Show This to Your Loved Ones: 4-Minute Film Will Make You Re-Think Social Media

Facebook has been under fire in 2018 so far. It seems week after week another shot is blown to the social media giant whether it be about how it preys on people’s weaknesses or whether it be mass data breaches that cause everyone to re-think the information they are giving up about themselves.

We often find it easy to blame Facebook, or blame the social media tool that has our attention, and it’s somewhat understandable that we do that.

They are after all poking at our psychology. But then again, are we truly a victim to our psychology? Can we not be more present, aware and observant of what we use tools in our lives for?

Facebook, like other SM giants, are just tools for our lives. Ways for us to connect, learn, share and discover what’s going on around the world. Whether we choose to use it everyday, every hour or become obsessed with it is up to us.

We can’t blame the companies, doing so turns the power away from us and onto them.

Reflection: Are you using SM as a tool? Or do you find yourself obsessed with it? You can tell by spending 24 hours away from it and see how you feel and react.

Short Film

A poetic short film made by Max Stossel & Sander van Dijk asks the question, can tech companies bring more value to our lives vs creating more distractions?

As a conscious media company, we have strived to be on the side of creating value.

News, media and education should ask us to think bigger, not distract us, pull us into political bias’ and create more divides.

We believe the tool of media, and social media, can be used to create a thriving world… it’s all about what we choose to support, and how we use it.

Check out the film below: