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Reptilians, Anunnaki Soul Contracts and the ET War (Dolores Cannon QHHT Session)

Melanie Robinson is an Empath and Spiritual Healer based in Australia and is one of transients’ recommended healers which you can find a list of in the menu here.

Sian Chua, located in Perth, Australia, is known as one of the worlds most experienced QHHT practitioners.

A long time back Sian played an important role supporting the original QHHT support forum, alongside such therapists as Lorna Wilson who is a Global Moderator over on’s Roundtable Forum.

I think that it’s important that past life regression practitioners out there share such information like this below, even if it has an element of fear as people sometimes need to hear the truth so they can better understand how our system of life functions.

As the shift in consciousness continues on, information will be revealed. Life is changing. The veil is thinning.

We are all becoming aware of new information as the years pass, information that may be hard for some of us to consider.

The topics covered within this QHHT based article are:

  • A meeting on a craft with a number of different types of ETs — the discussion includes a coming crisis and war, as well as visiting realms/locations to warn beings of what’s ahead.
  • Details around the type of food that some of the ETs consume and how it is created.
  • Melanie is provided with answers by her higherself as to why her and other volunteer souls, came to Earth at this time. She also learns she is a creator being and what her purpose is here on Earth.
  • Info on Melanie being biologically created by ETs (implanted into her).
  • Melanie’s role with healing the planet on a regular basis and how this drains her energy, as well as information saying there are 12 others with a similar purpose on Earth right now.
  • The Earth’s unhealthy state (dying) as a result of it being damaged by the populace, based heavily on the influence of the dark one’s (cabal…).
  • The healing of Melanie, which involves clearing an energy attachment, as well as resolving a soul plan type of agreement with the Anunnaki — one that needs to be broken.
  • A unique, emotional and powerful conversation takes place between the leader of the Anu race and Sian, the QHHT practitioner, as she finds out key details around Melanie’s agreement with the Anu. Sian does her best to break the contract and resulting agreement that was formed.

Melanie has been a spiritual healer for over 18 years; over this time she has found herself highly sensitive to people, energy, the Earth, other planets and heavenly bodies.

In her work, Melanie receives guidance from what is now known to her as the Ashtar Command. She has been in conscious contact with this command for many years, but has only come to learn their name recently.

Furthermore, in later years, Melanie has been taken to her own ship within the command, but did not fully realise the extent of it as ‘her ship’, until the QHHT Session.

Melanie is an ET experiencer and her earliest memories date back to the age of seven where she clearly remembers telling her parents, ‘they were coming for her tonight‘.

Her parents responded with reassuring pats and comments of,‘nothing can hurt you. We are here,‘ Melanie responded with ‘they’ll put you to sleep, they always do, you won’t hear a thing.‘

It was this experience that has haunted her throughout her life, and it was this experience as a child that pushed her to book her first QHHT session to find out the truth of these abductions.

The abductions that stand out the most, which she recalls, were at the age of 7, then at 14; watching eggs from her ovaries being removed, and then at the age of 21 where she was shown ‘her children’. She recalls each experience being terrifying.

Melanie’s work has always been based around facing, and ‘battling’, the darker forces of spirit and of humanity. She was taught early on by spirit how to remove demons and entities and has come face to face with the darkest of the dark, many times over.

She is a warrior of the light. Another reason Melanie reached out to Sian for a QHHT session, was to heal her PTSD and horrendous anxiety that had debilitated her throughout the years; every time Melanie was guided to do a healing, or removal, for the Earth or humanity, she would suffer for days on end from psychic attacks from the darker forces.

Melanie arrived at her QHHT session exhausted on all levels while looking for answers as to why she was called to do such important work while being attacked for it, seemingly relentlessly.

This session was conducted in Perth, Australia, by Sian Chua on the 22nd of July, 2015. You can find Sian’s website here. Dolores Cannon called Sian her ‘shining star’.

S: Sian, the QHHT practitioner.
M: Melanie, the client
SC: Melanie’s higher-self/sub-conscious

* * *
The Reptilian & The Gathering

Melanie comes off the cloud and finds herself in Space.

M: I’m in Space

S: I’d like you to look down at your feet. Do you have feet or are you wearing anything on your feet?
M: I am not wearing anything on my feet but they are not human.

S: What do they look like?
M: They are green and they are very wide.

S: Green, wide….and what are they covered with?
M: Like a thick skin.

S: Is the skin smooth or rough?
M: It is rough.

S: I’d like you to look up at your body. Your feet, what are they attached to? Is there a torso?
M: It looks like a crocodile.

S: Do you have a neck and a head?
M: Yes.

S: Can you describe your head for me? Does it have features?
M: I feel like there are three heads, they are different. One is a boy, one is a girl and one is another boy, and they look different. The heads and snouts are longer and shorter.

S: When you spoke before you said you looked like a crocodile, are these crocodile heads?
M: Yes, but different and different shapes and sizes.

S: What about your limbs?
M: Like a crocodile and I am standing up on my feet.

S: How tall are you, how many meters or feet in human terms?
M: I am very tall, much taller than over 6 feet.

S: Over 6 feet, that is very tall. How does the body feel? Does it feel fit and strong and healthy?
M: It feels very strong, very strong, firm.

S: Sounds very powerful and strong.
M: Yes, yes.

Nikita drew the above image, 
which portrays what she saw.

S: Is there anyone with you? (Yes)Who is with you?
M: There is lots of other beings, lots of different ones, it is a gathering.

S: Do any of them look like you?
M: No, none of them look like me.

S: Can you describe some of them?
M: Some of them are the ones with the big eyes and the round head, but they are a lot smaller than me, some are just energy, very light, some of them look human but they are not human because the humans are not up here.

S: So they are all non-humans, are there any others?
M: There’s a whole gathering, hundreds of them.

S: Is there a reason or a purpose to this gathering that you know off?
M: We are all talking about the crisis, all I can hear is lots of people talking to each other I do not understand their languages.

S: Is there anyone you can speak, that might understand you?
M: They are waiting to listen to me.

S: At some point in time, do you communicate with them?
M: Yes. Through thought or feeling. They just know.

S: What are you communicating to them, that do they just know?

M: I am telling them what their jobs are. There are those I give orders too, and then some farmers.

S: Earlier on there was some mention of there being a crisis. DO you now know what the crisis is about?
M: There are some that are not involved in the crisis and there are others that will be, the other half I am telling to get their ships ready for the crisis.

S: So it hasn’t happened yet, it is impending. Do you know what the crisis will be?
M: It feels like a war. So there are some that will get their ships ready, but then the others are like farmers.

S: This place where the gathering is, where is this place?
M: It is on a very, very large ship. It is not mine, it is a meeting place. I have had meetings here before.

S: What were the meetings about in the past?
M: Always a gathering of the leaders of the different races and federations.

S: And who are you to them, it seems as if they have all come here to listen to you, who are you in the grand scheme of things to them?
M:  I am the same as them but I feel like I know more, I am not their leader.

S: How is it that you know more? Are you ancient?
M: I have experienced it all before. The inns, the outs, the good and the bad the dark and the light (sigh) it never ends.

S: Seems like you have been through it all. What happens next? Is there a point where you finish your communication, what happens after that?
M: The (stutters to find the right word) the… not soldiers, but the ones I am telling to get in the ships, get on with their job, but I go and attend to the farmers to make sure everything is being developed and produced as it should.

S: What are they producing?
M: What the rest of us need to survive.

S: What is it that sustains all of you?
M: It’s organic, it’s nothing I have seen before. It is sustenance. It is green. It is both a liquid and a solid depending on what form it is in. As it becomes more solid it comes towards the end of its validity.

S: Are the farmers doing what they are meant to be doing? Are they doing a good job?
M: Hmm… they are a bit despondent, that is why I have to go and cheer them up. These particular farmers have lost their home.

S: What do you mean, where did they live before?
M: It is not in my galaxy. They are living in the gathering ship.

S: Oh, so this ship is not just for gathering, it is also residential?
M: To some, to the farmers, there are others, there is……..ummm. I don’t know what they are….

S: So in your time with the farmers have you succeeded in cheering them up?
M: No, I’m not really cheering them up, just telling them how it is, there is some reassurance.

After the session and after drawing the green crocodile with three heads, Melanie realises it looks like a dragon and not a crocodile.

Sian has Melanie drift away from that scene to the end of that scene,

S: Tell me what happens, is there a war, did the crisis eventuate? If so what was the outcome?
M: I have changed form. I look like a young female human. I just unzip and chose not to be there anymore.

S: So how do you do that, do you set an intention and then become human?
M: No I am not human. I just look human. (Why did you change form to look human) because I am in a different place now and they would not have liked the other form. (What place are you in now) I want to say Earth but it is not the Earth I know. (Is it the earth that was before the current earth?) NO, it is not as solid as earth. (Is it a planet or another dimension?) I am in a realm. (Why are you here?) I am talking to the fairies and the other earth ones in that realm. (What are you saying to them?) Similar to what I said to the farmers, telling them about the impending crisis and giving them reassurance. (How are they responding or reacting to you) They are all afraid.

S: Sounds like it is going to effect a lot of beings and forms on many realms and dimensions, is that correct?
M: Yes, there are some that it is not going to effect because it is not their war but it will affect them and they are here because they have already lost their homes. So they have a vested interest in saving their new home. I feel like I am ‘the first aid’, picking people up as I go along and keeping them safe.

S: Have you done this before, you say you are an ancient one you have had a lot of experiences, yes?
M: I used to fight in the war, I have fought in the war. This is now a different role. I prefer it.

S: This battle, do you know who is waging war against who and what the reason for the war is?
M: Each time it appears as a different, I say the word enemy, but they are not the enemy; they are not even a ‘they’. Each time it is different but it is the same, the dark and the light, the flow. There is always a battle, it might be that race this time and another one the next, might be this galaxy or that one, but there is always something.

Experiencing Self

Sian moves Melanie ahead to another point in that life and another significant event.

M: I am me. (Who is that, can you describe yourself?) I am Melanie.

S: Are you human? Where are you?
M: I am human, {Melanie begins crying} it’s so hard! It’s so hard! (Gasping and shaking)

S: Why is it so hard, talk to me, tell me what is hard.
M: {Distraught} To know everything!!! And have to be here on Earth.

S: Why is it hard on Earth for you?
M: {Still crying} Because I am not free (Why aren’t you free, can’t you do what you want?)…this is so constricting, it is so limited, so heavy.

S: What is it that is so heavy and constricting?
M: EVERYTHING, the air, the people {becoming very distressed} this body. {Sobs uncontrollably, body shaking}

S: What you are describing, is it current time? This life as Melanie
M: Yes

Sian takes Melanie away from that scene so she is no longer affected by the strong emotion, to watch from a distance and calls in Melanie’s subconscious (higherself).

Life Purpose and the Creator Being

S: SC why did you choose to take Melanie to that life as the ancient, crocodile form with the three heads, where she addressed a gathering of many different beings. What was the purpose of her seeing that?
SC: She needs to know that what she has been feeling about herself is what she has though it was, that she is a member of a great gathering and that she has knowledge and power far beyond her earth abilities.

S: She needs to know that and you also showed her herself and she was so emotional, because she could see how hard it was to be on earth, to know everything and yet and she was no longer that free spirit, it was so limited and constricting everything, the air, the people, her body.
SC: She struggles like a leaf in a storm.

S: She has had a rollercoaster time in this incarnation, she has been buffeted, battered by all the elements and in some ways broken, lots of holes in that leaf in the storm. There are a lot of things she would like to understand. Talk to her, first of all, who is she, this one who that has taken the human form of Melanie. Who is she where does she come from?
SC: She is not from this galaxy. She is from {unpronounceable, more of a vibration then a planet}.

S: How many light years away is it from planet Earth?
SC: Light years do not come into it. It cannot be measured by light-years. It is not a part of the Milky Way, it is not even in this universe.

S: Can you explain to her why has she come back to Planet Earth in human form this time as Melanie?
SC: Under a discussion with many others from where she is from, it had been decided that the strongest of them all, along with others, would attend to the Earth at this time. (Why? Why the fittest and strongest, why this time?) Because the weak would not be able to do the job.

