in cloning and DNA are held in underground cities.)

This hybrid human did not have the capacity to breed, being a slave needed only for mining. Later one of the Anunnaki, Enki, loved man and gave man the ability to reproduce. This was the fall from the Garden of Edin apparently.

We lost the protection of the Anunnaki once we were able to reproduce our own kind, and man as a species has been evolving himself since with periodic visits by the Anunnaki who have given ample evidence of a love/hate relationship to man.

For example, in a fit of anger, Anu created the great flood to destroy man completely on the earth, but Noah again with Enki’s help, survived in the ark along with the animals.

The Anu gods also created a nuclear war in Ur because of their volatile anger and violence. Such has been our history with this temperamental, angry, mean and jealous progenitor, seeming a lot like the Greek Zeus.

How do the Anunnaki influence our culture and our earth history so much?

I believe that in the ancient past when man was “homo erectus” he was able to see through the third eye, the pineal gland much as we see today with our eyes. (read Rudolph Steiner on this topic — Egyptian Myths and Mysteries)

With that innate ability it was no problem seeing the 4th dimensional frequency… the Astral realm where the Anunnaki exist. However, the Anunnaki have considered man their experiment and toy, so there has been much manipulation of our DNA and in many reports, it becomes clear that we were endowed with 12 strand DNA instead of the two we now have.

Our brain is merely functioning at 10% if that of its true capacity. In reducing our capacities for accessing the upper dimensions, in shutting down the third eye, they tried to ensure their secrecy and hidden control and that human beings would remain their slaves/robots, acting out the Anunnaki scenarios of power, war, control, domination, rape and eco-destruction of the Earth.

The tales of the Greek Gods are the stories of ego-maniacs and psychotic episodes typical of the Anunnaki behavior.

Much of this control has been conducted through male secret societies and cabals. Our history bears witness that those who demonstrated the psychic skills to see in the Astral (and expose the deceptive influences of the Aliens), such as crones and witches, were crucified and outlawed.

The christian martyrs who lived in the heart and followed the calling of their higher self, were tortured into silence. All this sordid history is coming now to end.

Much of our obsession with the “father” god and male domination of the planet has come from the influence of the Anunnaki.

These beings do not have goddesses as are found on Earth. Our experience of them indicates their women are like Amazons, cold warriors with little gentleness or compassion.

I have read this in Barbara Hand Clow’s work (below insert), and the Aliens have told me this also.

It is p. 104 as follows:

“…I Akbar am here from Orion to inform you that a new sense of humanity is emerging from the deepest levels of your being. The connection you desire is fast approaching. Those who know this must now position themselves as the third point of the triangle – between abuser and abused, victim and victimizer – and radiate love to both sides. By making yourself into body of light between abuser and abused, you can triangulate the energy and resolve the polarization of good and evil.

“The need is for absolutely fanatical exposure of all emotional-body pain and for shift in perceptions of your roles in the dramas. For many lives now we have been in relationship with other individuals who are dealing with the teachings of pain.

“Now it is time to radiate love and compassion to those beings who are working with these lessons, but also to remove ourselves from the karma of these energies. Release your need to experience the pain of others. Be there to radiate love and compassion, but release the need to take on their pain.” ….[continued]

In the Americas, the medicine teachings are also being activated as individual teachers learn how to exist in the energy of one of the four directions.

As each teacher is empowered by his or her own direction, everywhere they go they encounter other individuals who need the teachings of the other three directions, an these people align with them. As this happens, four pyramids of light arise, their baselines formed from each side of the square they created as they held the four directions.

These four pyramids rise to form a capstone above this square base – a capstone of love that feeds the Earth and frees all four direction holders. In this way, these four individuals are pulled out of the polarity of abuser and abused.

In other words, the medicine teacher first walks the planet holding a specific direction and three other individuals who have been playing out personal karmic dramas are attracted to that teacher. The result is that the destruction triangle is broken, free into a four sided pyramid of light.

Let me explain a bit further, since this is a powerful healing form. Personal karmic dramas are often the last desires that need to be released from three uncleared individuals. Such triangulation is often held in form by one who loves the other two individuals who are locked together in an abuse/abused game.

