Ayurveda: The Healing Properties of Colors

We have already discussed the healing powers of metals and gemstones. Let’s see what Ayurveda teaches us about colors:

The Healing Properties of Colors

Ayurvedic treatments also make use of the healing properties inherent in colors. Because the primary colors of the rainbow are correlated with the bodily tissues (Dhatus) and the doshas, the vibratory energy of the colors may be used to help establish balance in mind and body.

The color is nothing but light, and light is radiant energy imparted from every atom. The source of light and color is the sun. In our solar system, whatever colors we perceive come from sun rays.

Every color has a different wavelength, frequency, and vibration. When we put a prism in the sunlight, the seven colors of the rainbow can be separated, but the same presence of all seven gives white light.

The absence of any color is black, darkness. So black is a negative color, and white a positive color.

You can influence your health and happiness by choosing appropriate colors for your clothing and surroundings at home and at work.

Also, if you place colored, translucent paper or plastic wrap around a jar or glass of water and place it in sunlight for four hours, the water will become infused with the vibrations of that color. Drinking the water will then bring beneficial results.


Red is warming and stimulating. It relieves aggravated Vata and reduces excess Kapha. However, because of its heating effect, overexposure to this color may aggravate Pitta and result in inflammatory ailments such as conjunctivitis.

Red is related to our blood. It stimulates the formation of red blood cells and improves circulation. It also helps to maintain color in the skin and gives the energy to nerve tissue and bone marrow.

Pink has a gentler effect, promoting love and calmness, but it may be conducive to lethargy in Kapha individuals.


Like red, orange is warming and has a healing energy. It is a sexually stimulating color that gives energy and strength to the sex organs.

Paradoxically, in spiritual seekers who have chosen to be celibate, orange helps with renunciation and transforming sexual energy into Supreme Consciousness.

Orange is balancing to both Vata and Kapha but may be aggravating to Pitta. It has antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties; it hinders the growth of bacteria.


Yellow relieves excess Vata and Kapha. It promotes understanding and intelligence and helps energy rise to the crown chakra for spiritual realization.

Yellow is a decongestant that helps to relieve Kapha congestion. It also acts as an antibacterial. Overexposure to yellow causes excess bile to accumulate and increases Pitta dosha.


This color has a calming effect upon mind and body and creates a feeling of freshness. It is soothing to the emotions and brings energy to the heart chakra and feelings of happiness to the heart.

Green is calming and pacifying to excess Pitta and may aggravate Vata and Kapha. Green helps to heal ulcers and promotes the growth of granulation tissue.


Blue is a cooling color that relieves aggravated Pitta. It has a calming effect on the body and mind and helps to correct liver disorders. When a baby has jaundice, placing the baby under a blue light will help it heal faster.

Blue is the color of Pure Consciousness. Overexposure to blue may cause aggravation of Vata and Kapha and may provoke congestion.


This is the color of Cosmic Consciousness and brings an awakening of awareness. It creates lightness in the body and helps to open the doors of perception. Purple relieves excess Pitta and Kapha but may aggravate Vata.


Gold, the color of the sun, is a warming color that is beneficial for Vata and Kapha.

Beneficial Colors for Constitutional Types

For each constitutional type, certain colors are soothing and balancing while others are aggravating. Here is a summary of healthful colors:

  • Vata: Vata types should minimize the use of dark and cooling colors such as blues, browns, and black. On the other hand, very hot, vivid colors may be overstimulating to Vata, which has a tendency toward being hyperactive. So your best bets are warm pastels, sunny yellows, and green, with some warming red and orange.
  • Pitta: Cool, soft colors are the best for your health and balance of body and mind. Blues and purples/violets are excellent, along with silver (including silver jewelry) and blue-greens. Watch out for reds and oranges, which can inflame Pitta dosha, and minimize yellow and gold. Avoid black.
  • Kapha: Bright, lively, bold colors are good to balance Kapha, with its tendency toward lethargy and mental and physical heaviness. Red, yellow, orange, and gold are all good. Even if you feel you look good in green, dark blue, or white, these are not the best for you from a health standpoint.
  • Silver, associated with the moon, is cooling and soothes Pitta.