S: What would stop them from doing the job?
SC: The Energies on the Earth would either kill them or they would kill themselves and then they would be stuck in the Karma. She had the most experience.

S: So is she an ancient one? A very old soul?
SC: Laughs YES! A ‘creator’.  A creator of planets and of galaxies.

S: Well if she is a creator and has created planets and galaxies why does she find this task so hard, wouldn’t it be easy peasy for her?
SC: When you are in the body it becomes more intense, with the feelings and the emotions. She feels the whole of humanity, she feels the whole of the Earth, all of the elementals in all of the realms, she feels all of the helpers connected to the earth, all of them in the outer atmosphere and all of them on the connecting planets… she helped create them, so she feels them all.

Artwork by noisecraft

S: Is some kind of attachment emotionally because she created them all?
SC: {smiles} Yes, but not all on her own, you understand?

S: I understand because she has that creator energy, she knows this does she not? But she still finds it difficult. How can we help her? She is an Empath and has cut herself off and created a restricted environment, just being around people hurts her — she is swamped.
SC: {voice becomes very assertive and loud} She knows this, and she will do it — she is moving. (How is she moving? She feels extremely stuck) She will move to a new place surrounded by nature where she will thrive more and easier then, where she is in her current place.

S: So you are talking about a physical, geographical move to another house and location?
SC: Yes, yes. She will be close to her husband’s family, she does know this. In Victoria. In the country. This will happen soon, we have told her, she knows. She won’t be so bombarded by everything, the nature and the spirits their will protect her.

S: Why did she end up here in the first place? Why didn’t she just start there then it would not have been so hard for her?
SC: She had to be here to meet her husband.

S: What is her purpose, what is her life purpose here in the body on Earth.
SC: {with a strong, loud voice} TO HEAL THE WORLD!!!!!!

S: Can one person heal the world?
SC: {laughs joyfully} NO! {Continues to laugh}

S: It is a huge burden and a huge responsibility to heal the world, but the world can’t be saved can it?
SC: Yes it can.

S: What does the world need healing for?
SC: LOVE, it needs love. She brings love. (How?) By showing people the love within themselves. (How is she to do that?) By removing the fear and connecting them into themselves so they can feel the love — these people have been disconnected. It is happening.

S: Well she has been doing this work now for about 6 years, but only off and on because she gets so debilitated, hit by so many things happening around her, she would like to do more because she has so much to offer, she knows she has not realised her fullest potential, so many need help, she has so many clients but she cannot get to them all. Most of the time she is so sick. She has these troughs and ups and downs and it all started at the age of 21 when she was a primary school teacher…. {The SC interrupts}

S: Ok I did not start then, when did it start, what is at the root cause of this PTSD?
SC: The beginning was before when she was taken by the others as a child, as she explained to you. That was the beginning of the PTSD she now experiences.

S: Before her conscious memories of being taken away by the aliens?
SC: Yes, before that. When she was implanted into her mother.

The Conception of Melanie and Empath Troubles

S: She was implanted? So her mother is also an experiencer?
SC: Yes, she is not aware of that, but only for that moment.

S: So is Melanie what we would call a hybrid?

S: So who and what is she? Why was she implanted into her mother?
SC: So that she could be born to do this job (Aren’t all people implanted into their mothers?) {Smiles} Not like this! (What makes this different?) She was grown outside of the womb, in the lab, back in the universe where she is from.

S: So the genetic material that was used to create her, did it come from the mother? Or is this some other process you are talking about?
SC: The egg is not from her human mother. It is from her aunty. Her father’s sister. (Why were the aunties eggs used instead of the mothers?) Because the aunty is an Empath. She has the bloodline.