For awhile, the one who loves the two game players is holding space and hope for them.

Eventually, these three individuals will draw to them a fourth person [Jack O’Brien in this case] who is clear of abusive patterns – and is therefore a “direction holder” – and this person will bust their agenda. With the agenda gone, the three will lose the desire that once fueled their drama.

Truly in the coming days, you will be amazed as you watch EVIL dissipate in this way. You will see people dematerialize, or decide to leave the plant, as they release their desires.

Hold space and clarity for the completion of such dramas in these times.

…Once the work is done, the Keepers of Shapeshifting will move to another direction. When enough individuals have chosen peace and cleared themselves, they will shapeshift – that is take a direction that reflects their own clarity. And this in turn will draw others into releasing their desires. Finally, pyramids of the four directions will be formed by four great medicine teachers, and peace will come instantly.”

They yearn for the beauty of a human female; they hanker for our love and gentleness through thousands of dark, dismal years away from the earth.

The Aliens called Anunnaki have interbred with human females throughout history, (again good documentation in native cultures support this fact particularly in Hawaii) and in my opinion, they are jealous of human males for their ability to love women.

The Aliens have done many tricks to the males on this planet to prevent men from being faithful husbands and lovers.

The effects are the widespread numbers of mothers raising children alone, while the fathers desert their families and hearth spending lonely, fruitless years alone and confused or seeking solace in empty relationships.

So why can’t you see them? Some of us can.

They exist on what we call the 4th dimension, which is a frequency. Earth is first dimension, minerals and devas are the 2nd dimension, and human beings operate mostly on the 3rd dimension.

When we see ghosts and astral beings, this is the 4th dimension. Man by his true nature is able to relate to ALL dimensions up to probably the 50th dimension… but trying to explain this is not possible.

As has already been indicated, man is much manipulated and controlled from this mythic or archetypal realm, the 4th dimensional.

We have not been allowed to develop our psychic abilities because when man does this, he can see who is manipulating and deceiving him.

So these abilities were deliberately and systematically destroyed over the years, however, today more and more people are waking up and learning to meditate, to find their own truths, and to depend on only their own hearts to guide them in their lives.

Such true human beings cannot be manipulated. An awakened and real human being is a force greater than all the Aliens that may come here.

Human Beings are now going to CHOOSE their destiny in full knowledge and FREE WILL

Their Lies

It appears to be a key factor in this relationship of mankind to the Anunnaki that we be able to find out when we are being told lies. This is one of the key factors in how we have been deceived; we have been genetically manipulated and duped into believing that we are separate from God-All that Is.

The Anunnaki want it that way (see Zecharia Sitchin — The Twelfth Planet).

As 4th density frequency beings…, they influence through the subconscious mind in the astral realms — subliminally. It has served them to make our planet their satellite and us their slaves and they have seduced scientists and leaders with fancy technology.

They have also used us to enact their dramas for them (see Sitchin for examples of this). In so doing mankind, who is at heart, a kind and harmonious, peaceable creature has transmuted much of their negativity. This means that we have neutralized the negative power.

Our planet is a lovely place, and will be again. But we as the beings upon it have been doing a great service to these Aliens in turning their war into peace, in turning their hatred into love, in modifying their evil plans into cooperative opportunities.

That is who man is. That is why they are here. We are healing them. But now there is no more need for us to do this service for them.

It is time for them to leave and for us to claim our own world and our own capacities as we originally were. We will not fight any more wars for them. We will not allow any more Jack Kennedy’s to be their victims.

We will not buy into their subliminal control through television. We will not allow their technology to take over our bodies. We are waking up to their dead and dying world, their blight over our beautiful planet.

This awakening has already occurred and the turning point has been reached.

  • Goodbye to the New World Order and the Nazis
  • Goodbye to war machines and soldiers
  • Goodbye to secret male societies that destroy the Goddess on her own planet

Your time has passed.. the time of joy, love and integration of male and female in the true human nature is here.

Through lies and deceit, they took over our scientists, our politicians, our money, our food and our ecology.

These lies continue in the media manipulation, wholesale defection of the press to the government “line” and away from real reporting of news, controlled information always biased and funneled to us through TV and cable, and the take over of the film industry to promote their agenda in disaster movies. All of this is a reflection of the Anunnaki’s own paranoia.

