Ripping Apart the Collective into Parallel Realities

I know some of you must be tired of hearing spiritual teachers blame everything on the cosmic waves, special timelines and extremely rare blood moons and eclipses that appear practically every other day now.

I am too.

However, I feel like it is my responsibility to update you on my perceptions when things are excessively intense and catalyzing (and potent!).

In this way, you can use those opportunities and windows of transition to align to your preferred reality, to trust itself, and allow for purification willingly and with surrender.

These translations I provide of what I sense could assist you in forming a picture of what the hell is going on and more importantly help you in generating peace of mind and camaraderie with others in the eye of the storm; where all becomes possible once again.

Even if not all of articles like these are accurate, or even any of it for that matter, the effects of these ‘translations’ can make a positive difference nevertheless.

 When it comes to well-being within the relative, conventional world, proper and empowered framing and context is everything.

But, as always, follow your own resonance above anything I might say or suggest.

Here goes…

Strong Winds

I have never to this date of this incarnation sensed an as unforgiving and yet potent and usable force rip through our collective as this one; stirring up all the hidden forces within and about us. And I think it’ll continue to amp up.

I am aware that my own recent circumstances might add to this perception a bit, but I am exercised enough in my seeing to be able to see beyond my own circumstances, and I believe this ripping apart is happening all around the world now with more ‘pressure’ and potential for ‘insanity’ as well as positive quantum leaping than ever before.

In short: This is a tricky but exciting time! Awareness and proper framing of what’s going on is crucial.

The ‘Psychic Winds of Change’ blowing through our collective Mind are crazy fast and volatile at the moment and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down yet.

Much like when a hurricane hits, this is the time to gather yourself and those vibrationally closest to you in silent meditation and ‘hunker down’ in vibrations of trust and faith until the storm purifies your environment. Stay really true in your Heart and let go of any old resistances or memories.

I tend to avoid words like ‘dangerous’ etc., but indeed it is a time where erratic and anomalous behavior will reach unpredictable peak states in people, especially those unaware of their shadows and blind spots. You’d be surprised how quickly someone can turn on you without any seeming heads up.

This is not to say one should not keep an open mind and heart; but stay alert and true to your intuition.

In short, you may find that there are moments where you cannot ‘count’ on anyone but your closest, most aware and most aligned friends. Seek out clear people and communities to whom you naturally gravitate.

The cases of people suddenly dying, committing suicide, entering into deep depression or confusion, or ‘losing their minds,’ or in less extreme cases just being plain unpredictable and unreliable, seem to be increasing in the past few weeks. It’s ridiculous and abnormal in its frequency in my estimation.

Many, if not everyone, in this window of time are being tempted with negative thoughts, more than ever before in my opinion. The collective’s shadow-subconscious mind is coming to a boil right now and it isn’t always pretty butterflies and unicorns. A chaotic purge of sorts seems to be occurring.

The Splitting Off Into Parallel Realities

Currently co-existing realities are splitting up into parallel ones.

Few know how to truly navigate this massive ripping apart of realities into separate (parallel) ones in a harmonious way. An inner surrender and trust is crucial. And meditation. Please sit your butt down regularly and become silent and clear…

Things may get more messy before they get more harmonious and peaceful. But this collective shadow-purging and the consequent splitting off of parallel realities IS a necessary part of the process of generating an ultimately peaceful world.

One way to imagine this is Bashar‘s example of the trains leaving the station. Not everyone you know may be on the same train as you, and vice versa. Where up until now you have spent most of your time with those beings and reflections on the same train station–each waiting for, or seeking for, which train is their authentic train.

Currently we are in a time where everyone has entered into their own trains whether they realize it and are satisfied with it as ‘their highest reality’, or not.

And although you can still look out of the window and see the other trains, or even run toward and jump on an alternate train if you really commit, the tracks are separating at an accelerated pace and it’s becoming harder and harder to communicate with the other trains.

Most people used to stability in their circumstances and relationships are not used to handling this amount of change, pressure and choice so quickly or in such a compounded fashion.

At some point, the trains you were used to seeing around you simply disappear from view altogether and the only train you are aware of is the one you choose/ chose to be on, and the only people you are aware of are those who are part of the same train (vibration).

I will not name specific examples — because this may affect some of those people–but suffice it to say that there are many key people (people who are through natural vibrational selection appointed to drive or conduct certain sub-collective trains) are themselves as representatives of these different realities going through some truly complex and fascinating journeys at this moment.

Their realities, much like mine, are being completely re-imagined and re-structured at this timing, or at least they are challenged and encouraged to. And whatever they choose will affect the people who choose to share the train with them, so to speak, to at least some degree.

I’m lucky enough to have done as much work on myself as I have that I am able to navigate complex and challenging waters with relative ease and be able to step willingly into what is asked of me without attachment to my former realities, comfort or self-image.