S: Why does she need to be an Empath? She finds that this is a burden, not a gift, as an Empath she feels the full intensity of everything…
SC: {strong firm and assertive voice} If she didn’t feel it, she wouldn’t know she needs to heal it! You do not know someone is at the door unless they knock…

S: Ok, however, she considers this to be really, really dragging her down and bogging her down, it is like a heavy rock around her neck. Very often she feels it but instead of healing it she feels totally zapped, wiped out and short circuited.
SC: In those moments she is still healing, she is doing healing for the whole of the planet. (You mean she doesn’t have to have a specific client to do healing) Yes, she processes for the whole planet. (How does she do this?) Through her body.

S: How does that work? Can you tell me how she processes it through her body?
SC: On the planet there are twelve like her. Not her specifically, but there are twelve with the same job. Like straws, like acupuncture needles, you puncture into the earth and channel the energy down. She is one of those straws, she connects the above to the centre of the earth.

S: Do you mean the central sun energy?
SC: The universal energy. All of the energies. There are twelve like her. (Is it at all appropriate for them to meet and know each other?) No, No. They work individually but ogether. They are each guided and know what to do.

S: Why are there 12? Why is this needed? What would happen to the planet if these twelve didn’t to their job?
SC: Well in the gathering that it was predicted that the earth could… explode. (Was that the crisis we have spoken about?) No. This was one of the extrapolations. (Why would the Earth explode?) Because it is dying.

Melanie: During this time they were showing me that it was like a dialysis or a flushing of energy like a blood transfusion on a global energetic scale and the twelve needles or straws were the injection sights to channel the fresh energy into the earth to keep it alive.

S: This Earth are you talking about? Why is it dying, is the desecration of the forests? Pollution? The ozone layer?
SC: Yes, yes , yes.  The humans are unconscious, the humans are not aware of the way they are being….played… (How are they being played and by whom?) The dark if you want to call them that. It is the opposite force of the light.

S: So the humans are being played and are not aware and they are being controlled and played and this is why the earth is in the state she is in.
SC: She is getting better.

S: Ok, but Melanie keeps getting zapped. Is there and end to this? It is like she is on a treadmill and can’t get off it and she is so exhausted. She can’t go on like this?
SC: No, things just needed to be in place. They are in place now, she can move to the other home where she will feel…erm, she will still feel but the nature spirits will support her and it won’t be so much of a trauma.

S: So is it appropriate for us to shield her from it so she doesn’t it experience it at all.
SC: No, experiencing it is a part of her work, what she can do is stop beating herself up about it. She beats herself up terribly. That she shouldn’t be feeling this way, that she should be better, happier, skinnier, fitter, that she shouldn’t scream so much at her kids that she should be able to go to work…

S: Does her weight have anything to do with her role and her purpose?
SC: No

S: She would like to lose weight, but she says her body is so heavy it is dragging her down. What is at the root of what she perceives to be her weight problem? She says this started at the age of 21, she says before that she was lean and trip with no effort. (Yes). What happened to her at 21? Why did she start putting on weight and couldn’t take it off.?
SC: She was attacked. By the other side. Essentially it created a spiritual PTSD.

S: She has been through the hoops and through hell and back. She would like an end to the PTSD. Will you give her total and complete healing from the PTSD?
SC: Yes for the PTSD.

S: Yes, I know she still needs to be an Empath.
SC: Her Empathy does not require healing.

S: Yes, it is about perspective, now that she knows why she is here and what is happening, will she be able to deal with it better (The SC starts laughing) I know she doesn’t like it, will she be more accepting?
SC: When she moves, yes, it will be a great relief. There is some energy there that is waiting for her, that will support her. The Elementals and nature.

S: That will be a great relief to her. Now the PTSD. Can we have full and complete healing of this for her? Will you commence the healing?
SC: There is an interfering energy.

S: What is it?
SC: From the age of three.

The Anunnaki Link

A1 = the first Anunnaki entity
A2 = the second Anunnaki entity

The SC then goes on to describe a small lost alien type energy that clung to her for help but ended up interfering with her energy. After that energy is removed and cleared Sian asks the SC for the healing on the PTSD.

SC: No, there is something else.

S: Can’t clear the PTSD, it is attached to something else.
SC: It is attached to an interfering race.

S: So it is not just that one interfering being, there is also a whole race attached.
SC: Yes. It is attached to a race.