It is not human beings who fear “Armageddon;” and the disasters of Asteroids and tidal waves. It is our “Progenitor” race who live out these horror scenarios. We are already jaded by it all. And we know that we do not have to put up with it any more.

One noticeable area of human manipulation has been in our quest for GOLD. The original man had NO NEED of gold. God supplied the Earth with enough for all people to eat and to have for their lives.

It is the Anunnaki who needed gold, not man.

According to Hand Clow and Sitchin, they require gold to descend into the 3rd density Earth and to balance energies on their own planet.

From the day I was born, I could never understand this obsession with gold. It seemed to me the least interesting type of metal on the planet. It is not innately something true living and real human beings crave.

True human beings who are at one with nature find shells and rocks on the beach to be far more valuable that a soft yellow metal.

The whole obsession is a programmed, conditioned response imprinted by the Anunnaki. WHY? How did man turn into a gold digger and become a greedy monster that has almost destroyed the planet with his monstrous thirst for more and more money?

In considering this I have been assisted by my Goddess friend, Springs. We both learned through our higher selves that the Anunnaki had to deceive man about the need for gold. Man did not care for gold.

Man was content to be living freely, innocently in God’s garden partaking openly of the joys of his nature as a human in the Garden of Edin. There was no lack or anger, no war or greed.

The Anunnaki somehow seduced us by subconscious persuasion (just like the television commercials do to us now) to turn to greed and avarice in the form of hoarding gold.

But what did they promise man he would gain from this?

We determined that man was told that he would “ASCEND” if he searched for gold, that the hoarding of gold was his opportunity to return to the higher planes of existence. Since the Anunnaki needed gold for their atmosphere, no doubt this idea implanted into human beings seemed logical.

However as our friend Gilgamesh found out, no human ever ascended this way, only the Anunnaki escaped this 3rd dimension through gold.

In FACT man has no need of anything OUTSIDE himself to ascend. He is a Human being… and as such is already ascendant.

Man has been sold a huge crock of LIES. He gave up his prana, his third eye, his kundalini, his life force and his natural ability to communicate with the universe and other dimensions for GOLD… a soft and stupid metal nugget found in the ground!! Just because the Anunnaki who had fancy technology and space ships told him so.

Does it not seem ridiculous?

Man has always been multi-dimensional, completely at one with the divine, yet he gave that up to be the slave of the Anunnaki, trying desperately to do what they told him to do.

He fought their wars, their little petty squabbles and his blood was shed on the earth in the doing

He tried hard, believing them to be “Gods” far superior to him

He tried to follow their rules and their dictums,

… and all yet all the while finding that it was impossible to mold himself after such monsters as they are.

Thank God man is not Anunnaki.

I say that man is by nature peaceable because that is my understanding of the true human male. He is in tune with the planet as if SHE were his own wife or beloved; he lives in peace, incredible silence, and harmony with everything he encounters.

He is totally attuned psychically and telepathically, and he eats only plants, not animals. My model for this male is the hairy creature we call the Yeti.

The American Indians before the white men came would also fit this model. This was the being that the Anunnaki manipulated genetically to make man more like them… warlike and arrogant.

But the “beast” nature of the Yeti is the true human male who is a model of the creature that WILL be restored to this planet.

Fortunately for man, we have been assisted in our evolution to return to our former wholeness. The power of “Chi” the Kundalini energy has been given to many people now for this time. This opens the third eye and brings genius and healing skills. It also brings the ability to access the multidimensional Self that we knew in the past.

This is the alignment of the human being with the planet Earth so that man becomes at one with the will of the planet. She is shrugging off the tyranny. The star beings are here to make sure that this outrageous deceit ceases.

One must pity the aliens from Nibiru.

Their world appears to be metallic, cold, manipulative, overpowering, domineering, controlling to the extreme, technological and fascist, without love or joy and with no regard for the free will of other beings. Sounds like a good definition of Hell.

Is it any wonder they fall in love with Earth that has struggled to create the opposites of this in spite of their manipulation of the world and events in it?