As a result, my experience is generally one of great and deep joy and powerful clarity/insight whenever big changes pass through my awareness.

Whatever comes, I accept and navigate from there in the most exciting possible way, ever re-generating my reality from Source, and from scratch, with each opportunity and change in the tides.

This keeps me nimble and malleable, able to anticipate and flow with the highest benefit. I recommend you practice the same capacity of trusting life and not identifying with any of the changes, your body, mind, circumstances and even relationships. The last one being, admittedly, the most challenging.

BUT: letting go of even the most long-standing relationships, family members and friendships isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be a most beautiful, forgiving and loving experience for you. Even if it isn’t experienced that way on their end.

If it helps, you can think of it as ‘setting each other free’ rather than ‘letting go.’

The Point of No Return?

I generally really dislike giving out any message that can be misinterpreted as ‘doom,’ and I realize this article may be misinterpreted in this way by some.

However, I still want to give you guys a heads up and trust you understand that the intention is to generate a positive and inspiring energy in you as a result of reading this.

I believe in each of you and your capacity to bring empowered views into any scenario. (If you don’t feel confident in this, check out Super Accelerated Living on Amazon for practical methods and understandings.)

And I believe that being more, rather than less aware of what’s happening is helpful in being able to frame things more positively and thus extract from it a more empowering result.

I think we’ve entered into a ‘belt’ of energy, or rather ‘timing’, from which there is no return… Unlike before with other belts or ‘timings,’ this one causes a more abrupt, radical and irreparable ‘tear’ in the fabric of our chosen collectives. It’s shift will be, for all intents and purposes, ‘permanent.’

Like butter being boiled to purify it and separate the ‘ghee’ from the butter. Or like a pile of trash or objects approaching the separator/ filter. Once it passes through the filter into the corresponding box to which it belongs, there is no immediate way to unseparate what has just been separated. You cannot unscramble a scrambled egg.

This irreversibility is not something to fear, you see. This is essentially a positive change, an upgrade. How willingly we choose to allow this, or how much we resist it with out linear ideas, is up to each of us.

Trust the change. Surrender to it as much as you can. Believe that you’re safe and taken care of. Trust in the subtle intuitive guidance you are currently receiving in each moment.

Learn to listen deeply in silence within, and you’ll know what to ‘do’ or not do in any given circumstance.

As I see it there is no return from this separation process in the conventional sense of the word. You will set out upon a new journey that looks different in almost every way.

You will carve or follow a new path with 100% of your being, rather than just as a hobby or partial interest. Your truest alignment is calling for your full and undivided attention.

Whereas in the past, most of these intensified nexus points or ‘psychic winds’ might have given you a preview of what does not truly belong in your reality any longer; they generally allowed you to continue to co-exist with those non-consonant vibrations for a bit longer.

This particular filter we’re passing through right now seems quite unforgiving to me; for many of us, a permanent shift into a parallel reality within which non-consonant realities can simply no longer co-exist is occurring for everyone whether they like it or not.

I might be wrong and this may not apply to everyone, but I’d be surprised if not most of you experience some truly drastic changes over the past two months going into the next 6 or so months.

The vibrations will be too pristine and distinct in each reality to be able to continue to interact in any meaningful way with the others.

Like parallel FM channels are not received by the same radio clearly simultaneously. A choice as to which reality you attune to has to be made in each moment, but is being forced upon each entity of this collective in an unapologetically loud manner, now.

A Great Opportunity

This is a great opportunity to really let go, trust in your Self, and choose the highest parallel reality you can currently envision. Open your heart and say YES to the highest you’ve always known possible. Try to not drag yourself down with doubt, skepticism and jadedness created from past impressions.

This is truly a beautiful and once in a lifetime opportunity in many ways. Seize it. You deserve it. And you have all the guidance you need to take a leap of faith into trusting the changes.

In practical terms, this means you will likely ‘lose’ certain friends, family members, or communities that you are used to be a part of, and gain others.

This can be extremely intense and difficult on our personal perceptions of needing safety, comfort, security and consistency.

Hence, our ego–which is ultimately fear and lack-based–will have to face itself, or rather: you will face it as it is forced to the surface and it will be up to your free will to decide how to handle that process.

Aside from knowing and accepting/ loving yourself, here’s my one accelerating tip: When things get crazy chaotic to the point where your linear mind has no clue and can no longer hold on to what it thinks it knows or can manage… make a bold leap and LET GO COMPLETELY.

Let the stream have you… Give it all back to God. Surrender it all. Trust. You are safe. All is well. Revel in the perfection of it all!

Stop caring about your circumstances and controlling the outcome of your relationships and environment. Let go. Life takes care of everything. You’re already on the train, don’t keep carrying your luggage on your head when you might as well let the train carry both you and your luggage and you feel light and free.

Your only safe chance at such junctions that are initiated from multi-dimensional and non-physical nodal points of intelligence that you will never be able to comprehend or predict with your physical mind, is to let go and trust.

