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Doctor Warns About A New Health Epidemic: The ‘Chemtrail Lung’

The existence of chemtrails used to be a topic of debate, but they are now being more widely acknowledged by experts like meteorologists to scientists. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny that they exist as more and more people are coming down with illnesses related to chemtrails.

When TV host Rachel Reenstra had trouble overcoming a persistent cough, accompanied by aches, pains, and fever, she visited a doctor. After chest x-rays revealed a type of bronchitis, she was given antibiotics, which only seemed to make her feel worse.

Her doctor told her that lots of bacterial infections are going around, and when she asked him where they are coming from, he told her the truth that many doctors wouldn’t dare reveal to their patients: Chemtrails are at the heart of widespread lung problems right now.

Surprised by his candor, she asked if she could videotape him talking about the phenomenon. You can see the video below; the unnamed doctor appears just before the 8-minute mark [the video is embedded below].

The doctor says he has witnessed hundreds of Californians suffering from this problem, which he calls “chemtrail lung.”

He says it is an “emerging problem” that is being faced all around the world, with the toxic gases, chemicals, virus particles, heavy metals and other gases that are being sprayed into the atmosphere leading to problematic levels of respiratory infections.

He added that it’s particularly bad where Reenstra lives in California thanks to the area’s proximity to Palmdale Airport. He said that the area’s topography and the Santa Ana Winds make this problem worse, and the fact that many of the nation’s most polluted cities are found in California doesn’t help.

In addition, he cited gases from fracking as contributing to the problem, along with antibiotic overuse and inhaling mold and mildew.

Interestingly, Reenstra’s symptoms initially pointed to the flu. When she told her doctor she hadn’t gotten a flu shot, he was relieved. In the video, you can also see the courageous doctor admitting that he does not recommend the flu shot except for a select few and even then, he advises against getting it every year.

He points out that scientists basically guess what to include in each year’s jjab, and some years it’s less than 20 percent effective. He feels it doesn’t benefit patients, and they are better off being proactive about health and prevention than relying on shots.

Both the doctor and Reenstra are risking their careers by talking publicly about this controversial issue, and one can only hope that their courage will inspire others to speak out.

Nearly everyone on Earth breathes in unsafe air

It’s not just chemtrails you need to worry about, by the way; there’s also the matter of particulate matter. The type of fine particulate matter that comes from car exhausts, for example, can cause inflammation in the lungs and beyond, contributing to heart disease and insulin resistance.

A recent report from the Health Effects Institute found that 95 percent of our planet’s population breathes in unsafe air, which comes from everything from burning solid fuels like coal or biomass to transportation emissions.

Last year, more than six million people’s deaths were related to air pollution, with causes like chronic lung disease, lung cancer, stroke or heart attack.

You can read more about the ‘Chemtrail Flu’ HERE.

Chem Trails, Vaccines, and GMO Foods Nanoparticles Technology

We are being contaminated with Nanofibers from Chem Trails, Vaccines, and GMO Foods. These are placed in these delivery methods by design to create diseases in our bodies by invading our immune systems causing it to attack itself.

Chemtrails are constantly being sprayed in our skies above our heads which rain down poisons in our air and water. They contain many heavy metal toxins like aluminum and barium, it may also be that we are being infected with nano-fibers.

These fibers are believed by some to be delivered by chemtrails and are taken into the body when we breathe infected air or drink infected water.

Once inside they continue to self-replicate ad nauseam, ostensibly to deteriorate our health and well-being, disturb our natural emotional states and sleep patterns, influence our behavior, inflict chronic pain, to collect and transmit data, and to deliver other nano-organisms and nano-bots into our bodies. This is part of a secret transhumanist mind control program.

Nano-particles are nanoscopic versions of chemicals and substances, and our consumer supply chain is already totally infested with them, from GMO foods to clothes, to paint, to toys, you name it.

They ‘enhance’ products in some way that ostensibly makes the product more attractive to we the consumers. Some of these consumable nano-particles may very well cause cancer or even damage human DNA.

How to detox from chemtrails and infiltrated nanotechnology

These are the foreign bodies that need to be removed if we return to full health and it’s not going to be quick or straightforward, like going to your doctor and just getting some pills. You will have to use your intelligence, your discretion and also be prepared to do some research of your own.

Heavy metal toxicity is often misdiagnosed as other conditions such as anxiety/panic disorder, depression, mental disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, learning disorders and many more common health problems.

In fact, many conditions, such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to the toxicity of heavy metals and it’s interesting that statistics for those suffering from those health conditions have risen massively during the last 10 years, which is how long chemtrail spraying has been going on.

The good news is that seaweeds have been proven to be great removers of heavy metals, and algae like chlorella and spirulina. Seaweeds are so well known as ‘heavy metal removers’ that they are used to clean up water coming out of redundant mines in Wales. This is because they contain a natural substance called ‘algin’ which binds to radioactive elements such as heavy metals.

Dr Castle also says that the trace mineral boron from Borax also helps to interfere with the whole matrix and this is interesting because it correlates with a nutritional recommendation from Gwen Scott ND which is also a way of diagnosing whether you have the fibers in your body.

She uses red grape juice and the purple grape is the richest known source of boron. She believes that red grape juice not only rids the body of the fibers but also renders them unable to replicate.

Dr. Mike Castle says he believes the boron stops the little black “seeds” from maturing into full grown fibers.