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Fans Jump Keanu Reeves’ Gate — Instead of Calling the Cops, He Invites Them in for Beer

Two super fans jumped the gate to the home of Keanu Reeves and instead of calling 911 to report them, he invited them in to hang out and drink beer.

by Matt Agorist

The Matrix movie series was one of the most revolutionary works of art to ever come out of Hollywood. Its pro-humanity, anti-authoritarian message instantly made it a classic and it has since become the subject of internet memes and (red pill) movements alike.

At the center of this silver-screen revolution is Keanu Reeves whose real-life heroism makes his role as Neo that much more incredible.

Reeves has managed to distance himself from the dark side of Hollywood and it’s been easy for him, simply because he has a huge heart. Reeves has been spotted all over the place — not in photo opportunity pr stunts — but in real-life scenarios being a genuinely good person.

One scenario in particular is getting some attention after a woman posted her amazing story about Reeves on Facebook and backed it up with photos.

This story begins as Chris Johnston was visiting California to watch her boyfriend Ned play in a softball tournament. However, because Johnston was such a huge Keanu Reeves fan, she decided to blow of the tournament and instead go see the home of Reeves.

Johnston’s cousin lived in the area and knew that she was a big Reeves fan, so the duo came up with a plan to go check out his home. However, they did more than just check it out.

“We climbed the wrought iron fence to his property, walked up the winding driveway to his home,” explained Johnston. “Knocked on the open door, that he could not hear us knock on because he was playing guitar with his back to the door.”

As Johnston explains, when Reeves finally turned around to see them, he wasn’t startled and simply asked them, “who are you and how did you get here?”

The two women explained to Reeves what they had done and how big of fans they were and that’s when something really excellent happened.

Most other Hollywood stars who notice two trespassers on their property would have called police immediately, hit a panic button, or forced their security to remove them.

However, instead of calling the police and having these two trespassers locked up, Reeves forgave them and then went even further.

“He invited us in, gave us a beer and spoke with us,” explained Johnston. “I told him how I was there for my boyfriend’s softball tournament and how instead of watching him play, I was going to see him.”

After the trio hung out and took a bunch of photos together, Reeves wrote Johnston and her boyfriend a note, wishing them the best.

This most excellent story happened back in 1990 and Johnston explained how things may have been different had she done the same thing today.

“I think if it were today, I would for sure be on the news. Or maybe even gotten shot,” she explained. However, as TFTP has reported in the past, Reeves is far too down to earth and understanding and would most likely not have been the person doing the shooting.

Also, what sets this story apart from the rest of the selfless and amazing things of which Keanu Reeves has been accused — other than the fact that he chose not to call the cops — is that Johnston has photo evidence of their adventure. But, as she explains below, that barely survived.

“When we left, I had accidentally exposed the film in the camera, we went right to a one hour photo shop with the hopes of having the pictures saved,” she wrote.

“After an agonizing wait, there were only 3 pictures that were not all yellow from exposure… I was so grateful because no one would of ever believed us. Sometimes I still can’t believe it.”