The chaos is being attracted to your life to FORCE you to turn your gaze toward the One Infinite Creator within, throw your hands in the air, and trust completely in love, and in the guidance that pulls you.

All your life you’ve already been planting tons of seeds of what your truly desired reality is. Like Abraham Hicks would say: You’ve been putting many things into your vortex.

This is your chance to reap the benefits. This is your opportunity to harvest the fruits of your previously envisioned dreams.

When the change you’ve been anticipating and intending for finally comes along but requires you to trust the changes necessary for it to manifest, don’t fight it with fear! Love and forgive yourself for being afraid, and know that your safest option is to let go and have faith. You are ever held in the arms of the Infinite Creator. You’ve never been a separate individual.

Truly, if you resist anything at this timing, you’ll be torn to pieces in my opinion. Try it and see what happens if you must… but it won’t be pretty. Any ego or stubbornness in this equation and it’ll shred you.

Resistance truly is futile at this timing, lol. And undesirable, really. And illogical, even.

Like trying to hold on to a rock or the shore when you’re being taken by a river that’s flowing at the speed of sound.

If you can, don’t resist. Have faith my friends. You are not alone.

The safest choice you can make right now is to stay meditative within and give up any need for security.

Trust in God, in Source, in Life… Give up the ego. Trust in the unknown and gather together with others who have faith in the unknown. Cherish each other during this time of great transition while you lovingly let go of those who no longer suit you.

It may help you as well to hold on to the highest vision, the brightest Sun of the Universal Self you can imagine. The most exciting dream you dare cherish! The time of skepticism is coming to an end.

Forgive and Move On

Also… Don’t hold anything negative against anyone in this time of rapid change. It’ll only drag YOU down.

Much like in a zombie-outbreak (forgive the graphic and erroneous analogy); you wouldn’t blame your loves ones for turning into zombies and turning against you upon catching the virus.

Quite similarly, don’t blame those who choose their own reality different from yours, or who fall prey to reliance upon small-minded beliefs or inherently skeptical, slow-moving views/vibrations.

Everybody is doing their best. Simply let them go and offer them the highest intentions you can while you decisively go your own way.

Forgive those that are not capable of handling this change with the same degree of non-resistance, love and empowered awareness as you may. They deserve your compassion, and you deserve your own non-resistance to them as well, which is what compassion and forgiveness is: non-resistance to those who seem to hurt you or oppose you.

Do not cling to them by means of anger or frustration, for that is, again, like holding on to the rock on the shore of your ever increasingly rapid river.

Bless them, and bless you. This time may be remembered as The Great Letting Go. Be grateful for all you learned from them, and them from you.

Then, be happily on your way remembering that this is all a wonderful, infinite dream of the One Infinite Creator and that there is nowhere you could go that you would go wrong. The Creator is in every choice, and in every outcome to every choice. This goes for those you are letting go of or saying goodbye to in the physical illusion as well.

Hone In On Your Tribe (and merge with other tribes of similar vibration where possible)

One thing that may happen is that you’ll suddenly meet or learn to more clearly recognize who’s truly part of your cosmic tribe; those with the same calling/mission/vision.

Extend your support and love and inclusion to them and stay close to them where possible while this storm is happening.

Seek out the most aligned and powerful company, and love and support one another like never before.

Keep the energy pristine, pure and keep that container ‘tight’ (yet your hearts fearlessly wide-open) while this hurricane washes over the Earth and clears your streets of things that don’t support your highest version.

Those beings who will continue to reveal themselves as your immediate brothers and sisters are in your life boat with you as you leave the collective ship, for it’s sinking. You are trying to find new shore together.

Learn to trust and rely on one another, and keep your focus high, open, and alert/awake.

Where possible, merge your life boat with other powerful communities to generate a more powerful new sub-collective. Form a fleet as you anticipate and create a new shore together.

From the ashes of an unreliable and crumbling world, stay ever attuned to the vision of a loving, harmonious and incredibly exciting one for all. Do not fall prey to victimhood; realize you are a powerful generator.

It is whatever you say it is, 24/7.

The time to attempt to ‘reach everybody’ may be of the past… Or perhaps not yet entirely. We’ll see. This is still unclear to me.

A lot of fluctuations and possibilities are currently turning on and off unreliably. It is challenging to predict the future when the probability-fields are themselves going haywire and interfering with one another, so to speak.

Allow those who are non-consonant with your preferred reality to fall away from your reality naturally, with love and faith that they too are taken care of by the infinite intelligence.

Be grateful for the time and learning you chose to co-create together, and forgive them and yourself for any and all inevitable learnings, or as humans would call it ‘mistakes’ that may have occurred between you.

May this world know peace and may innocence reign supreme, soon. I am so excited for your ever more awake civilization.

Bring it. We are ready.

Peace, love, forgiveness, letting go and divine joy.