S: Is it attached to a race or our race?
SC: A race. They are the ones that are attacking the earth.

S: Do they have a name? Are they the only ones attacking the earth?
SC: No there is a collective but this particular Anunnaki are attacking her.

S: So it is the Anunnaki attacking her.

Sian then calls forth the leader of the Anunnaki.

S: I call on the interference that is within her. SC can we speak to the leader of the Anunnaki or would you like to connect with the leader?
A1: I am here {Melanie’s breathing changes as does her voice and her facial movements}

S: What is your name?
A1: I am Gorlock of the Anunnaki.

S: And who are you? Are you the leader?
A1: A leader.

S: Not the only one? Who do you report to? Anyone above you?
A1: I report to one. {Melanie’s voice becomes firm and sharp — like a soldier answering questions}

S: May I have the name of your leader?
A1: I do not wish to give you that name.

S: Permission requested to speak to your leader. The one that you are accountable to. I call on the leader of the race of the Anunnaki.

Melanie’s breathing changes again, as do her facial expressions but the entity remains silent.

S: Greetings. I see you, I feel your presence. I know you are there. {Sian then goes to talk to the subconscious to protect Melanie and keep her safe} May I have your name please? If you have one… Permission requested to speak to you.
A2: Mardoring.

S: You and your entire race is attached to this human being Melanie, whose vessel lies here on this bed.
A2: Yes

S: Can you tell us something about the original contract for attachment.

While Mardoring speaks through Melanie, her breathing is heavy and constricted like someone who is furiously angry trying to explode — teeth gritted, jaw and face tense up. Her whole body tenses and the sense of this entities putrid evil and anger is overwhelming.

A2: The original contract was for her to work for us!… and she has NOT repaid that contract!

S: Who made that contract with you? How did that come about?
A2: When she was created.

S: How did that happen? Does she not have free will?
A2: {Heavy breathing and sighing} No. No, she does not have free will.

S: I do not understand that — who made that contract? Was it made on her behalf?
A2: No. It was made by her creators!

S: Who was her creator?
A2: {Sighs} There are beings who create life forms and we created a contract with them to use her, but there was intervention and the other side got to her first.

S: Who was the other said?
A2: The ones we are fighting. The ones SHE communicates with. The ones SHE works with. {He says this as if spitting the words out in disgust} She was SUPPOSED to be for our army!

S: How can you claim her? Who determines what happens to a soul under contract?
A2: The contract was not made with her, it was made with her creators!!!

S: That’s right. You say her creator gave her to you, but there was intervention from the ones that she now communicates with. So how did your whole race end up being attached to her?
A2: Well we are going to get her back.

S: You are saying the ones she works with are there, but you have decided to get her back?
A2: She belongs to us!

S: But there was no contract… {The Anunnaki cuts Sian short and shouts}

S: With the creator, not her. Did you have a chance to carry out the contract before the intervention took place?
A2: NO!

S: So you made the contract, but this being didn’t make the contract with you did she?
A2: She doesn’t have a choice!

S: That cannot be. That is not true at all. All beings have free will and soul choice. You are there and you say she was supposed to serve you. How would she have served you?
A2: We knew she would have the gifts she has and we would use them on our side. (Have you used any of her gifts so far?) No. She won’t let us! (So you have not been able to use any of her gifts — her knowledge or her abilities?) NO!

S: So why are you still there?
A2: We are trying to destroy her.

S: You know you will not succeed, don’t you?
A2: We will keep trying.

S: Why do you want to destroy her? This is really a useless vehicle for your purposes?
A2: There is pleasure in it.

S: That is a very perverse pleasure isn’t it?
A2: It is what it is.

S: It is what it is?
A2: She does not give in very easily.

S: She doesn’t and she won’t. She will never give in to you because she belongs to the true organic light and you know this.
A2: Yes

S: You know this
A2:YES!!!  {Said in a growl}

S: Well, your energies are better served on other things. Why waste your time on someone who will fight you and never give into you?
A2: Because if we weaken her, she won’t be able to do what she needs to do. We just need to keep weakening her and weakening her, and then she can’t do it.