Their deception has gone on long enough. The veils are lifting. Unfortunately, many intelligent humans do not know of this deception.

Some people who are psychic, clairvoyant or in contact with their higher selves are able to understand the other dimensions and are able to determine the truth of what the manipulated and Anunnaki robotized scientists and government officials are saying.

But sadly most people will believe lies unless they have a higher awareness.

There are some ways of knowing the truth however, as in Jack holding a tree and asking it a question. The body will tell the answer through the tree. People can do muscle testing to find out the truth, or pendulums will do that also.

Also, Jack uses a dowser to verify truth. Isis uses inner guidance and her own heart to verify truth. It can be done by programming to just create an intention to know what is lies and what is not. There are plenty of books to help with this. It is a vital defense in the years to come.

Conventional scientific methods of investigation just do not yield this information. Were it not for this multi-dimensional ability to know on other levels what is going on, none of this change in Y. would have taken place.

The Human race, particularly the West, has been prevented from knowing the other levels of reality from birth and cultural conditioning, yet these skills are essential to everyone now.

Through our ignorance and of these levels of our true being, we have been and are NOW being manipulated and controlled by those who do understand these levels (the Anunnaki) and who have an agenda to control the world.

The light is coming and has taken over

It is time for humanity to wake up to who they are and what they are capable of doing

WE are MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS at one with ALL-THAT-IS the greatest God/dess being imaginable

The entities that have come here and stolen our resources and almost destroyed our planet and done these horrific experiments on us do not know about God. They do not know of the power of LOVE.

Once we have given them this information, they feel conscience and they feel their connection to us through this power of Love. They say they now want to restore the damage they have done.

They have promised to return to their homes and take with them a precious gift from this planet. The gift of Unconditional Love. Well this Goddess is checking on their progress.

In the meantime we offer them our love for their misery and horrible existence. They have chosen it. Every being has chosen its own form of separation from the Divine, its own form of forgetting. None of us are victims.

Alex Collier outlines behavior that Aliens should show to us. They should genuflect and ask permission to come to our planet. As the stewards of it, we are sovereign here and they must acknowledge this.

Another important point when dealing with the alien entities of any kind is to understand that you are the sovereign being here and thus the whole galactic federation supports what you choose.

You are multidimensional… at one with the Source of All that Is… Truly a human being is an amazing thing in the entire creation. Thus all that you have to do is be clear is to state your INTENTION. It really is that simple.

Do you want to be free of tyranny?

All it takes is a statement to that effect, made very clearly to the heavens. Declare it clearly and openly to the sky. Many are listening who will respect that and send light and love to support that choice.

If even a million humans on the planet made this very simple statement… then all tyranny would cease instantly.

“I declare and decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery and control over the free will of human beings now cease.”

These simple things we can do as a race and this is our task in the future years to bring this awareness of God’s love to beings from all over the omniverse.

That is our destiny if we can wake up now out of our deliberately engineered slumber. Let us love each other, join hands, declare our sovereignty of the Earth, and become a light unto the myriads of galaxies. This is our destiny if we step forward now.

It is time these tyrants were out of here and I am here – as Isis – a Goddess, to make sure that their tyranny over mankind ceases now. All indications show this to be happening as of February 1999.

The Anunnaki are leaving and so are all the negative entities who have been invading not only this Earth and solar system, but this galaxy and this universe.

They have to leave now for their own universe. They find the music of light harmony which the light-workers and the new babies have created raucous and horrible to their ears.

I, Isis Astarte, say,

“Good riddance” and “do not return unless you honor our Goddess home, show respect for us as sovereign beings, and come here to know Love.”

From Isis:

Aloha to all of you.

I am happy I have had to go through this interaction with the dark Aliens, so you do not. I had the courage to deal with this darkness because of my guides and teachers who showed me the inevitable truth… I am ONE with all that IS… and these Anunnaki are part of ALL that Is. Only because of our ability to know this oneness, could we deal with them and turn them away.

It is my wish that you will come to full Consciousness of your unity with all beings, not just On this Earth, but Off it too. Thus, you too will come to know the full wonder of being human. I ask this for all humanity.

Om Tat Sat.
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Source: IsisAstarte Website