Sian then talks to the SC about the situation and then confirms that Melanie will not work with them. She asks permission to sever all contracts, contacts and points of attachment of the whole Anunnaki race to Melanie.

A2 does lie and pretend he is the SC for a little while, but Sian knows the difference. The SC are told to sever all contracts, and with some ceremony and much resistance from the Anunnaki, the contract is severed and the Anunnaki are removed. During this time, Melanie’s breathing becomes laboured, her body twists and contorts and shakes on the bed.

After the Anunnaki are removed and Sian uses her own methods to make sure the Anunnaki are removed. Melanie begins to cry. A request for healing is made to recalibrate the body and raise its vibrations from the trauma of the removal and the attacks.

Sian calls back in the SC.

S: SC may I speak with you again please. We have removed the Anunnaki race and broken the contract. Is there anything else that needs to be done now?
SC: Yes {Said in a faint whisper} She needs reparation.

S: Will you do that for her now?
SC: Yes.

The SC does the healing. Quite a bit of time passes, while Melanie receives healing.

S: Thank you SC. Has that attachment now been cleared, all of it? (Yes) Is there any more interference stopping PTSD?
SC:  Yes, but there is a genetic component of a predisposition to anxiety, which can be cleared up the line. Melanie has merged having Empathy with anxiety, she does not believe they can be separated.

S: That is only Melanie’s perception. SC are you able to clear the anxiety, clear the PTSD but keep the Empathy? Will you separate the two?
SC: We will clear the PTSD. She may still feel anxiety but she will no longer trigger into episodes of PTSD. She may still feel anxiety but she will be able to recognise it as incoming energy and information and she will be able to work on that instantly.

The SC completes the PTSD healing.

Melanie has included information in relation to family: Together, Melanie and her husband have had infinite lifetimes and they incarnated this time so he could help protect and ground her while she does her work. They are a team. A family curse was found and removed.

It was also found that at certain times where the marriage was breaking down, he was being attacked by the Anunnaki to get to her. This was also worked upon and healed.

Melanie had begun the healing and removal of the damaged and shut down DNA caused by the Anunnaki situation. She did this by healing her sons and sending healing up the line through the genetics, but she was not able to do any more.

The SC continued the rest of the healing. The curse was to shut down the family DNA, the genetic line to devoid them of light.

Because of Melanie’s previous work on the family, the curse was easy to remove.

After the session Melanie went home and drew the image of the crocodile being she recalled from the session and has delighted to see a three headed dragon.

Melanie has always held a strong affinity with dragons, even from an early age where she recalls having a dragon as her ‘imaginary’ friend.

Over the years, Melanie has been attacked by, and battled, whole armies of dark ETs and entities, so it came as no surprise to her that a race such as the Anunnaki had her in their targets. It confirmed many things for her and why she was always under attack.

In the physical world she has had her life threatened over 4 times and attributes this to the Anunnaki working through different people.

Afterwards Melanie felt a huge relief lift off her — she knew that she had always had a feeling of tightness and depletion, but never understood why. It was like a heavy binding had been removed and she could now breathe.

Since the session, Melanie has had no anxiety — a rare experience for her. She is slowly getting used to the idea that she is now free.


I think that Sian did remarkably well dealing with the challenging situation that came up with the Anunnaki. I wanted to add my perspective around this, specifically in relation to the necessity of the light and the dark.

This session provides some evidence towards showing that agreements are made for souls that incarnate in the universe, to play a darker role.

Sometimes these roles involve other races of beings — ETs — which have a different morality and code of ethics to what the average human does.

Psychology research shows that humans are inherently good, but of course some people can live a life that leads them in a darker direction.

Freewill is there for a reason. It provides us with the ability to choose and make individual decisions.

We are existing in a universe that has a system in place which allows good and bad. This is not a random rule or law of that system. This is a requirement for our learning and the progression of our soul along a path that can take many lives and many experiences.

From understanding the dark and lower vibrational side of things, we can much better understand the light and higher vibrations. In the end we will reach a balance.

Everything is as it should be and this realisation will come, especially after moving away from the many fears that can hold you back, while traversing your planned and chosen route.